Best Edmond Christian Counseling | are you looking for faith based counseling?

Are you looking for faith-based counseling? Do you want someone Who has A faith-based worldview to help you with your struggles? Are you suffering through depression, anxiety, or trauma? cheer at New Vision Counseling we offer the best Edmond Christian Counseling Services in the Oklahoma City area. We would love to help you with your struggles. visit us online or give us a call today.

Statistics state at 70% other people in the United States experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Trauma can often lead to PTSD. we hear that term all the time when we hear about our military men and women coming back from the service and Iraq. Several suffer from PTSD. Did you know that it’s not just wartime veterans that suffer from PTSD? Any traumatic event in your life can create post-traumatic stress disorder in any of us. Let us hear a New Vision Counseling offer you the best Edmond Christian Counseling in the Oklahoma City area. I will help you through not traumatic event, help you deal with anxiety, help you with stress management, or help you reconnect with family, your spouse, or your child.

We are the most reviewed Christian Counseling Service in the state. Whether you’re looking for faith-based marriage counseling, family counseling, or need a y on one faith-based counseling session or Services, give us a call. We would love to be that support system for you. We offer cutting-edge counseling techniques Guided by Christian values. We have several counselors on staff who have been called by faith to be here as relationship based counselors offering you engaging and inspirational sessions.

Offering the best Edmond Christian Counseling Services is more than just talk. We enjoyed getting results with a client to reach out to us. If you don’t what I’m saying, please by all means visit our website and view video testimonials some of our previous clients have given to us. It’s great to see that positive outcome and to watch someone come from that darker side of the road into the lighter path that they had intended to walk from the beginning. we have clients like Cooper to believe but all the good in his life has come through Counseling and God in some way. we’ve also work with Houston who believes God has used our staff to help restore healing within his family. if you’re looking for faith-based counseling then you’ve come to the right place.

Your first consultation is free. Reach Out for faith-based support and counseling at New Vision Counseling today. You can visit us online at our website at or reach out in a more personal manner by calling us at (405)921-7776. we look forward to being that face-to-face counseling and support for you.

Best Edmond Christian Counseling | do you need help getting your life on track?

Do you need help getting your life back on track? Have things derail that so far off the tracks you don’t even remember where you’re supposed to be? Did this derailment happen due to trauma, anxiety, lack of Stress Management, or depression? Experience Oklahoma’s most reviewed Christian counseling service at New Vision Counseling when you give us a call or visit our website today.

No matter how you’re alive got off track we want to help you put it back on track. We can help you cope with trauma, deal with anxiety, Stress Management, and even depression. We offer individual counseling one-on-one, family counseling, and marriage counseling, for the best Edmond Christian Counseling and the state of Oklahoma, we know you’ll find it here at New Vision Counseling. our relationship based counselors with that Christian based worldview offer engaging and inspirational sessions Guided by Christian values and cutting-edge techniques.

When you hear therapy or counseling does your mind immediately jump to that poor soul stretched out on the couch with a board therapist asking how do you feel about that or what do you think about that? We’re not that kind of counseling. we want to do more than just talk and listen. We want to jump into your story and be involved in the struggle so that you understand that you’re not walking through this dark time alone. You have support. You have people there for you. You have got behind you because we are faith-based and offer the best Edmond Christian Counseling available.

If you’re still in doubt please visit our website. Here you will find video testimonials from some previous clients that have been through counseling with us. Some of them have come to us for marriage counseling and others for family counseling. Somehow come for self esteem counseling because they understood life could be better and their mindset just wasn’t where it needed to be. Some of come through us for trauma counseling or business consulting or parents will support. Stress Management and depression are among the other issues that are canceled here at New Vision Counseling. Raising adolescents and offering parent support is important because children are important. And in today’s world where that christian-based faith is not as prevalent as it once was, it’s good to know that you can reach out to counseling that is faith-based I can offer what others can’t.

For the Best Edmond Christian Counseling Come to us and discover how we can help you transform that struggling path you’re walking into a brighter path you want to be Walking. the first consultation is free. reach out to us via our website at or make them more personal connection am I picking up the phone and calling (405) 921-7776. we look forward to working with you.