OK let’s see here we’re going to start on the sixth Avenue this afternoon and it in the admin. However we are going to discuss different things first thing we’re going to do is finish up the notes that I have found a retreat this weekend there is only one more session and others by our national vice president Allyssa. She is the national vice president of our team. She probably makes on average about $22,000 a month. She has done three sessions including this one that’s retreat and marriage crisis edmond. She also planned and coordinated the retreat. I was really excited and honored to go. It was a managers retreat and I barely qualified for it. However I did qualify for and that is what matters. I am so glad that I got to go. So let’s read these notes that she has from her last session in the very last session of the retreat. This was not titled anything. And he said the nurse that I have. Are you blocking your blessings? If time wants to be found so it will be marriage crisis edmond. Your comfort is the enemy of your progress.

It’s not your ability it’s the choices that you’re making. What are you saying that you could be sharing. That is actually supposed to be what are you saving that you could be sharing. Reach out to at least 10 people tonight. More comes from the ally of scarcity and comes from a mindset I have abundance. Someone else’s success does not negate years. Drop your ego and marriage crisis edmond and lead with your heart. You’re either fighting to make a difference were fighting to stay the same. This quote really spoke to me. The enemy’s favorite day is Sunday. The Lord’s favorite day is today. Don’t be reluctant to go for your best. God is making movies but you have to be ready to shift. Why not this month? Why not now? Why way? I wish you could have when you actually can. This and all the session not spell for a really inspired me to get moving on my business I am going to be consistent at it every day and make small move towards where I want to be not in marriage crisis edmond. Even if I can’t do everything and I want to I will make small moves every day. They saw a moose will make a difference. That is what has shown from other peoples business. I am going to continue to do this. Right now I’m going to unplug the office phone and check the messages. It looks like we had one call from psychology today. That was the only message that we got. There was a notification that we got our battery fully charged. I am going to unplug the office phone and plug in my phone once I am done dictating this article. Since I am using my phone to dictate I will switch from using my phone to using the computer. I am also going to pull up the blog on the computer and see how far along that we are. 

I ran out of minutes to speak on so we will just have to make it up. This is where I usually do. I was able to get about six flags in a little over an hour. Last time I only got six bags done in two hours. I think this is because I do not have marriage crisis edmond or the phone today and am able to focus on tasks without many other disruptions. After I’m done with this I’m going to fill up my water and drink half of the bottle. Then I will put my energy into marriage crisis edmond. This energy fizz this is supposed to give me some energy to go on the rest of the day. I have a little under two hours until I am done at my job for the day. Then I will work on some things for school. then I will work on some things for Arbonne. I also have a family night at my mother-in-law‘s this weekend. I believe she’s going to make burgers that are boneless and sweet potato fries. She also might have some vegetables with this. Mondays are our family nights, however we have not been able to have many of these because we have had a summer camp for the past six or seven weeks. I am excited to start having these family nights again and not marriage therapists edmond. There was just a conversation of people in front of my office. I’m not sure who all was out there.

But just now three people pulled out of the parking lot. I tried not to look up so they would not be awkward. Because I can see them from my window. I have two really huge windows at the wall on my office and continue directly into the parking lot. They were less than 10 feet from me. Actually they might’ve been a little over 10 feet from me. But the point is that they were not very far away. I am finishing up this blog and it will be the last part I do for this keyword. Then I will work on six more for other keywords. I am in marriage crisis edmond and might find some more notes to read because this seems to be helpful before. I could possibly find some old notes from Simmons in my calendar. Sometimes I would take notes in my calendar when I forgot my notebook. actually lost my notebook so I was just taking notes in my calendar or wherever I could write them down. I need to get a new notebook. I have a really pretty notebook that I don’t know what it should be used for. She use it to write our gratitude. We will see it is in the spare room in my house. I believe it is black and pink in floral player. My voice is getting tired from all of this Wiecking. I’ve spoken 6000 words so far. These are just the words that I’ve spoken from the blog post. Do you say not count the words that I have spoken during the day.