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Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome to the real talk, real walk Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast with Sean and Sean, Russia, Russia. But I love Sean so much, so I want to be that. I don’t want to cut that Ra. Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Welcome guys.

Glad you’re here. Because today we are gonna do our inaugural podcast. While we are talking about why do dreams die, you know, there are so many different topics that we could have covered and our very first Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, wow be, we’ve talked about it. We felt like so many people begin their lives with these dreams that God places in their hearts out life and there’s talents that God’s given them gifts. Yeah. Then the life, the circumstances and adversities and the people around them, their dreams start to die. Yeah. In this first one, we’re going to talk about why they die and then then we’re going to follow up with the second Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast and how to resurrect them or how to keep the dream alive. Wow.

Right. It sounds so great. So good to me because no one, her brother like me. I don’t know about you guys who are listening. On the other side of this Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, you’ve come across times where you’re either dealing with life circumstances or you become board of your dreams are you let dream killers to kill yourself esteem, but we can use the humility before God to empower us to move into our dreams in a better, in a bigger way.

That’s right. You did. Did you, did you know that New Year’s resolutions are huge in America? I’m not sure around the world, but in America, these new year’s resolutions are huge. And they say that was one of the Washington examiner. Yeah. 92% of people will stop or quit or drop out of their new year’s resolution. Wow. February. By February they started very one or February 28 I don’t know. February. They weren’t specific, but, but even if it’s one or 28 that’s not even two months, brother. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, drop out. So this is a real deal when people, his dreams, Diane and you know our counseling practice, New Vision counseling and consulting. What? God, a long time ago, 15 1617 I’ve been counseling 25 years. Yeah, probably 16 years ago. Deposited. Maybe longer. It’s hard to remember back that long. Right? Without a vision. My people perish.

Without a vision, man, that’s a good offers. Straight come on, not discipline. And they just perish. They start to lack, they start to go into poverty. They start to get desperate and desperate people, desperate things come. So think about your vision. What vision, what dream do you have that’s worth sacrificing for? Because if your dreams not worth the sacrifice, think about Christ. Yes, we’re worth the sacrifice because the dream of a restored relationship to God was worth the life of his very son. Wow. So think about what dream that you have that is worth the sacrifice. Because every dream accomplished there has to be sacrifices made to get there.

Yes, yes. And sometimes commitment isn’t comfort food. It’s tough to actually sacrifice and walk into what God’s calling you to do. It’s not Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yeah, exactly. [inaudible] even chicken and wow, sure. Wow, that’s so true. So true.

You have to count the cost. Yes. You know, there’s a scripture in the Bible talks about a man who did not count the cost and he made all these preparations for our house. He was never able to finish, or you’ve got to count the cost before you go to war. Come on, because you may not have enough resources. People, money, food, clothing, tip, fought the fight,

fight it when it, whoa. And how does that look in our lives? Sometimes we just lose sight of that. We lose sight of that, Sean. So that’s really, that’s a solid word right there, brother.

So that’s the first one is you lack clarity. So you need to find the dream that’s your worth. That’s worth the sacrifice. Okay. Because it’s going to cost you and you’re going to have to count that cost to step into it and then get clear. What exactly is God telling you to do? What do you said, sir? Let’s say that for you. You want to be a professional bodybuilder?

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, whoa.

And, and maybe that’s your thing. Yeah. What does that look like? What exactly is God calling you now? You don’t need all the pieces. Yeah, but you need the step of like for me, I feel called to communicate with others. Connecting them with the success. Yeah. God is put in each one of them that he wants to draw out through the Holy Spirit. That’s good. He’ll call to help people connect to success in relationships and sharing faith and all these things.

Come on, Bro. And I love, love, love you here. What’s your dream is you feel called to help people. See, I believe there’s only two ways a dream is coming from. It’s either come from God or from the enemy. That’s right. God’s dream is never solely about you. What he say is not a, your life is not your own. You’ve been bought with a price, right? The enemy wants you to live your life for yourself, and I think one of the biggest things is, is knowing that we’re called to, to, to, to pour into people’s lives. And that’s one of the big things. My life was all about me at one point when I was dreaming about myself. For y’all, we all live for ourselves. That’s what Jesus came to save us from it. Yeah, true relationship.

Yeah. Well, the other thing to consider is why dreams die is we all have this huge overwhelming fear of starts with an f. No, you’re really, your kid dominate us. Wow. Your kid dominate us. We think about how many of us like to fail. I don’t, you know, one of the reasons why I didn’t start a practice bigger than myself for many years was for the same reason why I didn’t want to go in front of people and speak publicly, is I don’t want to look foolish. I didn’t want everybody to look at me and say, well, you know, he tried, but he just wasn’t smart enough. He wasn’t good enough. He didn’t have what it takes. And then I would be exposed for a failure. Wow. All the fears of me not being good enough of me not being smart enough of people not liking me.

Yeah. We’d be validated and that would be devastating. Come on. Come on. Think about that in your life to you. That’s something I had to overcome because in one of the ways that I overcame that was, uh, when I started a new division, I started to expand. Got It. Is I heard several stories of people that went to try to get Christian counseling and they found something very different. Something that was worldly counseling, not Bible based. Wow. Churches were sending these people and they were getting divorced. They were leaving the biblical way. They weren’t following the God’s word and they were being counseled in a way that was more like the world and less like the God that we love, that we served true. And so that that stirred something in me where I said, you know, it’s worth the sacrifice. It’s worth the risk of failing to save these people to have a place.

Because I was so busy booked months and months out and I could only see a certain amount of people or week, that’s good, but I could train other counselors up in a lot of people. Well, to be exceptional in their skillsets and counseling and in serving people as Christ followers, and then bridge that together and division counseling and that dream was worth the cost. It was worth. The cost to my family is worth the cost of sacrifice of my time. The risk of maybe it’s all going to unravel and everything fails. Yeah. Yeah. I invested a lot more

true that, see, Sean, here’s another thing. I love that. Love that, that investment in spite of the, you know, fear that you may fail. But anyone who’s listening out there right now underneath on our voice, I think one big point Sean, is trying to really deliver to you right now is that you have to destroy, distinguish or decipher from losses and lessons. Lessons always, always give you hope that there will be, you know, success later. There’s hope for the light at the end of the tunnel later. Right? And I think all throughout scripture that’s woven throughout the Bible, we fall seven times, we’d get up eight, continue to get up guys and chase your dream, the God given dream that he has for you. Hey Man.

You know another thing that we consider really need to think about is when we’re thinking about failing, it’s not just failing ourselves. It really is being afraid of what people think about us. Yes, yes. People around us that we really consider like, I don’t want to look foolish in front of my family or my friends or the people that are at my workplace. It says you can’t do it. And really considering where this fear is coming from because we know that fear works in reverse failure. You know what I mean? That’s good. Starts to track that. Not that you can’t have a fear and then press through it cause that’s just reality. We all have fears. We all struggle to embrace this vision that God gave us for our life and then have the faith in him that he’s big enough overcome and depress through it.

So that’s it. That’s a really big deal. Not to realize it’s not just your fear of you failing, but your feeling of letting other people down down. So disappointing other people and sometimes disappointing ourselves. That can be terrifying in not only that, that can paralyze us. In our walk in the Prague says the reached out destination, which has exactly end goal. Oh that’s so good. Shine. Well and another one, think about it. Another reason why dreams die young is the fear of starting. It can be overwhelming. Oh Wow. It’s such a hard start. Hard start. Like for me, one of the ways I said, I said, I put a fleece out there and said, God, if you want me to grow my practice, you need to send me one more person. I just like it. Marriage, I’m not going to settle for somebody that is not your absolute best.

Now, absolute best doesn’t mean perfect. It doesn’t mean that they have everything’s shiny, shining. It looks amazing. It just means that it’s God’s provision for me. And so just like marriage, I didn’t want to wait on, uh, I, I wanted to wait on God’s best. I wanted to wait upon the Lord my strength. And then I mounted up with wings like eagles, and then we scored the, you can see better, right? You know this? Yes. Right? Clearly, no, this, you, Kayla McCain, me, the provision was, I was at this men’s event and this guy comes up to me and he introduces himself and then it turns out he thought I was somebody else. He say, Hey, well yeah, Bob, Hey Rashad [inaudible] shot. You guys, look, come. I’m like, that’s a little Larry it. Same high. You know, and then I saw him again the next day with his wife and his kids at sprouts, this grocery store.

Wow, that’s crazy. Wait, hold up, hold up. And then it was Thursday night. Friday I saw him Sunday, I didn’t see him. I go to church or Saturday, I didn’t see him Sunday I’d go to church and I know everybody at this church except for they just tried this church out. See this brother smile as big as your Caitlin. Yeah, Caleb’s amazing bet guy. And I’m like, Lord, you’re doing something here, making it really obvious but the Lord to bring me the first, the first step, just the first, because I didn’t have a place. So we ended up, this guy was seeing people after hours I’d get down about five 30 to six and then he’d come after me, he’d be waiting in my lobby with my other patients, his patients, I’ll awkward debt and then he’d come in and then sometimes you see him in our conference room upstairs and he’d seem in my office, cause I just had one waiting room and it was just, man, he was diligent. And the Lord provided, but I just had that first one step. So just believing God for that first one step, but you don’t have it. I have to have it all figured out. A good out is amazing.

So that was a divine appointment. It was. And then he still to this day is working with you. Oh Man. How long has, has that been since the day you encountered him?

Check this out. So I’ve been counseling for 25 years. New Vision has been in existence about 16 and you know, I was private practice that things, but New Vision has been about 16 expanding it and the way that we’re doing now, where we’re just taking all the, all the limits off and saying, God, we’re going to let you grow this as big as you want. God, it’s been about over two, almost two and a half years. Two and a half years. Wow. Location. Because once I said, you know what, God, I’m going to give this to you and let you drive. Yeah. He’s just going to just been going for, yeah. I mean we, we see, we see literally thousands of people’s lives changed through counseling. I mean, you see people get set free from all kinds of issues, depression, anxiety, people that have been married and divorced back together. Kids coming out of this cutting themselves and we see all kinds of traumas healed. Yeah. The power of God. And none of that would have happened if it was just me. Yes. Because I could only see you one person, one family at a time. True. Let’s have doing group counseling. So,

so the, here’s what I’m hearing too. The dream is demanding. It is demanding. You had to put time, energy, effort, worth, work ethic into this thing to scale out. So where you can see more, like more. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean? Shy. You get it.

So I was working, there was times I was working 80 plus hours a week. Wow. Caleb was working probably 60 when he first came on and I was working 80 plus to do the math. In your head, what does that look like? That’s a lot of, that’s a lot of hours a day. The other day I really mostly kept sacred was Sundays, but every other day, man, I might work 16 hours a day. Really? The Hustle, Turnitin, and you know somebody else to think about when you first start a business, most small businesses fail [inaudible] lack of cash for lack of capital. Even if you have a situation where you’re doing really well. Yeah, Paul, this business coming in, if you don’t have the bridge of cash to make that gap last, you’re not going to be able to turn it the products out. You’re not going to be able to last.

So I had enough resources coming in that I could start that Caleb, when he came in, he has another job full time that when God made the provision enough to where he could leave his job or right. It was actually probably a couple months before he left it in faith. But you want to just know that God’s calling you. Yeah. Don’t let it be a paralysis that you get paralyzed for fear, but just be wise. Sure. That just because God calls you one job, one career does not mean he wants you to quit it. Stop making money over here and your day job. True. Most of the so good job on board with us, unless they have resources or married, I asked them to keep whatever job they’re at til we build the practice up long enough to where they can grow it and sustain an income that can last.

Sean, let me, let me read this scripture. Ecclesiastics 11 verse six and this correlates perfectly perfectly to what you’re seeing. It says, sow your seed in the morning and Solomon says, and that evening, let your hands not be idle for you. Do not know which one will succeed, whether this are that are, whether both will do equally well, meaning go to work in the warning so your seed make your income, but on the side, don’t let your hand go on. I don’t want you get out of work, you know, stayed pillaging and what you know, the purpose and vision, the dream that God has for you and one of them you don’t know which one will be successful. I man. That’s so good. Amen. Something

else that related to people or getting a heart start that you know, the fifth it’s just starting is, can be so hard because people are afraid that they don’t have the knowledge, that they don’t have the knowledge it takes to succeed. Look, I ran my business and I know how to do that really well, but I did not how to manage a team of not just people, but people that are professional, that had similar degrees that I do. They’re just as educated. Wow. Some of them might be, well, nobody is more educated, but somebody will be more educated than me. Okay. Some point and you know, how do you manage professionals? How do you deal with me having a thriving fulltime caseload? Yeah. Patients. Then the business, then doing social media, then having all these outside interests that I do. Yeah. Well I had to learn how to manage time and I had to give so much of the growth.

Yeah. The trust of the success of the practice to God and the areas that came up that I could not deal with that, that I, I couldn’t make decisions. I just had to trust the Lord. Like people getting busy. Yeah. Why it’s coming in. I can go, I could do, but there is the putting the seed in the ground and then there’s the believing and trusting God, I can cultivate the soil. I can put nutrients on it. Yeah. Pray for rain. But God is the one who makes that seed grow. Yes. That’s just making sure that, you know, you don’t have to have all the knowledge, but you can’t be faithful to take a you demi course or to get a mentor that gets somebody in your life. Because another area that people struggle with is they don’t have the right human resources. The people that are there.

Yeah. If you’re like, why need 10 people to start or I need six people or I need an assistant to style, well, you know, you need me. Most of the entrepreneurs I know [inaudible] they have started doing their own bookwork. They’ve started doing their own taxes until they can afford somebody else and as soon as they can afford it, then they do. They go to the next step. But they are doing most if not all of the work at first. And then as they get busier and busier and successful, then you start bringing other resources in. Now if you make starts there, that’s fantastic. But look, don’t wait on having everything, needing everything to be in its exact place. Like I said, I had a prayer and I said, God, I just you, I just need one person cause that’s what’s considered growth. Yeah, me, I just need one godly person that loves you, is exceptional at what they do.

And look, Caleb, the guy who sent me, he’s amazing. Yeah, he’s amazing. He’ll yes, my plainness we’ll be watching right here. Yeah, Kayla McCain. Not with him. I got his wife as well because she’s amazing and she’s a counselor. One day she might be on our team too. Wow. She’s got our tea. But maybe one day she’ll get in there and help some folks out. Let’s go. That’s exciting or seen that. How did that released the fear of failure and really I had a fear. I have an amazing family. Like then in my life there is nothing more rewarding than my kids. Yeah, it, it’s my friends. You know, you wanted my shirt and I didn’t want to give up time. It’s all the, it had to be such a great vision that God put in my heart and I had to be willing to sacrifice the time with my family. Yeah. That greater calling of God on my life.

That’s really good. Come on brother. Let’s spend time with them, you know? Yeah. Oh yeah. I know this brother. That’s why I went. Yes, yes. That’s why we wake up early morning. It’s like this to do Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, right. Get up, get our things done as as men and mostly partly be connected to the law, the Lord. Amen. Oh, real quick, Shawn. I want it to just really caveat to what you are saying as far as the fear of failure. I remember, you know, finishing out at embrace church when I was in South Dakota, coming back here to Oklahoma City and I was just now in the phase of getting my next book or my first major published book done. And it took so much time and I dealt with a bit of rejection, you know, from the first, you know, product that I brought to them and I thought it was never going to happen.

So in the process, yeah, you remember that it was nowhere near where it’s all over the place. Yes. Out there. Exactly. So if you’re listening today, know that your dreams may be dented. You may go through the process of having your dreams dented, but the, the dream, the purposes of God is durable there. Your dreams are going to be forever with him when they’re divine. So, so just know, trust God in the weight on him and whatever failure you’re facing today, he’s going to have his way. He’s going to see to the end of it.

Amen. Amen. You know, right now we have three more to go. I think we might want to close this one down. God can stop. And then to the next one again cause we have three more to go on this wild dreams don young and maybe do a part two so that people can stop it and then start it again. And then maybe the part three can be the, how do we got a lot coming to y’all and make it come alive.

Hello? Come on. Yeah, Shah. Let’s do it. Y’All ready? Y’All ready? Okay, let we go. Here we go. Go.

We’re going to go. We’re guys. We just want to say thank you so much for listening, watching and we want to say that it means so much to us when you go to iTunes, your rate, you review us because that’s how the word gets out and we have a calling that we want to help you discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools and resources to create it. Because we believe that God has divinely, it created you to live in this era of human history to accomplish his purposes. And that only comes when you believe in the amazing person that he made you to be. And you start living out of that identity today, today, and how do we do that? We do that through one good decision after and at a time. That’s so good. So on. Thank you brother.

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