Approaches to Social Anxiety

Approaches to Social Anxiety

Do you struggle with severe social anxiety? You can experience the notion that anything you say or do has the potential to make you look foolish. Or perhaps the idea of being judged makes you feel anxious and prevents you from interacting with people. You don’t have to live this way; there are techniques to boost your self-assurance and comfort level in social situations.


Depending on factors including your personality, how frequently you engage with others, and past experiences, social encounters may feel more comfortable. You could find that honing your social skills might make all the difference if you frequently feel uneasy in social settings.

Knowing oneself is a crucial component of being optimistic in public. Gaining greater self-confidence will be quite beneficial when it comes to feeling more at ease and confident when dealing with people. The fear of what other people think of you will lessen when you are confident in who you are. You can recognize your strengths, passions, and relationship-enhancing qualities to boost your self-confidence.

You could also work on the following social skills:

conversing informally
Ask insightful questions and pay attention to the responses.
Your personal presentation
How you respond to criticism
Identifying your source of value
Increasing self-confidence
the capacity to refuse
Vivo exposure is the process of confronting something in real life to lessen your fear of it. Many other anxiety disorders can benefit from this, but in this instance, we’ll concentrate on social anxiety. By doing this, you stand a better chance of learning new information, feeling more at ease, and being safe when addressing your fear.


Let’s imagine you find it difficult to strike up a conversation with someone casually because you worry that you won’t have anything to say. Finding moments in your life where you can have informal interactions is how exposure in Vivo would function. You can do this by inviting your neighbor over for dinner, introducing yourself to the grocery store cashier, or asking a friend to help you do errands.


Finding relaxation methods that can put your body and mind at ease can be useful if you deal with social anxiety. There are numerous tried-and-true methods for overcoming daily stress and worry. At New Vision Counseling and Consulting, our therapists can guide you through various approaches as you begin to incorporate them into your daily life.

Here are a few illustrations of relaxing methods:

Body consciousness
Graphic Images
progressively relaxing the muscles
breath control drills
Meditation Prayer


We CAN assist you if you’re seeking for strategies to boost your self-assurance and comfort in social settings. We will accompany you while you confront your anxieties, develop self-assurance, and discover techniques for living a tranquil life. Call us at (405) 921-7776 as your next move to find out more about how we may best assist you.