All right, everyone. I’m so glad that I bet you a lot of Edmond Christian Counseling people from I’m sublist alien are other venues came over and just want to welcome you again. Tell us where you’re from. We love to see the different parts of the world, right? Yeah. So much fun. So how do we, how do we want to start? I’ll start by saying I value marriage. I value marriage so much because I grew up in a broken home and I didn’t have a template of what a husband and a wife looked like. I didn’t have a model of a godly God centered marriage or really any marriage that was at all centered on God. My grandparents were married, but they had some rocky times and some other people in my family. So ours really is the first generation of what it looks like to be a godly couple.

And so we use the Bible. We’ve used a lot of mentors through books and through people, through friendships to really culminate in this. And so when I celebrate an anniversary, I’m really, I like to make it special. I like to make memories that we have to kind of forge upon the next year. And so this year I took my wife to bed and breakfast. We talked about that a little bit in the last video and it was a big fiasco and a lot of ways, but man, we had an amazing time because we celebrated each other in in really profound ways who are able to look through a lens and see the adversity that happened and and really avoid each other. Even though I hit a tree or the tree, kiss my car when I was backing up. It wasn’t my fault. Even though Ralph sent my wife flowers for her birthday, know our cabin.

We had the wrong cabinet and said, happy birthday. Love Ralph A. Little. But we made the best of it even though when I came home, both my Edmond Christian Counseling kids had the flu. Oh Man. Both family and then my wife’s got, yeah, they’re still wrestling with that. We were still able to enjoy God’s goodness and each other. Hi Anna. Thanks for coming over. Yay. But one of the things I wanted to do is I wanted to invite you to listen to a letter that I wrote her. Uh, I’m going to try my best not to get too emotional because you know how it is when you talk to people that you love. You just want to tune in. I’m going to be ready. That got chills. So it says Beautiful Tanta Happy 50th Wedding anniversary. Today is the day our lives changed forever by a choice in two words. I do. I remember when we first met at life church and a life church event, I was slurping a Dr Pepper and inviting you to my scene goals life group.

And my wife said it was a want to be Mrs. McGuire Group cause I like 14 girls and two guys want to be funny. That’s now part of the letter by the way. Um, I remember how much we’ve changed, how much life has changed. Wow. How much we’ve changed because I can’t imagine drinking a Dr Pepper anymore and I can’t imagine life church only having one campus. Remember how life, dirt to look at our consciousness has over 30 some kids going to have 30 in a few years. Yeah. So over the last 15 years we’ve seen friends come and go. Family members have met Jesus, created two incredibly amazing children, had two dogs, lots of different kinds of fish. Mammals, little pig’s big pigs, Ben in different churches, multiple houses, career changes, different people in and out of our lives that we’ve loved and have moved on and wave after wave of the ups and downs of our marriage. And I mean ups and I mean downs. Um,

but through the mall we have walked hand in hand seeking God all the way. Looking back we can see his movements and how close he was even through the times he felt so very, very far away. Thank you for never giving up, for refusing to stay down when you fall. For always taking my hand and continuing the journey into the risky and faith filled business of following God, no matter the cost. This is hard to read. It’s most of them on our special day. I want to make sure that you know and pray you never forget one thing that I believe and then living out that you are truly God’s best. And my always and forever love. When we first met you captivated my eyes and my attention. And then you went on to capture my heart, Tanja. When I hold your hands and I look into your eyes, I can see the next 60 years of my life. I can see grandkids, a house on a lake or preferably an ocean, loving people and changing lives. So take my hand and let’s press on towards the celestial city. Let’s run with a passionate love that shows the world that God is real and his love never fails.

So I’ll let this letter by the coffee machine and I’ve put it on Facebook because I wanted the world to know that my wife is amazing and that real love is still available and marriage today. No matter what anybody says, if you’re willing to work at it and commit to that person, you can have an amazing marriage and you may have so that amazing. That’s my heart for her. But, but really, um, she wrote me an amazing letter to something that I found was really high. Max was amazing, is uh, listen to what my daughter wrote. This was really powerful. So she’s really cool. I don’t want, she did, do you know who the other page of this is my chance. I got it. I got it.

So she said, awesome dad. I’m really glad you proposed to mom. Oh, it probably took a lot of courage, but if you propose to her that soon, God must’ve been calling you guys to be together. I won’t tell you how long it was from boats. And now 15 years later, here you are with a super cool wife. I think you guys make a great couple. And I get the best of both worlds. I hope mom and you enjoy a yummy vacation besides the hail. But of course, so we had halibut, but when she first read Halibut, she thought I’d said Hail, but hell but dad. So she wrote us two letters and so this is pretty awesome too. Amazing. Mom, I’m so glad you said yes. When dad proposed to you, I know most of it felt a little crazy and overwhelming. She knows me too.

Well. Right. You might have thought you could be spending the rest of your life on a fishing boat because I have proposed on a fishing boat I love, I still liked fishing by love fish and before I had kids now the all in it all and I wanted to be a guy. I really did it. Yeah. Yeah. You guys make it great. You guys make great parents. It’s the best combination I could get. Everything’s got exclamation points by the way. I don’t know how well that comes across, but pretty much everything’s exclamation points. It’s the best combination I could get and I’m really glad you guys always work things out and you don’t ever have a thought about divorce because she knows some people, we know we’ve gotten divorced. Even in the roughest times, you don’t have a thought about divorce. And so I just want you to know that I am really, really happy for you and I hope he’ll be enjoying dad’s yummy cause every time I take them out I get them something yummy.

Oh, you thought of my reputation, right? You’ll get something yummy on your romantic getaway. Surprise trip, happy 15 don’t know how to spell it. Anniversary. Oh love this. And well my Edmond Christian Counseling wife wrote me was, was just beautiful and well thought out. She thanked me for, I mean I can’t even talk about it, but maybe if she gives me permission it, so I read these a few times because I teared up the first few times. I mean guys, this just wanting to say, you know, God has a plan for everyone. He really does. And I was, I was single till I was 30 and never been married. I mean I dated, but I was single. I wanted to get married once and I wanted to do it right. And I think maybe I had a lot of grown up to do and got in a lot of work to do on me.

But there were times when I was really lonely. And so when I read this, I don’t forget my times of feeling alone. I don’t forget my times of, um, really struggling through those seasons. But I do remember God’s faithfulness of where I’m at today. But back then I didn’t know that this was going to be my lot in life. I had no idea I would have to. I want it to kids and I want him to amazing why, but I didn’t know I believed. And so I just pray that over you guys, that wherever you’re at that you guys would, um, really just tune in to God and ask him what he’s got for you. Now Max is asked about the fishing boat story loud to tell that story. I wish I walked on water Max. So x is fun. I like my, he’s a funny guy.

So the fishing boat story is when I was a I, we fished a lot, man. I had a boat. Hi Janet. And I took my wife, we went all over the place fishing. And so I said, what better way to propose then on a boat? And she loved fishing at the time. And so I set it all up and I got the ring and I had, you know, then create, you know, put it together and that, and I get out of my knees and I open it up and she goes, she gives me a bad luck. This is a predominant bad. Like she gives me a surprise look and, and, and I’m like, what? She’s like, yes, but she wasn’t really excited, my stores and what not, again, not again. And so I get a little bit offended. No, I get up and I turned around.

What I forgot is I took all my seats up and I flipped him on their back. And so there’s a metal poles sticking right up. So I get up and turn around a walk this way fast, pretty fast. And I trip and I just slam my lag on this thing doing almost, well, the bone was terrible. It was hard, man. I was there yesterday. He didn’t say yes, he said yes right away. Just her reaction. So here’s why she had that reaction. And looking back, I can’t believe I did this. So we’re looking for rings. We’re looking at all these big old fat diamond ring, you know, all these nights off. And I got her this, a modernist, you know, kind of one carat diamond, which you know, maybe almost one character. I went from purity, oversize. That’s the we’re looking at. So in her mind she said, it’s like you were taking me looking at all these Lexuses.

And then he took me out back and bought me a beat her. Now that he sees not that way at all. Oh, I even bought her. And here’s the funny thing, here’s even the worst thing. It wasn’t even the ring that I bought her because the ring I bought her hadn’t come in yet. I was so you had her one there. So it wasn’t even, it wasn’t even half the size of any of the reasons. We like the little tiny pebbles, tiny purpose. But Hey, hey. She said yes. And since, I’ve apologize for doing that tier, but it was a fake, it was fake ring from Walmart right thing because my real one didn’t come in. I had the triplets.

I did see you heard of that Max. So look here. Here’s how I kind of, I got Kinda got back at me. We were at church, right? The real ring hadn’t come in yet. And this we’re greeting at life church and this guy comes in, he is looking at me up and down like, what are you, he’s, he looks at me like he wants to find me something crazy. I’m like, what is this guy’s deal? I guess my wife had known him. Turns out it’s a guy that she thought about marrying in the past. Yeah. And so, and so he comes through and he’s like, Oh, you’re in getting, you know, it looks at this little baby rein and I’m just feeling like I want to punch him in his face cause you know, that’s not even the real ring. Then here’s something else. Guess what?

Something else. Oh, another guy comes in and he a friend and he had just bought his wife a big old fat ring and just putting it in my, my wife’s face, I was like, oh, this is killing me. Because I wanted to surprise her with that with a real ring when it came in and make him whole nother thing. And I invited and I did that. That’s another story for another time. I’m sure she understood it was the hard one. She did. She did. She just got caught off guard, you know, because I, you know, I, I would be looking at the time I was offended, but looking back I was just ignorant. I have since learned a lot more about women and then how to love her better and really just be more understanding of, of when you set an expectation then he cut it in half and somebody is going to be surprised.

Sheroes somebody. So Max, that’s the story on Max’s behalf. Max. I hope that you guys have a great day. God, we just wanted to share a little bit of real life of how we do it. We’ll be doing more video once. Our next video we’re going to shoot for, so we might do one tomorrow. Okay. Yeah, you’re going to be here. I know you’re speaking somewhere, so you might do one tomorrow morning hours. Okay, well we might do one also a on Saturday. We’re going to shoot for Saturday. I, man, it’s been so cold lately and my family, 600 for Sean’s willing to brave the flu house for now. If he’s willing to with Rashad’s wearing a mask, you’ll know you’re inside of my house because he doesn’t want it daily as you’ve got lots of faith, right? He’s got lots of faith. That won’t be an issue. Who is running and they’re like Jesus on water. So you guys are awesome. Janet and Anna got blood time. You thinking about, uh, one o’clock tomorrow we can go. Oh, they’re going to be around. I’m believing the one will work fine. Okay. Yeah, we’ll shoot for one o’clock tomorrow. One o’clock tomorrow. Does that work? God bless you. Okay. Large. Keep following New Vision. Keep following this page. Alright, good to see you guys.