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Hi. Welcome back to the real talk real woke with Sean in Russia. You guys are so glad that you could join us again. This is our second episode. We’re so excited. Person. We did a live video where you have got a live Facebook feed going right now. I both time page. Yeah, from the Bible time page right now. The other one was from the blessed daily age page. That’s right. And what are we talking about today? Today we’re talking about, come on brother. Part two of why dreams die young. Do you remember what we talked about last time? Last time we talked about the fear of failure. Yup. That’s a big one that stops people from pursuing their dreams and why the dreams die young. We talked about you have to get a clarity without that vision. My people pair. Yes. That’s where my New Vision counseling, consulting practice name came from.

It was driving somewhere. God just dropped it in my heart. New Vision counseling, new business and that was it. That was the vision to get people back. The Vision God has for their life. Wow. And you’d have to be willing to pay the price for the vision God gave you. Wow. It’s like Christ paid the price for the relationships. Good to enjoy with God. You’re called to pay the price for the vision that God puts in her heart. So if we come prepared. Yeah, and we have money in our pocket, we have resources, we have an understanding that there is a cost, yes to the dreams, then we’ll be able to pay that price when it comes due. And some of you guys, that’s really good shot. Some of you guys have an old vision, but some of you guys need the New Vision. If you don’t have it yet, The old vision may be fear, but the new vision is failing.

That’s exactly right, and what are the other areas we talked about in the last Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast? If you haven’t listened to it, go back and check it out is the, it’s the hard start. We get overwhelmed and paralyzed by the fear of we don’t have enough money. We don’t have the right people. Yeah, we don’t have enough time. I’m not smart enough. I don’t know enough about my business that I’m going into. I just don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t fill. Inadequate lack. Yeah. Adequacy paralyzes you taking the next, and it truly is. Here’s the reality. It is overwhelming. There is no doubt when you accept the call of God in your life, a lot of people get confused. What? My burden is easy. My Yoke is light. Yeah, yoke is easy and my burden is light. However you want to accept that scripture. The reality is Jesus was saying that and he got hung on a cross.

Sure. Wow. That’s really good for him to remember that there’s always a cost in this world that requires something deep of us to accomplish the purposes of God in our lives. That’s really good man. And yes, Sean. So what I hear you saying is the dream is dream dies young because they struggle heavily with self doubt. That’s right. Self hate leads to self harm, but self love leaves to self care. We all struggle. Insecurity. We all do. Except for that’s what God told Moses. He told him, he said, I got you a Tang. Yeah, yeah. You can’t, you start in probably God, I got a tone for you said I can’t. I can’t. I can’t it, you know the message version, which is Eugene Peterson reading the Bible and saying what he thinks. Yeah, he’s a, I got you. I got you. That guy that’s simple.

That is Eugene Peterson. I love that book. I love his translate. You say the Bible says Eugene Peterson’s commentary, but he takes kind of the Bible and he puts it in perspective that we probably think here and all that. So that’s real tall. Real Wall. Yeah. Real talk, real walk and Beyonce, the Moses. I got you. I got to come all, here’s new content for this episode. One of the reasons dreams die young is we have a lack of support. Come on. A lack of support. Wow. You know the people in our lives, the fuck we had, the five people in our lives are the most influential resource that we have. Whether it’s your parents, whether it’s your kids, whether it’s your friends, whether it’s your reading and books you should or should not be reading your TV shows you watch haunt the podcasts. You listen to the Facebook lives that you watch cat videos.

Oh wait, wait. The cat videos may not be there. All like to watch this cat videos, especially newcomers in the or the video about the Guy Gigabit bunk snake. Have you seen that? Oh Wow. Actually I’ve seen that before. Let me just tell you about this video. It’s this video Llama tell everybody has blessed me so much. This guy in lot in Oklahoma, which is about an hour and a half away from here. He’s going up to this brother’s house. It is walking up. You know, you can find this on youtube through sandbars and saying they’ll just Kinda, you know, halfway awake and open and this snake come out. Do what to come out of nowhere. Boom. You see a tail? Yes. Is I or is down there? The guy goes, ah, Turk Damon [inaudible] snake got bit by my face. And my dad was like, Huh, Whoa, wait, wait, wait. You’re what? What did you say? Who is this man? Wait, this is your dad. That was his ass show. Hey. Hey, your dad don’t want folk coming over. They just need to say, hey, don’t come to my house. Hey, I’m taking the mailbox and bite somebody. That’s crazy. I can’t believe, but it’s in mailbox. Sure.

Wow. Well I’m thankful. Thank you. Well you bit him book the snake wrapped himself around the lamp. If you haven’t heard of this, people who are listening, it was all over. What was it? Charles Bon spoke about us. It was on writing your moon. Yes. It was all over the place. Counseling. I show people videos that are depressed. Wow. Then I’ll start crying. That’s crazy. And No, no you to believe it or not, my brothers are making some income off that he died. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I saw driving Mercedes crazy. It’s true. [inaudible] say, man, you look really good in black. Wow. You look good. Yeah. Well you know what the thing is is we are so influenced by what we watch and just us talking about that video reality is I really, really have been blessed by that video tremendously. Think about it. I get joy and I laugh

and it’s been exciting. And the same is true of the people that we surround ourselves with. And if we, you surround yourself with chickens that are just scratching the bottom and just looking down, just trying to get bugs and corn and whatever, whatever, they’re being trapped, whatever cage they’re in, then you’re going to live there in the dirt with the bugs. Wow. But if you’re made by God to be an eagle, to soar like wings of eagles, like the Bible, then you have to start looking up. And when you look up, you may need to leave some of those relationships behind scope because your next season of life isn’t supposed to have them in it. Shawn, all relationships have a season now. Something has a season of life. Others are seasons in life. And if we don’t distinguish through the gift of discernment, through Wisdom, through late reading the cues and the signs of where God’s calling us and what these people around us are saying and doing, then we’re going to get stuck in the past when God has a future.

Right? Wow, that’s so, so, so good, bro. I’ve thought about it. We, you said, are we going to be at the chickens? Are we going to build the eagles? Yeah. Many of us are vocalized in our dirt rather than vocalize the speaking in our dreams. Ah, say that again. That’s good. So any of us right now, our vocalizing our dirt instead of speaking and vocalizing our dreams, this is where guys were content become so important because what’s in you will come out of you and you can’t give what you don’t have. So make sure that you are being around surrounding yourself around people that can uplift you, build you up into the man of God. You’re called to be our woman of God. You’re called to be speaking and walk with him and you know, I think that’s so good. I’m going to take your analogy and kind of build on it because I think it’s good.

So if you’re in the dirt and you’re just thinking dirt, you’re, you’re, you’re getting your food out of the dirt. Wow. Nutrients out of there. Well, you’re going to have a body full of dirt. You’re going to be dirty. What? You think you’re going to have dirt in your eyes and it’s going to cloud the filter through which you see the world. Wow. Think about this. I don’t want to be around people that are full of dirt. Now I will help you get clean, meditate on the word. I’ll help you with practical counseling strategies, but I’m not going to lay in the dirt with you. He’d stay there. I will go help you out of the dirt like Jesus did. And you know, I was even talking to my daughter the other day, he wrote in and he wrote in the dirt, but he didn’t get, he got down and he’s stupid.

He even took dirt up, spit in it and made some mud later. He’ll somebody that’s right. He didn’t. And I think we so often times allow what people throw on us to become our identity. Ah. We still oftentimes allow the bad circumstances that we’ve experienced the adversities to corrode our mind. Wow. You start speaking it into our future self. Woo. He said, we sold the seeds of dirt, the seeds of destruction, the seeds of doubt, the seeds of failure into our future. And then it’s no wonder, because this principle of sowing and reaping, whether you are Christian or you’re not, that principle of sowing, reaping is real. Wow. And we reap that harvest of what we’ve sown in this season. We reaped that harvest next. Wow. And I was talking to my daughter about this and I said, babe, I know this is a hard season.

I know you have a lot going on with drama, with not drama. She’s drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, praise God. You got a great son out and [inaudible] young. But uh, I think it’s the drum of acting and being and just a lot of pressure on us. It’s only 12 years old, bro. And I can’t imagine being in that situation. So we’re talking about, hey, I know that these people around you that are doing this, but they’re the chickens pecking in the dirt. You are called by God to be an eagle. Show an example of Christ. Wow. No matter who you’re around to be loving to be kind. And if they’re wanting to watch these silly shows on beef, they want to talk about chairs that don’t honor God. Well then that’s their choice. But you have a calling to rise above, no matter who you’re around, they peck at you and no matter how much, and they will just sell your tickets. That’s what they do. That’s what they do. They pick kip, fall to chicken for be it for pecking. Don’t be surprised that chickens peck

is this Robuchon you and I want your thoughts on this is this, why will you see chickens, chickens, they roll, they flock together are, you know, they’re together.

They are, they run around. But the eagle sores alone, they do.

And it’s, it’s a tough thing to, you know, to change your attitude, your altitude, you know, when the world is doing something completely different, you know, two birds of a feather flock together. You know what I’m saying? So it’s important that we separate our selves and if we want to get to where we’re called to be, we have to do something we never done.

And many dreams die here for lack of support, support from friends, support from family. Yeah. Work from yourself in speaking the places that you want to be instead of the places that you’ve been great to go. And it really changes the flow of how you think, how you live your life and how you accomplish what God’s placed in your heart as a vision and a dream. And so I think it’s really valuable to remember that the devil will try to steal. And he will use anyone available to listen. So I’ll use your family. You’ll use your friends. You know, I think some of the things my friends are people that I thought were my friends at the time have said or absolutely devastating, absolutely devastating, but I think the things that God calls us to live in are absolutely liberating. Oh,

that’s good. Hold on. Say that one more time. Y’all run out. That was so much. You got to say a twice.

So I think so off the times. The places and people that we’ve been with have been devastating if we stay there, but the places and people that Gal wants to bring us into are liberating. Wow. Hey Man,

a man, a man is his why. The disciples were getting into discipline a little bit. Is this why the disciples submitted themselves to one that was more successful than them?

Amen. That they did and they didn’t even know where they were going to eat that night. They didn’t know, hey, let’s get in a boat. Hey, let’s get out of the boat. Hey, we’ve got 5,000 people. Let’s go somewhere else. Right in the middle of all of these people, hey, let’s take all these people to a remote part where there’s no food and nothing to drink, or let’s just figure it out. They lived a life of faith and Jesus surrounded himself with people that wanted to be like him. Judas was the, was the difference and he made a different choice, but I think somewhere along the way, Judas had choices to make if he’s going to follow God, and I think there was a tension the entire time. Wow. Regrettably, he made the choice he did and ran away from God, but at the whole time there was that tension, but even Jesus surrounded himself, the inner circle, Peter, James, and John were even more committed than the rest, and so that’s who Jesus had in the inner circle with among the 12th wow,

that’s really good. Guys. If you’re listening on this, remember, faith leaves what’s familiar and follows

in faith.

What’s the best? Come on now, Jesus. I tried to get another F in there, but Sean, a think about this like, isn’t that crazy to you? Just how amazing Jesus is. How amazing God is. How he knew Judas was going to turn on him, but yet he still allowed him to be in the circle because it was working out God’s purpose. You know, that blows my mind. He, when they were his

meal choice the whole time, the whole time [inaudible] came in evil, wicked the entire, like we do a lot of debate on this. Yeah. I think there is a tension that Judas at any time could have chosen Christ. And I think there’s moments he probably did did, but I think when he made the ultimate choice, yeah, he chose wrongly. So was that fear will quick, was that fear Dado some people would say that you just made the choice based upon trying to force God’s hand force to take over the airport. Yeah, but I’m not sure. I think it was built. I think he was greedy and I think he was fearful and so he wanted to hedge his bets and make sure that if this Jesus thing didn’t work out, that he had some resources available, but you cannot betray the son of God without eternal consequences.

Ah, I will tell you. Say that again by, no, we’ve got to get on a little too. So think about this. Another element that has really caused people to struggle is failure. Fear of failure, not the fear of failure, but they failed. One time. God failed one time. They’ve failed two times or three times. Listen, you go for anything great with God. You will experience failure. It doesn’t matter. Look, if God look, God called Moses to lead the Israelites out. Which of those times you think when he went to Pharaoh and Pharaoh said, no. Do you think he felt like a failure? Every single one? True. Except for the time when he actually was walking with the children of Israel out and he, I mean, I can imagine their lives were hard, but when Moses got involved, they went to the next level. Wow, give you strong.

Now you’ve got to go get your own Straw and we’re going to up it. Any of the same amount of quota every single day. Wow. Moses coming in thinking he’s going to save the people and they want to take him out to dad’s crazy. It’s like they realize and accept that that failure is part of the process. Yeah. Yeah. Then we’re going to be stunted and we’re likely going to quit when it becomes difficult, challenging, and we even have losses and failures. You know, even us doing this Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, it’s why I have nice equipment is the four or five years ago, there’s a guy that said, you’ve got to do podcasts. You got to do podcasts, and I tried to do it with my wife. It was just the wrong season. God, we really made a great effort, spent a lot of money, and it just didn’t work out. Wow.

For spout five, four or five years, we have this Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast equipment worth all this money sitting in a box in my garage. Whoa. Until you come over a Solomon shot to get somebody excited about podcasting and inspired me, which goes back to our last point of feeling like you need to surround yourself with those that support while God’s called you to move. That’s so good. Think about it. If I would have just sold the podcast equipment, which I was told to do, and I’ve had people come by and want to buy and borrow it. Yeah. Then I would have not had it for this time and this season. That failure. Yeah. Formed my decisions moving forward. That failure at the moment, which felt like a failure. I actually did what a lot of a lot of people starting out that don’t pursue their dreams, they don’t do, and that’s learn from a lesson that I had learn. I just had the wrong guy around me in that season of life. He believed in taking my money, but he didn’t believe in me.

Wow. And that’s the way it fell. He never said that, but do you believe it too? But he didn’t believe in me. Wow. Sign this big, you know, just, he was irritable when we did the Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast. He was a loud talker. Yeah. Just was not working out. Well, I have the opposite. Yeah. Four or five years later with you have somebody that feels like my brother and from another mother, but the same. Yeah. And we just play off each other and it’s synergistic. It’s the organic work of God and the right season. Wow. Changes lives. That’s a beautiful word, Sean. And how many of you out there right now can point out, you know, someone in your life that you will call a champion in your life. Someone who stretches you, who builds you up, who encourages you, edifies you in equipped you to be the man or woman of God he’s calling you to be. That’s phenomenal. And you know, what are the elements that we need to really focus on is making sure that our identity remains rooted and established in the foundation of who God says we are. His love. Right? That’s right. Because oftentimes when you’re pursuing a new adventure with God there, you’ll be tempted to define yourself by the failures that you experienced, the setbacks that you have along the way. Come on. So That’s looking at his faithfulness too. That’s exactly right. His faithfulness.

And one of the things, failure is inevitable. Success is a choice. Mm. So failure is inevitable, but success is the choice. Everybody, whether you try or not, you will experience failure in your life. Wow. But those that are diligent, persistent, and persevere, the Bible say long suffering. Those are the ones that will experience the success and the blessings of God. Because Joshua had to go in and take the land. He had to take the land. He didn’t come in, you know, they had a walk around the wall for that. Come on Phil. So think about it in terms of your life. What areas are you allowing yourself to be defined by your past failures, by your future fears or God’s saying, listen, tune in to who I say you are. Start living acting instead of throwing the dirt in your future. Throw the seeds of greatness that I’ve instilled within you into your future. Pray out of. Yeah. And then bring in, attract those people that are singing the same song that God is sitting in your life of. Hallelujah. Praising and glorifying him through going for it together.

Wow, that’s really good, Sean. Love it. Love Yellow. And this reminded me when you were talking about, I want to say you were talking about Joshua, I want to real quick look at our buddy Joseph. Was it Joseph? Yes. From the pit. From the prison to the prison to the promise. The promise, the pit. He had his family turn on him, but he stayed disciplined. He did. He stayed devoted to God. He stayed faithful and he knew God’s faithfulness and he were, it was able to route the promise and bless his family that heard, man, that’s exactly what God wants us to do.

Amen. And you know, the last one I want to go over is the dreams die for lack of discipline. Wow. You know, that goes back to the vision. It says, without a vision, my people perish. Another version says, without a vision, my people cast off restraint without you think about if we lack discipline, then we’re not going to do the element. We’re not going to include in our daily schedule that which will create success. Now, when you were working at a hospital,

yeah, nine bucks an hour, pushing people around two years, two, three years ago. Yeah. I first met you at a Les Brown seminar. Yeah, I remember that brother’s funny. You’re pushing people around. What did you pursue your dreams? So business hours or after hours? I actually saw my dream was, it was playing itself out while I was in business hours, but outside I had to live with all his free ching. I was riding on the outside of the business hours, you know, devoted to, you know, groin in learning more about God. And then during the day was the application as I would write about these things like joy and peace and all these amazing things, I was actually able to practice those things. Patients, self control, long suffering, suffering from long, you know, learning that stuff. You’re right. I actually had to practice it in my day job. So God helped me to apply it and see it in real scenarios. As I walked through life. You had the discipline. Yeah. Job. You had making money while you allowed God to build the dream. Yeah. He called you into, he worked me out my job. He did literally. And he worked you out. And so thinking about this,

you also write books. Do you have a schedule for writing books? Yep. Time that you say no phone time. This is old. This is level gear five. I’m going for it

bro. It goes from airplane mode to prayer mode to purpose just and I turn off everything, shut it off and I get after it and I do have a schedule. Yes, you have to have a schedule discipline. So

part of the discipline of succeeding in your dreams as having a schedule when you’re going to work on your dreams. Like for me it’s, I have, every day is different. Monday I get up, I get up every day at four, mostly 4:00 AM and then from four to five has god time. Except for Sunday it’s like four to four to six 30 sometimes seven in the morning. My phone, whenever my family gets up, it’s whatever time I get up till they get up. It could be seven 30 depending on the night. Ah God. Time to Sunday’s my day, right. Damoth God most, but then five to six or five to seven 30 or eight on Mondays is when I work on the business, work on the dreams, create content, or it’s where I really dream with God and allowing to distill on me or execute through the pencil tip type, what he’s sharing with my heart. God accomplished future goals that is not related to seeing patients as much as communicating his messages just like this. Wow. But it’s scheduled in there and then Fridays I took a day off of work, which cost me tens of thousands every because I’m not making money at all on Fridays. And so I said, you know, it’s worth the cost of how much I’m losing in the present to trust that God’s going to provide for the future.

That’s, you know what, Shawn? Ms really similar, but I schedule it. It’s in my schedule. It’s in my schedule. Chick-Filet does the same thing. They do the same thing. That’s why I believe God’s blessing, their business, like every time I got on the line is way outside the ALSAMP fast food. That’s still that business. Even in the new one, they have to take a step in faith. Same with hobby lobby, right? That’s exactly right. [inaudible] and shut down. They honor God on Sundays and God has been blessing all those businesses and then their employees have a day off, guaranteed, guaranteed some and some businesses you don’t get a day off. Like for me, there were seasons riding and get a day off, I believe in the sabbath,

but I didn’t get a day off seasons because of what was going on. And now our normal thrive is we do have a day off. Sunday’s our day that we don’t work at all. Um, we just, well, I like to read, I like to study, I like to pray to grow out of my family. So that’s really my heart on Sundays is to do that and

to read, have lots of fun for two. Love it. It, here’s the thing, God, if he hit the snooze button for a day, what makes us think we don’t got to, you know, and I think, yeah, that’s one of the most exciting things is just knowing that God literally displayed, ever demonstrate it. And expressed everything we should do to live healthy and full lives.

God, he took seven days to make the world the rest of the sixth. We have to have completion dates of when we want to execute on our dreams and goals. Now, we don’t have to say by this day, I mean you can, it’s good to have goals and dates, but we need to have dates within dates, so if your goal is to be a public speaker, if your goal is to start a construction business, if your goal is to be a stay at home mom, but you have a job, then you need to have goals of how much money you need to save by what date, but then how much money you need to save the next time and then what you need to start preparing to downsize or whatever those situations are. That’s going to factor into your goals. Put dates just like we have a date. What’s our date for

podcasts? Saturday morning, 6:00 AM 6:00 AM it’s on record guys. 6:00 AM six 39 six 21 yeah,

but have a date and God will give you the resources to hit the goals that he’s called you into when you’re faithful in the daily routines. He just will. Now, we’ve talked a lot about how dreams die. Okay. I think one of our next Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcast, if not the next podcast, we should jump into pro how to keep dreams alive or how to create a dream or how to step into your dreams. Something really cool like that because we’ve discovered where or we get taken out. Now, let’s see. Let’s share how we get taken up, bro. That rhymed huddle. Say that one more time. We’ve shared how we get taken out. Now let’s discuss how we can take, take woo. Y’All. Stay tuned to the great. Come on now. Now look, there’s those of you listening that say, you know, this is Great Sean and Rashawn, but I need more help.

Great News. We have a team of counselors that marry biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques that want to join you and your story today. They don’t just sit on the couch and listen. They actually jump into your story with you. Wow. Just like Christ. And they help you navigate these waters because they are trained as counselors, but they also live as Christ followers. Wow. Come on. Oh, that was good. And if you like that, you can go to Nivision counseling that live. That’s New Vision Counseling Dot l I v E. And you can contact us through phone or email and cell and we’ll get back to you. Awesome. Yeah. You know where you can find me? Just so Facebook. So [inaudible] no, no. Are you kid? Go tune over Fox News to the scriptures to the is Christian and premarital counseling in Edmond podcasts. That’s another one of our podcasts where we partner with in. It’s going to be exciting stuff to come. We’re excited to see. We are really excited to hear from me. Real talk. Real luck, you guys. God bless. And remember you create a great life, one decision at a time. God bless.