Best Edmond Marriage Counseling | Is Your Relationship in a Downward Spiral?

Is your relationship in a downward spiral? Do you feel like nothing is the way it should be and you just want things to go back to the way they used to be? The best Edmond marriage counseling services in Oklahoma City area please contact us and let us help you what’s your marital relationship at New Vision Counseling. We love bringing people together. we enjoy seeing relationships that used to be in a downward spiral recovering and climbing the stairs to that next level.

Here at New Vision Counseling, we offer marriage counseling, individual counseling, and Family Counseling. Funny relationship thrives on a strong line of communication. When is a strong line of communication what I mean is an open line of communication. The ability to sit down have a meaningful conversation about the things that need to be talked about between you and your partner. Do you need a neutral but supportive environment in which to do that? Let us help you. For the Best Edmond Marriage Counseling available, contact New Vision Counseling. Our staff of counselors are ready to assist you in reaching out and rebuilding that connection that created that spark that made you say I do.

Your first session is free. So what’s stopping you from making that call and setting up that first session? Everyone needs support now and then. Our relationships are usually where we turn to for that support. When you can’t find that support in your relationship and the person that you’re with, you look outside the relationship. Make that outward reach a positive one by calling our counselors and letting them help you reconnect with your partner today. Our relationship based counselors use Cutting Edge counseling techniques and are Guided by Christian values. We offer 25 years of experience and hope that you will agree that our sessions are engaging and inspiration. Call us and schedule that first session to find out today

Why are we different from any other counseling service? I know when you picture in your head going to a therapist or counselor you’re saying patient lying on the couch just talking and droning away their troubles to a bored therapist. You won’t find that here at New Vision Counseling. We offer faith-based counseling and want to walk the road with you not just listen to your story. No one should have to walk through a struggling time in their life alone. here we want to walk that struggling path with you so that you’re not alone. In order to do that you have to give us a call. Reaching out is the hardest thing to do. once you do it, once you reach out and ask for help and guidance, the rest of the downhill walk. That’s not to say that your walk will be easy or that the path through this hard time will be easy but it will be worth it. Find the Best Edmond Marriage Counseling at new vision counseling.

Contact New Vision Counseling today to experience Oklahoma’s most reviewed Christian Counseling Services in the Oklahoma City area. For marriage counseling, individual counseling, family counseling and issues such as anxiety Stress Management, raising adolescents, and Trauma, we’re here for you. Visit our website to watch video testimonials what we have done for our other clients. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment today by calling us at (405) 921-7776.Or you can visit us online at to learn more.

Best Edmond Marriage Counseling | Are You Falling Out Of Love?

Are you falling out of love? Most people like to fall in love. Most people even look to Falling in Love. however most don’t seem to realize they’re falling out of love until things hit the Rocks. If things have hit the rocks for you find the best Edmond marriage counseling at New Vision Counseling in the Oklahoma City area. We’d be glad to help you make that reconnection so you can renew that’s Park and fall in love again. Growth is an important part of marriage. Let’s have you grow together instead of apart.

Reaching out is the first step. If you can reach out and ask for help, then you’ve got this covered. That’s all counseling is. reaching out for guidance. I know you can do it. sometimes it seems like we were better at asking for help when we were small children. But the ability to ask for help is still there for adults. It just comes in a different form. As a child you look to adults for that guidance and counseling and support. As adults we often don’t know where to turn or who to ask for the right kind of guidance and support. If you find that you’re falling out of love I need to reach out for guidance and support, give New Vision Counseling a call today. Your first consultation is free.

Marriage counseling not your issue? We also offer family counseling, premarital counseling, trauma counseling, business Consulting, and more. We can help parents by giving them a support system and some guidance after all raising adolescents in this day and age with all the traumas They faced outside the home is not easy. Most of us didn’t face school shootings and as many teen suicides as we see on the news today. most of us didn’t even watch the news as children so we were oblivious when they happened unless our parents share them with us. If you find you’re dealing with Stress Management, need depression counseling, are dealing with anxiety or OCD and aren’t sure how to handle things then please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you. everyone needs assistance and support once in awhile. Reach Out today. For the best Edmond marriage counseling services in the Oklahoma City area call New Vision Counseling.

Not sure we’re the right one for you? Visit our website online and view some of the video testimonials that our clients have left there for your viewing pleasure. Some of those testimonials will tell you that you’re not going to get the typical therapy session with us. If you’re expecting somebody to ask you how you feel about that or how that makes you feel to everything you say then you come to the wrong place. We deal and growth, support, and Truth. Be ready to actually push forward, set goals, and reach that brighter future you’ve been dreaming of. We want to walk that road with you and help you through your struggles. Dealing with them is important. Our clients have been referred by pediatricians, friends, Google reviews, and more. we know you’ll find what you’re looking for where regards to family counseling, individual counseling, and the best Edmond marriage counseling also.

To schedule that first consultation today for free reach out to us online at our website at or feel free to give us a call if you have additional questions that you didn’t find answers to on our website or in our testimonial videos if we can help you in any other way. Here’s that number: (405) 921-7776.