OK here we go you’re going to get started on this I think you were blog post. I’m going to read out of some of my notes because I found that this helps get me a completed it faster. So I am going to write down what I have here so this one says surrender your pants to God. Be more intentional with your time. Don’t try to do it all. I think these are some good notes that I had in here… We have a more notes on that month. It doesn’t look like we do I do have a volunteer wanted to serve every other week in the nursery so that is written down they are let’s see what else I have written down here it looks like we have some notes titled a little bit of wisdom on parenting. These notes include in Proverbs 17 which is a marriage crisis okc reference. Number one was fear of the Lord. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. These next notes came from the question-and-answer portion. They say rules without relationship equals rebellion. Don’t over coddle your children. They are like an onion system a little bit of bad bacteria makes it more resilient.

This is from the book love and logic and says let the consequences be the discipline while the parent is there to let them face the consequences and being there to support your child. The living in marriage crisis okc discipline of a parent is better than the harsh reality of the world. Resources that they gave us were the books give the grace boundaries with kids do hard things stages love and logic ministering to the heart of your child. Last night I have on here was to be aware of the struggles of new generations. I think what this was talking about was that every generation face new things in the world just because of things happening in life. Text Mills that I have here are also go along with the sermon series a little bit of wisdom on marriage crisis okc. These notes are on the topic of marriage. The first reference use here’s Proverbs 19 four. Number one is treat your spouse. I’m sorry that was not correct. Number one was treasure your spouse. Number two is protect your marriage. The next reference from Scripture is Proverbs 1822. Then there is the know what you treasure the most you will submit to invest in the most. Marriage is a relation ship of submission surrendering your will and your way is to one another. The next is submission crucify selfishness. You are not first in your marriage. First is God then your spouse than you. Another reference is seven and I’m going to answer a phone call. He was in counseling and Shawn McGuire’s office this is Sarah speaking on marriage crisis okc. yeah definitely yes so we have appointments available as soon as tomorrow and then we have some next week as well do morning or afternoon’s work better for you?  I am back I just had to break appointment with a call. I have made for bookings today.

 That is good for a morning. Hopefully I will make more this afternoon. It is about 10 till 12 and I’m going to try and finish up this bag so I can have two completed by  lunchtime. That was my goal so we are going to try and have that done. I am going to pull at this blog on my computer so I can see how many words we have had so far about marriage crisis okc. I think we should be getting there or at least over halfway so we are going to pull it up and do the word count on Google document. This workout is a total to count how many words that have been used so far. It doesn’t look like we are quite out of page so we have a little bit more to go. I’m confident we can get this done in less than 10 minutes. So we are going to go for marriage crisis okc. Another thing that I’ve been working on this morning besides calls and emails is business cards for Kathy. I am not sure how to do marriage crisis okc because it is my first time but I am figuring it out. I am going to read from my notes a little bit more to finish up this blog.

The last now I have on here from the marriage is a little bit of wisdom series is to protect your marriage you have to close the door to harmful influences. A reference that they used here was Proverbs 423. That is all the notes I have for that message so we are going to move on. It looks like on my August calendar I have some things filled out however we are not in August yet we are still in July. Also I don’t think some of these trips I going to happen so I need to take them off my calendar. And request different ones on marriage crisis okc. So here is what we are going to do. I also need to talk to Karyn about traveling with Monica from the seventh to the ninth. We are going to find some other notes here to read through and see if we can get those done so let’s see here no more in August so we’re not even August yet maybe there somewhere in July so I can see what we have. Well what I can do is I can cross off some of the states. Someone is calling to reschedule. OK OK I will move you over to that and I think I got that down so that’s that’s this Thursday the 25th at 1 PM OK perfect yeah no problem. So it looks like they just called to reschedule and they rescheduled for tomorrow at 1 PM. OK so we’re going to finish this up we have about five minutes and I am going to complete all the words that I need in here and then add in the keywords marriage crisis okc. And then we will put it on Shawn’s agenda for someone to put on the site map. I’m still learning about websites and different things like that so maybe I will be able to do that in the coming days. However I’m not able to do it right now.