OK we are going to do this final key with fog of the day. I am going to knock this out so that I can begin working on other things. Other things that I need to do our organize my to do list in a way that is easy to follow on marriage crisis okc. This will help me get more things done here of the day. I also need to charge my phone after I get done dictating these because it is in the red zone. The red zone means I believe it is 10% or less I need to get this charger out of this store and charge me. Charge my phone. The charger was oils myself so I apologize for the noises. There are lots of essential oil stand here and there Michelle office well. I am beginning to run out of breath because I am working on marriage crisis okc and walking around and talking at the same time and I will talk rather quickly so I don’t have time to take breaths in between. I need to take some rest in between so I can this blog post. I am going to put use the restroom and fill up my water bottle then I will drink my face stick because I NG for the rest of the day. I I’m going to finish these bag posts and then finish what I need to do for the rest of the day. After work I am going to work on my homework and then I am going to meet up with Jamie at 7 PM. We are going to figure out a game plan for how I can qualify for district manager. I want to qualified for district manager this month so I can continue to grow my business and not marriage crisis okc.

I need to reach out to some people to buy product. This is how I am going to go oh my business. Let me check and see who we have here. . i’m going to put my email address and then I’m going to put in my password and then I’m going to head I have a free birthday gift from Arbonne order but I cannot order until I get paid. I put my marriage crisis okc invoice in a little late hopefully that they will pay me tonight. I will get paid a total of $960 and then I need to take some money out of that for taxes. I also need to take some money after school. And then I need to call my mom tonight and see if they can help pay for part of the semester of school. I just got a stitch on my side probably because I’m not reading enough. I’m going to take a drink of water. Now I’m going to read over the assignments that I have for this course and I’m going to highlight it. I’m going to highlight the ones that I have completed. So we caught one completed the agreement form. I also completed the site selection form. She used acknowledgment the class. I did not complete so I will mark to turn off to the discussion because it is optional. 

I don’t like the way my time just going to leave I am boring because the pencil marks look sloppy. So weak to you I did the weekly reflection notes week when I submitted the weekly timeline I’m sorry that would be we could to you I submitted the weekly time log to see marriage crisis okc. Let’s see if I crossed off weeks I’m here let’s cross these office I got is well week three I submitted the weekend question question nuts. Week three I also submitted the weekly time log so I will cross off week three. Week for I have not turn these in yet so I will wait to cross those off. I am in week four of my class and in marriage crisis okc. I will go ahead and mark off the week three discussion because that was optional. I will also mark off the week two discussion because that was optional. I will mark off the week one discussion because that was optional but I cannot mark off the marriage crisis okc weekly reflection notes and weekly time log for week one because I did not do those I will just try a line through them.

Now I’m going to pull up this plug it in to see how many words we have gotten so far it should be a blog six doesn’t look like it’s named that that I do you like sex. Here it is I said 6 PM at their word. Pulling up and loading so we’ll see how many we have here looks like we’re almost done so we are going to close this notebook and take out this week I’m glad for an hour and place it here I also need to date the signatures so I just stayed in it and leave these here so I don’t forget. We can leave my notebook out. Anything. It will just remind me to do my homework when I’m done here. And I am going to put my pencil away and my highlighter way. I am also going to take these arrest her writings off desk that are about marriage crisis okc. I have said many words today so I’m running out of words to say. One thing I realized today when looking at the business cards is that Danae’s card has a typo. It says new vision counseling Lane that will live. Instead of new vision counseling. There is a typo in the word counseling. I did not make this mistake. I believe it was a person who was here before me. I got these cards to go off of To make Kathy’s card. Tanner is going to make me a video that shows me how to do this. And I am going to do it so that her and Shawn are Katie do not have to. I thought I almost figured it out but I did not figure it out and I want to make sure that I am doing it the right way so I am having her or she is able to video her doing it and send it to me as an example so that I can follow along.