Hey everyone, welcome. We’re so glad you could join us today on the Christian counseling OKC show. We have somebody new with this. What’s your name, sir? I’m Daniel Eberts. Daniel Edwards. What’s up Daniel? Welcome. Daniel. Daniel is our latest addition to the news and counseling team. He brings him three weeks of really intense experience, health and couples. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. How long have you been counseling Daniel? I’m going to counseling for five years. Fully licensed five years this week. So, so you’ve been in counseling as a, as a patient, but how long have you actually done counseling? Um, seven years. Seven years. Okay, good. So guys, we just wanted to welcome him, give a big shout out. Eventually he will do one of these Facebook lives, but today Caleb can leave as we like to call them. Some parts of the world has something very exciting to share about your thoughts. Isn’t it? Something about gaining freedom in your thoughts. Can they?

Yup, that’s exactly right. So our theme has been freedom for this month because it is July. And so what we’re doing is, uh, the title of this one is what it takes to gain freedom in your thoughts. And really we’re going to concentrating on fighting pervasive thoughts in our Christian counseling OKC sessions. I mean, I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve seen so many people, including myself, a struggle with pervasive thoughts. Is that right Daniel? Yes sir. All right, so pervasive thoughts. What is that right now? He hasn’t right now. [inaudible] am I going to say something like going to call on me? What’s going on? What’s up with Sean? How are you doing? All right, good stuff. So we want to fight pervasive thoughts and how we can do that as identifying the pervasive thoughts. Something that comes into your mind that maybe you haven’t been thinking about and maybe it just pops up.

Maybe it just comes out of nowhere. And these can be pervasive thoughts. It feels like it just dropped into your mind. If you’ve ever experienced that, you may be actually dealing with pervasive thoughts. Um, there’s a couple of ways we can take care of this. And my wife and I do this quite a bit at home. We actually partner up to help. Please. Is it [inaudible]? No, not pull out whatever you you, if we came over you intended Daniel’s doing blogs before we just started. I, okay. All right. I’m just stretching out, right? That’s right. It’s jetsam it out. So here’s some things. Here’s some ways that we can fight the pervasive language and that is really, um, if you have a thought that comes into your thought process, maybe a, you’re thinking about something that is embarrassing. Why in the world did that come into my mind?

I should not be thinking that. Or maybe you feel like I’m ashamed that a thought comes in. Speak it out loud. Even if it feels ashamed, speak it out loud to somebody that you can trust saying, you know what, this is just a thought that came into my mind. You don’t have to own the thought saying, this is how I think. But maybe you can say, this is a thought that came into my mind and just sharing it out loud. See if it’s actually real or not. You might do this alone. First, you know, this thought came into my mind, is it actually a good, is this something that I usually think of that process right there?

So wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. So you’re telling me that I can actually, yeah.

Determine and be a judge of what I think. Absolutely. That’s not very politically correct, even for someone in Christian counseling OKC. Cause I felt we’re supposed to accept everyone and every thought that comes in our mind, our we not every thought that comes in your mind as your own. What? Yeah. How does that work? So you’re telling me that there are thoughts that come in my mind that are not from me, or were they from the atmosphere, from the universe were oftentimes thoughts that come into your mind can be from your past. It can be from your upbringing, it can be from maybe critical comments that we’re meeting made about you. Sometimes it can be even more than that. And in a faith perspective like ours, we’re talking about maybe spiritual warfare where Satan gives us an offer to think about something. That doesn’t mean that we’re actually taking a thought in and wanting to use it. Maybe we take your captive and make it obedient to Christ. Make it obedience. Correct. Oh, how did you know that scripture says in the Bible man, and I don’t use it every single day. Do I? Ah, what’s up Lisa? How are you doing, Lisa? How do you pronounce your last name? Kayla Mascom. I have no idea.

That’s Adam. Oh, Rhonda. Oh, you’re going to go with that? No. Yeah, it’s easy putting them together. Yeah.

All right, cool. So if you have thoughts that come into your mind, you speak them out loud, see if they are accurate or not. They may not actually be something that you would normally think of and you can determine where that thoughts coming from. So if it’s intrusive, like it keeps coming back over and over and over, what do you do when thoughts pop up? What do you tell people who are getting Christian counseling OKC? Get rid of that. And especially if they’re negative. You know what I find generally these thoughts have popped up negative over and over and over. I’m sorry. The thoughts that pop up generally are negative, especially as if it’s over and over and over. These intrusive thoughts. You can take them by thinking of the thought and saying that is not what I believe. You can actually speak out loud and this will help change that thought process, that neuro, that neuro pathway in your brain just by speaking a lot of no, that is not my thought. And then changing your thought to intentionally think of something that is good, beneficial, helpful, lovely, pure. Are there other,

that’s it. I buck out about anything excellent or praiseworthy. Think on these things. Daniel, give us an example of what Caleb’s talking about cause the people, hey guys, let us know where you’re from. Yeah, I love hearing and thanks for saying hi and smileys can you give us an example of how to apply it to life? So, um, in English and English. Okay. So the argument that I have with my wife two weeks ago where he had argument. Yeah. And what, I’m a counselor, we don’t, I don’t have arguments. I’m a counselor, I’m a marriage counselor, I have kids, we have disagreements. All the time. It’s human nature. Right? Um, but her along the whole way up here today, I was thinking back on and the fire came in just, just kind of poking at me like your, your relationship, uh, you continue down this path.

You could be destroyed. You could be doomed. It’s over. I mean, there’s different things that can come out and that’s really encouraging words. Tony. Good Buddy. Woo Shit. In that moment though, um, you just ask for me, I just tell myself that’s already been covered by the grace of God. Oh my God. I just say no, I don’t have to listen to that. That’s not for me. Um, if it still sticks around, I can always say pray that the blood of Christ is already covered. It, I mean, I, I can pray through it. Um, but sometimes I like to try to dig into it a little bit and find out what is trying, what, what the purpose behind it is. So if I can understand that it’s a spiritual attack, um, and um, dig into why I’m being under attack spiritually in that area. So obviously, um, in my marriage and my relationship, um, the devil doesn’t want us to succeed because that’s another, that’s another reason it’s harder. It makes it bad. So, um, so let me rephrase what you’re saying. So what I hear you saying is you’re on your way to work doom and gloom. It’s gonna Crash. My marriage of 102 years is going to come to a close and it’s going to be miserable.

So wait a minute, Caleb said in that Facebook video, I don’t have to do this and I can stand up and I can be a man and I could own that. I’m a counselor with Christian counseling OKC. The blood of Christ covers me and my mind. Now. Is that right? Yes sir. So what I would add to it is I would say you also can use your body like I’m using right now and declare that’s right. You’re eve. If you were here, I’ll tell you to stand terrified. Show you how to really engage and position yourself that you are not going to be taken out, that you are going to do spiritual violence. Anytime the devil or a negative thought, six to take you out, you’re going to use this sword of spirit. Spirits is the word of God or the truth of God. You know all the truth that I say doesn’t always have to be a scriptural reference.

It doesn’t. I can say I’m loved by God. That’s not necessarily a scripture. It’s Sean two five probably, but I could say that he doesn’t add books. Yeah, I’m valued. I’m accepted, I’m cared for, I’m cherished. All of these things are trues that are inherently within the heart of God, so it’s the truth and the biblical principles sort of spirit. You have your shield of faith, which is the certainty that God’s word and his truth about you is greater and your thoughts, your past or your experiences today. Guys, look at him. Go. He’s excited today. He is preaching.

Woo. Here’s what we’re looking at is if you know that this thought is not a valid thought, if you know that it’s intrusive, any, if you know that it maybe not, um, maybe it comes from somewhere else outside of you. You can really fight, fight the thoughts that come in and get rid of pervasive thoughts. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take hard work. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. We do it. We, I still have this attack on, I’m learning to grow more all the time and how to think more purely like Christ. So, uh, if you are, you know, I wanted to touch base with what Daniel said. It came into his thought as you aren’t gonna make it, you, this, you, that, you that if you’re hearing that in your own thought process, that’s probably a good indication that it may not necessarily be your own thoughts. And how often times, how often are you hearing thoughts of you are loved, you are cherished. I can see you, I’m with you.

If you’re not hearing those thoughts, there’s a way we can get there by being still before God, by listening, by knowing his word, reading his word continually by thinking about good things that Olympians, what was it for eight chapter or chapter four verse eight and checking out Christian counseling OKC. So keep this in mind when you’re dealing with pervasive thoughts, you do have hope. You are strong. It’s not something for you to just go, God, please help. Please help. No. Get up and fight. Fight by using his word, speaking the truth over your life, your family’s life, your children’s life. And all right guys.

That’s great. What’s up Ester? Lisa Barbie Kavitha same thing guys, thanks so much for joining us. Hey, it is still hard to kick out thoughts, but over time you’ll get stronger and it will become more and more of the way that you live your life. It’ll be courageously mechanations of how you fight the fight. There’s that song. This is how I fight my battles. Yes. Praise, right? Yeah. David, would you mind singing that song? All right guys, kidding. Goodness. Can I wanna put Daniel on the spot? Two months. First time out. But guys, thank you so much for joining us. If you like this video, go to our Facebook page or it’s new. As in counseling OKC, our Instagram page is the same handle division, counseling, OKC, and if you need more than videos and you want life change and go to our website, New Vision counseling.live.

That’s news and counseling dot. L. I. V. E. And we have videos. We have encouragement, we have ways to contact us. If you live around here, you can get counseling if you live in the state of Oklahoma or Texas, or if you want consulting and business or some issues, and we can do that all around the world, but we want to serve you. So take advantage of these opportunities because that neighbors and Christian counseling OKC, the married biblical principles with cutting edge counts or techniques to join you in your story today. God bless you. We’ll see you next Tuesday, 1230 ish. God bless.