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Hey, Rashawn. I’m excited to be back. How about you, ma’am? I am stoked. I told you like this morning I came outside. I heard the birds tweeting and I jumped on Twitter. I heard the birds tweeting and I started to pray. That’s where the counseling y’all meets the issuance. Right Street. Exactly. Are Different ways knowing. Yes, please counsel me a little bit more. I’ve been slacking in so many areas, but God is faithful is failed. He is faithful, man. I’ll tell you what, I do love nature. I was riding my bike yesterday and believe it or not, I was riding down by my lake and there’s this huge stick going across this path. I mean huge stick and I’m right up on it and this stick starts to move. It’s a snake. No Way. Big Mango snake. And I’m like, what now you people from Texas that’s probably like a worm or something like that.

Are you kidding me? Yeah. So I did a little Facebook live on nuvision counseling. OKC. Wow. I’m going to look at that. I’m going like this. And now our Instagram, Instagram life. You mentioned counseling. Okay. See, okay. And I’m looking at it in the snake’s moving behind me. No, my sooners was in and out. I don’t know if the rain or all the water affected it cause it’s flooded, but my service was in and out. But you could see the snake just starting to move out and not wow thinking, man, I hope the snake doesn’t come at me. Turley, Sean, man. It’s just like the devil. We’re going through life and we’re unsuspecting. We’re just going about our day. And he comes out and he strikes us because we’re not aware why he’s never sleeps. He never slumbers but thank the Lord. Neither does our God. That’s really good.

That’s really good Sean. Sometimes. Yeah, we’re unaware to the strategies that you know, how he prowls around looking, seeking like a roaring line and we have to be mindful about the enemy in his strategies, his taxis. Ephesians six and tell us more clear, but yeah. Hey Man, get there. Well that brings us into our topic today and you know what our topic is. Oh, come on now Sean, we’re going to talk about somebody’s life changing. You know, what seven strategies to walk out your journey. Seven strategies. What was the first couple of weeks about? What was that about? We talked about how dreams die. Wow. How’d I die young dude? I really young. How are we have these inspirations as a kid [inaudible] you know, we’re growing up. We have a family, we have situations at school, we have situations in sports, we have situations. If you go to church where we just struggled through life and that can tend to just kill over time, slowly like a cancer, the dreams, the passions and visions that God has put in your heart.

And just like that snake, when I was riding my bike yesterday, exercise and trying to get my holy ghost on and I had my, I really did, I had hit my airpods and I was listening and being minister to therapeutic and this snake is just there and he looked as just like literally just like he’s dark and he’s run a lot of sticks and he’s just right there. And I was going to hop him. Whoa. About a hot them. I probably would’ve gotten struck. Wow. And I think in life, if we’re not aware that devil will take our dreams and he’ll destroy them one by one, whittling away. Wow. One thing at a time. And just continue to subtract until we just give up because we feel hopeless. It’s happened. So, you know, word shot, you know. And also if you think about, if you look at New Year’s resolutions, there’s a lot of studies that have been done.

Well, there’s a study that says 80% of people will be out of their news resolution by February. I think that’s us. Oh yeah. And there’s another one. It’s it says 8% only 8% of people that make New Year’s resolutions accomplish them. That’s 92% fail rate. 8% of New Year’s resolution people that make them actually, what makes c this one big question. What makes that 8% set apart from the rest of the world? Or we’re going to go over some of the elements that are keys. Wow. And they are really strategies to help you move into the success part because it’s different for everybody. But success does have a story. The success does have a story and there are keys and there are elements that are a part of people’s lives that are successful. Wow. One that I’m not gonna go over today that we’ll probably do an entire Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast is the lord moves in the morning, he moves in the morning.

The Lord. If you look at Jesus, he get up early before everybody. Wow. It looked like he stayed up all night at times ministering, but he got up early and he went out apart. Wow. He had that time. It’s good. When I onboard counselors, I make sure that they know that they can give up a lot of things in life, but don’t ever give up your time with God. Come on, Bro. That’s the most crucial part of their relationship. It’s important that we built a strong foundation upon our day and that’s with prayer. That’s with, you know, spending time in his word and just walking it out. Walk in with him in the morning is a great while. Before day Jesus went off into a solitary place to pray. So important, and one of the things to consider is that motivation determines aptitude and attitude or motivation determines altitude.

So if you don’t know what motivates you, then you need to really take some time and maybe go take a walk right in a journal. Talk to your friends, talk to your parents and people that have known you for a while to really identify what your motivating factors are. Does money motivates you? Relationships, motivates you? Does significance motivates you? Does achievement and success motivates you? Yeah. This so look at this. You know, I remember when I was in high school, I had this job bagging groceries. Now looking back, it’s so funny. I washed dishes back up and I did all kinds of stuff. [inaudible] come on now. He’s the real brother. Yeah, you’re on the say that, right? [inaudible] real talk. Real talk. Real walk. So I am bagging these groceries and I get the manager comes up, he’s like, man, you’re great at this. We really want to promote you to be stock boy.

Stop bullying. No. So I got promoted from being a bagger. We’re I bag pupils, groceries. Get the, carry the map, put them in cars. Got It. To where I was just stocking shelves and I made it. Now, this may not sound like a lot today, but I made a dollar more, an hour, a dollar more an hour. You’re making like four bucks and now you’re making five. Wow. That’s a pretty significant deal, man. That’s like back in the day. That’s the last day burgers. Yeah, true, true. So I, we started doing this job and stocking shelves, but I was mostly like 95% by myself doing this. And I would get in trouble because somebody would have a question. I’d go show them where they’re at. And the guy’s like, what are you doing? And I said, man, I’m trying to help folks. Well, I determined that I didn’t value making money more than I did building relationships with people.

So I found the value in bagging groceries. Yeah. I could connect with people and serve them and enjoy them. That’s amazing. That was a theme that I discovered. I was, I was someplace that was a line boy where I hand out dishes and you the register. Yeah. Talk to people and take their orders. I know waiter, well, I got promoted to a cook. Yeah. And I made a dollar or something more an hour and I was like, I don’t want to be a cook. I want to be a line boy. That’s a, that’s funny. That’s hilarious. Nickens of of relationships and helping people. True. Complex greatness. So I help these older ladies or people put bags in their car. Yeah. Get them out. Help brighten their day. And even as a career, yeah, I could have done a lot of things that would have made a lot more money. Yeah. That’s good for success. But a in the world dies. But I really valued helping people change their lives and connecting them to success in a godly way. Wow. And so I think starting out, that’s what you really need to spend time t. I. M. E. Spend time discovering what you value, what motivated,

what motivates you, what, what takes what’s in you and brings it out of you. And another big thing, Sean, I love how you, you know, went into that a bit because it shows like the season of life you’re in. That’s right. I wouldn’t necessarily probably even there were days you probably shrug away. This isn’t the perfect life I seen, but it’s about progression. God who began a good work is going to finish it out and, and, and here’s, look, fast forward two years now. He’s in trust you to care for people and be compassionate, to love them, to meet them where they are, but also give them hope and a new vision. A New Vision for their lives. Yeah. Yeah. Come on now. Y’all better go. Go check it out with the counselor. You know, they influence her over here. Like, I don’t even know if I got my website ready. Just way. Young thirties man. We get there to doing it.

Third up the pot. You do what you want. Yeah. Killer. You know, the secret debt to happiness people think is a great, a great marriage. The secret to happiness is a great, a great family, a great house career, what you look. But really the secret to happen as Paul talks about, I’ve learned the secret of being content and [inaudible] brother is four twelfths good. That’s good. Do all things to Christ. It gives me strength. Wow. You know? And so I think about it. It’s not, if you, if you have happiness as a destination and this world, this fallen world, then you’re going to live a disappointed, unmet expectation. Life is constantly frustrated because you’re looking for this perfection in a world that’s fallen this fall instead of moving for perfection, you look for progress. Well then you can make progress. When you have a deal that goes bad, you can make progress.

If you have a teenager that doesn’t follow the Lord for a season, you can make progress. When you lose a job, when you lose a friend or your marriage is going through tumultuous times, progress, progress, progress, because the Lord works through the trials and the tribulations. Good. Yeah. I had a friend, we were on this plane and Greg [inaudible], his name, Greg [inaudible], he’s a local minister, loves the Lord, and he said, we were talking about this, this situation with this guy. This guy comes up and he says, Hey, you know, I sure hope my kids turn out right. Yeah. I just kept saying, I hope my kids turn out right. And I say, I say, what do you mean you hope your kids turn out right? You’re the dad. You get to the way that you seed it, turn out. Or if they know so it’s really up to you. That goes my boy,

a man in, I think this would Hans a lot of men, they may fear that they’re not going to be good enough. Sometimes I fear being a failure of a father because of just feeling inadequate, not feeling capable. But I think the closer I am to Jesus, the closer I abide in him. I mean it’s, it’s given love, love where people are loved, they grow including your children, including your family members. And that’s how simple it is. Simple. It really is. Or your planning. Yeah. You’re, yeah.

Or your dad when you’re planning it. So you want to, I’m sure you’re planting in the right soil, that gas and you want to make sure it’s the right season cause you don’t plant tomatoes in the middle of the winter. Right. Paul, you don’t play them in the winter or fall. You plant them in the summer when it’s hot, so you’ve got to really know the season and where you should be planted. That’ll it comes through spending time with God, talking to friends and your trusted advisors. You know, there’s wisdom in the counsel of many, many of the right people, not the wrong people. And you just like that guy. Oh, he looks good. He wanted to know. He was hoping that kids would get better. [inaudible] live a godly life. And as the brother, I said, hope without actions is dead. Yes. Hope without actions. A wishlist. Yeah. Yeah. I hope. I hope you know my kid’s dad. I sure hope I get this for Christmas. You know my kids say, I hope I get a new Bible.

Nah. Yeah, that’s what they were. Shawn’s kids, man.

Did you rail do hero hope? I hope that I get a new playstation. I hope that I get a new football. I hope that I get a new bike. I hope that I get a new scooter. Yeah. I hope that I get some drumsticks, whatever it is. That’s a hope. That’s okay because it’s a wishlist. Yeah. Here, we understand that they’re not earning their Christmas presents. We actually can take steps to walk into God’s destiny for our life and that’s what we’re going to jump into now. Love it. First, let’s resolve the commit that you guys are going to listen through all of these steps. You’re going to listen to the Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast that come after this. Yes, because they will give value and give opportunity to really dive into God’s Destiny’s original design for your life, unadulterated by the world circumstances to find again, the purity of who God called you to be and step into that

is step into it. I want to really touch on step into it. Again, Sean, because you’re the knowledgeable counselor. You bring all this amazing expertise but also insight from experience and me, I’ve been out there running around. I’ve been practically like engaging people, so this is the somewhere you just get knowledge but you get revel revelation to walk out to apply. That’s exactly, so we’re excited about that and super stoked to have you guys on today.

We are excited. We’re going to make this, it’s going to go big. It’s going to be great. We’re really excited about it.

Come on, Jesus. Ooh.

So what I really want you to think about the first one is vision. The first one is vision. The Bible says, without a vision, my people perish. Without a vision, my people cast off restraint. Wow. And I look at New Vision counseling. That’s where the scripture came is I looked at a world full of people that were casting off restraint that were going here, going there and really not bridal. Yeah. Any vision that God had that was cool piece of enough to keep them steadfast until they accomplished the reality of what he put in their heart.

And you know what, I, I’ve Sean, you may have been looking at me cause I was that guy for a while. I was that guy casting off restraint. I didn’t have any direction in my life. I had no body speaking into my life. No godly counsel. And if you’re in a place of the ungodly, you’ll, you’ll perish. I mean, sadly as it is who read psalms one, you know, uh, blessed are those who do not walk in step with the wicked or sit in company where sinners take or you know, sin Co, you know, sit with mockers, but they who delight themselves in a law of law of the Lord, they will be prosperous and successful and all they do. That’s good. That’s successful. That’s success. So your vision has

to be something that is compelling enough to pull you into, to pull you into wow season of life. Something that’s powerful. For me, my vision was I saw people’s lives being devastated through divorce, through bad choices in relationships, and then marrying a person is destructive. I’ve saw people’s lives being consumed with their work or being consumed with an addiction. I saw all this and I looked at my own history of me coming out of being raised by a single mom who did her very best, but she was alone. She raised me by herself. There wasn’t sometimes church people come in and out. But I thought, what if we had a place where we could bring people from all walks of life, connect them to God in a way that doesn’t just say, hey brother, go pray about this sister. Go, go, go talk to God.

But we actually gave them practical steps. So my vision was compelling. When I started out by myself, I listen. I left my a hospital job that was secure, that was safe. They closed my program, they offered me another job that would’ve been money in the bank and I had $200 a week, raise it $200 a week. That was my income. 200 bucks a week. I left shower. I left that job where I made pretty good money to go for 200 bucks. That’s $800 a month. You understand what that means? And I had just gotten married to my wife and we’re, we’re looking at it, we’re going to lose the house. I mean, what’s going to happen? I just got married. Talk about a little bit of stress, but the vision of changing lives was so compelling and moved us through, you know, my mom pick us up.

My mom even said, honey, I’m going to pay for your first half of your first six months rent at your counseling office. Mom, praise God. That’s amazing. So she paid half of our rent and I was sharing my office with somebody else who paid it the other half. Are you serious? That’s amazing. See, that’s only God. That’s the favor of faith journey, brother. I’m telling you yet where we’re going more and more than negative every month because of just, we just do step on faith. Yeah. In that reigns. True today and yesterday in ever since this quote has been said, where God guides, He provides God guides. He provides. That’s so good. In the mother thing I’m hearing is of without a vision, your relationships will perish. They absolutely will. Wow. You don’t have a vision of, you know, there’s no relationships that I have in my life, not even one that I don’t have a vision for. So that vision could be, I am serving you. You know, God has me in a position where I’m just giving to you, giving you, pouring out the relationships or I receive from people more than I give. Then there’s other relationships that are reciprocal. More I give, they give and we can take psych a Timmy, you fall and just all different kinds of Barnabas. Like you’re like my Barnabas full of encouragement. You’re full of life and I’m alive. Y’All just, I just feel like I can just conquer world. Hey, come on

son, let’s do it. [inaudible] that’s what we do in this Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast together. Encourage others. I know, just to jump into that story. Wow. Everything

your life, God would have a purpose and a vision for or I would, I would just encourage you to consider should it be there at all. Wow. I’ll be there at all.

Another thing is I would talk to you guys about real quick, man, Sean, compromise clouds your vision, but staying close to God makes your vision clear.

Hey man, compromise clouds your vision. Wow. But staying close to God

makes it clear. Oh, I would like a treat to boy you, you guys, that’s amazing. But yeah, guys, stay true to the conviction God’s laid on your heart. That’s right, and yeah. Yeah. Shaw, you want to touch on that a bit because someone may have allowed people to come in their life who is cloud in their vision, clouding the focus that God has for their life and how do we stay true to our convictions? This is stand in the word, is it building our life on that foundation early in the morning, fresh starts?

I know for me there’s a few things and we’ll go more into these and maybe this Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, maybe the next Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast. Okay. But one of the things is that time in the morning for me is my most powerful time of the whole day sacred. It’s one of my sacred pillars. Okay. The life of Sean Maguire has been, is being and will continue to be built on. It’s good. It’s that time with God, whether it’s reading a book about God with God, whether it’s listening to a sermon, whether it’s reading my Bible, and mostly read my Bible and frame, and then I supplement it with writing and different journals that I may have about, you know what? I’m grateful for that I’m looking for God to do that day. And then I even write out prayers that I pray. I write out prayer so that I can verbalize what I want for that all I do, but that is a pillar that I have in my morning that really keeps me grounded in no matter what anybody around me says. You know, like in today’s culture, a lot of people use profanity, they use [inaudible] as part of their common vernacular, Nike bad words, and they think it’s fine. Yeah. The Bible is really clear. So clear. Do not let any unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth. Yeah. That was just helpful to the building of a bowl so that it may benefit all who listened. Wow. I even heard a pastor from the pulpit use profanity

in PR on the pulpit or what? Oh

Wow. In My, I remember my daughter looked at me and she’s like, Dad. And as the baby, this is a great lesson. This is why one, we follow our God and not a man, not a man. Number two is why we stay grounded and read God’s word to we know for ourself who God is and what he says. Because a lot of times church makes a lot of effort to be more relevant to the culture, the true to the Bible. Wow. So even in the church skirts and I’m running, it’s really important to stay grounded in God’s word so that you have a platform and a granite that does

not change. I love that. Sean’s such a solid word. And I think that’s one of the big reasons me and my wife, uh, stop, you know, allowing the TV to play in our house. We’ve been fast and from t a TV for like three years now. That’s only by the grace of God. But the thing is, the big thing is we want to grow in the knowledge of the truth. We can’t allow ourselves to grow in the truth if we’re consumed by lies all day. I know. So, hey man, that’s so daus word is God breath. We need more of his breath. That’s true. Since it’s also what you’ve cut out to help you focus. It’s good. Well guys, we have six more to go over that. We’re going to start in the next Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, part two. Wow. He’s to walk out your dreams. But Sean Rashad, real talk, real walk pod kid.

And we had guys who found a lot of value in this. Where can they get ahold of me? Where can they get ahold of you? So if you want to get a hold of Shawn, go ahead and go up to the captions. If you’re watching live right now, you’ll see New Vision counseling. You Click on there like add, follow the Facebook, do all those things so you can be better connected. But another thing, New Vision dot. Live New Vision counseling, New Vision counseling. See always miss out the counseling cause I’m the influencers. So the counseling has not always, you forget about the counselor. There we go. Move Bitch. And counselors out there. Those of you out there that say, you know, Sean and Rashaun I, this is great, but I just need somebody to walk with me. God, it always out to us through email or phone. Phone, six, seven, eight, six, six, seven 65802678667 65 82 what’s your number, Sean?

(405) 921-7776 one seven seven. Six is the number that I got to pick. Yeah, because I was one of the first people to get one of these cell phones back in the day when I use sprint, like the number of perfection, the number of God, and then six is the number of man. Whoa. Merging together. Come on. Division counseling, four oh five nine seven seven seven six. The brokenness and the glorious together. Or Guys, God bless you and we look forward to seeing you. Hearing you talk with you again really soon. But until then, remember, you make great decisions and you make a great life. One step, one day at a time. A man. God bless you. Bye.