New vision counseling has change the lives of so many people. Each person that comes into new vision counseling is unique and requires a unique therapeutic strategy. This is why our counselors do not have a one size fits all therapeutic technique Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond. The technique’s that we use our full proof and professional. We do not simply use the bible to try and tell people what to do. We use the word of God to stand on and to uplift people and support them in building a life that they love and that glorifies the Lord. The christian counselors here will not just sit on the couch and stare at you as your life falls apart. They will jump into your story with you. You may cry, you may laugh, you may experience all the emotions, and our therapists are right there with you. 

Each one is unique in their own way and bring it unique experiences and toast to the table. Shaun is the founder of new vision counseling and is great at working with self-confidence patients as well as other motivational issues. Our therapist Summer Smith works with individuals and adults and has experience working with trauma patients using EMDR. Are therapists and Gina Helms works with a lot of older clients and people in ministry. She has been a coach for over 10 years and has much experience working on helping clients build a life that they love.

Ben Thompson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and loves working with couples and Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond. Dana Wright is one of our newer therapist, however she has been doing therapy for much longer than she’s worked for us. She is new to the area and likes working with couples and marriage counseling, family therapy, adolescence, and men and women’s issues.

Caleb Mckean is also a great therapist and has experience working with many different clientele types. Katie MacDougall is great at working with patients who experience anxiety depression depression or trauma. She also does family counseling couples counseling and team counseling. Kathy Gissler also works with many different issues.  She sees clients who need marriage therapy, parenting therapy, grief counseling, anxiety stress and depression, women’s issues and people who need guidance through adoption and foster care issues. And lastly Daniel Edwards is also one of our newer therapists and he is skilled at seeing clients with anxiety as well as marriage and family therapy.


Rest assured that we can help you with the life issues that you may be facing. Our counselors do not want to take your money while you sit on a couch and struggle with your daily life Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond. We want to see you grow heal and succeed and all that you do. To find out more about the issues that we work with I can help you work through you can take a look at our website at new vision On this website you’ll find testimonial videos of people who have been to our practice and been a part of therapy. Some of the variety of issues we see include marriage counseling, family counseling, self-esteem counseling, premarital counseling, trauma counseling, business consulting, parenting support, stress management, depression counseling, raising adolescence, men’s and women’s issues, and struggles with Christian faith.


Many people hear the word therapy and they think that it is a dirty word. This is not the truth about therapy. As Sean says, anyone who comes into therapy and is willing to grow and change is going to get a lot out of therapy Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond. Going to therapy does not mean that your life is falling apart, although it could mean that. Going to therapy means you are working on yourself and your relationships and building your life. Many successful and influential people use therapy and or life coaching to help them stay healthy and succeed in life.


If you’re wanting to grow or change or find healing and yourself or any relationships you should come to new vision counseling for therapy. We see people every day who are seeking more. More than just what life is giving them. They want to take control of their life and own it. They don’t just want to react to life, they want to be behind the steering wheel and feel that they are going somewhere. This is what we help them do a new vision counseling. You can find more out about us on our website. You can also come in for a 15 minute consultation to see if therapy is right for you Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond.  Also, feel free to leave your information on our contact us form and one of our team members will get a hold of you to talk about canceling and setting you up with one of her therapist.


Our therapists are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. They genuinely want to help you and see you succeed. That is why we are one of the highest reviewed and rated counseling Businesses in the state. If you don’t believe it for me, take it from our reviews. We are passionate about figuring out what better looks like for you and equipping you with the tools to create it.

This vision comes from our founder and his wife businesses in the state. If you don’t believe it for me, take it from our reviews. We are passionate about figuring out what better looks like for you and equipping you with the tools to create it. This vision comes from our founders Shawn and Tanda Maguire Best Christian Family Counselor Oklahoma City Edmond. They are great people and you can tell just by meeting them. 


When you step in to new vision counseling you will feel different. This is because we rely on the presence of God and his Holy Spirit to help guide us through and understand how we can best help you. At new vision counseling therapy may not be easy but you will leave better than you came in.  We could love for you to be a part of our family here.