OK we are on our keyword blog for. I am surprised this microphone is picking me up because I do not have it connected to my top yet. It was all the way over on my desk. And it was picking up my voice from there. This is impressive because I have a pretty soft voice about marriage crisis edmond. And I am surprised that it was picking me up from all the way over here. The last blog I got done in about 10 minutes so I’m going to try and keep doing them at this pace. I think what is helping is because I have notes written. From a retreat that I went to this weekend. I am going to keep reading these notes. However right now I am re-tying my shoe because it was not tied. It  OK I’m going to continue on with the notes from my retreat this weekend. The next session about marriage crisis edmond is with standby Rachel and it was titled redefining success. Don’t compare someone’s highlight reel to your behind the scenes. But you don’t see that it’s necessary to reach her goal is number one persistent. I’m going to the next page persistent. Not giving up as a choice. Number two is failure. Success is about feeling forward. Feeling is good hip it builds immunity. Was on the other side of your fear? He might you be inferencing when you face your fears?

Number three is sacrifice take out whatever is not aligning with what God has called you to this season. Number four is disappointment marriage crisis edmond. Disappointment happens. Give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s a part of our journey but it’s not the end result. Number five is this a plan. Do you something for your business every day. Small consistent discipline makes a difference. If you want nothing do what you want. If you want everything practice discipline. Never six is hard work. Short-term sacrifice equals long-term game. Number seven is dedication. Committing, no matter how long it takes. This is what dedication is. Success is obedience stewardship doing the best you can with what you have where you are. Courage is not the absence of fear Just like success is not the absence of failure. The marriage crisis edmond session was really good. I got a lot out of it. Then the session was done by Jamie. Jimmy is my sponsor and an area manager. Her session was Tite personal growth. Personal growth will feel exposing. Treat personal growth like stewardship what where are you investing.? Are you enjoying your Harvest? If not look at what you were selling. Wake up before react. Filled before empty. Work your day. Close your day and gratitude. Here gratitude is a magnet for more to be grateful for. Proverbs 1816 was a reference. We were made to do extraordinary things. Romans 1212 was also a reference. Write this one out make it your own and read it daily. I believe that one was talking about at the renewing of your mind. 

Let’s pull up this log and see where we are at this point. It should be on one of these tabs here. So let’s look it up and I Google Drive it should be number four is home going to pull it up now about marriage crisis edmond. Sometimes my computer does not work as well as I wanted to so let’s try that again. This time it seems to be broken. OK we’re going to keep going. The next session was done by Ashlee again and this one is called three steps for a growth in your organization. Number one is to create a culture of learning about marriage crisis edmond. This involves growing people. This involves crying yourself. If you think you’re finish crying asshole later you’re finished as a leader. That was a quote that she used next thing she did it was a word play on Crow. Do you mean to gain knowledge. Our means reach out to others. I don’t mean to overcome obstacles. W means willingness to get uncomfortable. This spells grow. Also people who make them grow. How you handle failure is more in proportion than how you handle success and marriage therapy crisis edmond. Progress requires setback. You have to be willing to give up the good to have a great. Going to page and the next number. Number two is no this is Liza. There is a sale for now. No the promotions.

No the programs and incentives. Know how all of this work. Send PC and I was that rewards are available/expiring towards the beginning of the month. Whenever three is take action. How to be procrastination: design your future actions reduce ever for good behavior increase obstacles are consequences for bad behavior. Reduce friction of starting. Have a stack is stacking what you need to do in between habits you already do. If it takes less than two minutes to do it then. Schedule it write it down take time and place. The human brain values immediate reward morning future award so we have to be careful not to cross tonight.  I need about 100 more words but I am going to just speak them instead of reading my notes on marriage crisis edmond. We actually needed a little over 100 words so my throat is getting dry from having to talk. I think talking just takes a toll on my Boyce. This is why I don’t talk very often and I talk softly. There is a vehicle backing up into a parking spot on the right side of the parking lot. This is my right however it is not the right as you’re turning into the parking lot. It would be on your left when turning into the parking lot. It would be on your immediate left. The parking lot is pretty full today. I think Monday is busy for the office. The best time to come in early on Mondays and stay late on Mondays the other days very but I think Mondays are the busiest. Fridays might be the least busiest. Or Thursdays. Shawn does not come in on Fridays.