Hi, I’m Shawn Maguire. Welcome to the New Vision counseling.live podcast, episode number 25 today we’re going to jump right in to talk to you about the three questions to overcome depression and build self esteem. You say, Sean, how in the world can we overcome depression? In three questions and three questions. I’ve had depression my entire life. Now I will say that for some of you listening, you may have severe depression and these three questions, they’re not going to be enough. You need to reach out to us or your local Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City place, wherever you’re listening to this at, or maybe your pastor or a friend as a next first step after this podcast. But for the rest of you listening that maybe have sadness and low self esteem and you want to build it up, these are a great start. These are a great start. There’s nothing that will ever given a podcast that is a complete loop.

The Bible’s clear that we’d go from glory to glory and in life we learn each next step of how it can become our best selves in that season, in that moment. And so that’s what all of these podcasts are designed to do. So these three Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City questions are designed to exactly that. You know, what I’ve discovered in my own life is that my morning routines, rituals, habits, whatever word you want to use to describe it in admin where I live in Oklahoma City, where I work, because then sometimes both, they’re huge, they’re huge. You know, for a while I struggled with really high insecurity, which created at times really low self esteem and I was not diligent. I didn’t even know that I needed to be diligent in the morning rituals and morning routines. You know, oftentimes I did spend time with God in the morning and at night.

At night was really hard because you know the day gets away from you, you get tired. I might just read one scripture verse, but I’ve discovered looking back over my life, the morning has been the most effective part of my day. Now these three questions I’m giving you may seem to contradict that, but it doesn’t. These are questions to ask yourself at night. Now the last two podcasts, 23 and 24 if you haven’t listened to him, please go back and listen to them. They’re really helpful. There’s seven questions that defeat low self esteem and also they would help you overcome depression as well, but their morning questions, their morning questions, or throughout the day questions. These questions are to close the loop. So you start the day with some questions. You end the day with questions and you say, Sean, why questions? Why not statements? Well, they both have their place, but what questions do that statements don’t is it stimulates your mental neurology the way that you think in a very different way it enough.

It’s like inviting somebody to be, to play a sport instead of letting them sit on the sidelines. It’s inviting somebody if you’re at church or watching a movie to come be part of the sermon or to go on the movie, become part of the actors. Because when you ask a question, something is required of you and a question that is not required of you when you’re just sitting listening. So asking your question helps you to actually go deeper in the process of change. I know this in Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City people say, well, how do you knock counsel your friends? Well, I said with my friends and very directive, I’m very directive. I will tell them what I think. But in counseling I can be directive. If you don’t believe that, you could ask anybody I’ve ever seen, but I like to lead people, lead the people that I serve to the discovery of what their answer is.

So I may see the answer over here or may see dots that you need to connect. So instead of just telling them, hey, by the way, because when you were five years old, your dad told you that you were a loser, you weren’t worth it. Well, that’s why you keep dating losers that tell you that you’re not worth it because you’re trying to repair a relationship back here from your childhood. I won’t tell them that. What I’ll do is I’ll take them through a series of questions or through imagery in their mind of experiencing it, and then I’ll throw out something over here of what’s happening today in their life and I’ll just let them get that connection. And when that thing happens in their own mind, it’s like the fireworks of transformation begins to occur and it lights up their life with change. So today that’s what I’m hoping we’re going to start is helping you with these questions, asking them at night.

Now here’s the deal. I want you to make these a part of the rhythm of your life. I, I, you know, I believe in coaching. I believe in seeing other practitioners. So I was seeing this lady who’s a natural path and does some of this body work and she was asking me these questions. He started giving me all these assignments and I just, I just asked her, I said, ma’am, I said, I just need to be clear. I said, whatever you tell me, I’m going to take this. I’m going to prayerfully consider it and sit down with my schedule and evaluated. Over a few days to see how what you’re telling me fits in the rhythm of my life because I can’t go to this class and that class and this class and that class at this season, I don’t have the time margin, northern mental capacity.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna see, I’m gonna rank what you’re giving me an in a hierarchy of how I can in and vet, you know, integrate it into my schedule and what is most helpful to me. And that’s what I can, that’s what I can do. So what I’m teaching you these things, that’s also what I expect you to do. I don’t expect you to do everything to the level that I say. I do expect you to somehow sit down and ask yourself, how can I incorporate these questions they ever for you? It’s not writing them down. If you, it’s one minute to three minutes in the mirror every single night you say, are you crazy? It look, maybe you need to get a mirror by your bed. You say, I can’t look in the mirror. Okay, that’s part of the issue.

If you cannot look in the mirror, then maybe your next step is saying these out loud and thinking about yourself. Looking in the mirror. That’s a technique that I often use when I forget to get up and do the mirror time. I will sit in my bed, close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in front of the mirror looking at myself saying these questions and answering them in my eyes, looking at myself. Interesting enough, imagination are if we do it well and we can practice that. We don’t know the difference. That’s why you get anxious about things that have never happened. You’re just imagining them in the future. Whether it’s a conversation, whether it’s financial pitfall, whether it’s something that could happen at work. You get anxious about the future is just your ability to imagine a scenario, then experience the cost of it going south.

This is doing that in a positive way. So first question is, what have I given today? What have I given today? And in what ways have I given a day? So if you’ve given today, okay, that’s great. What in what ways have you given today? So today part of my gift is my son’s birthday party. I knew at the end of it, a lot of our day is comprised with celebrating him, helping him to feel valued and special without crossing the line to entitled and demanding. I know if your parents, you guys know this line is very thin. We have to be very intentional. So one of the elements we incorporate is giving him the gift of serving. So we’re going to have an expectation that our son serves the people that come over that he’s not going to be me, me, me. Cause that’s just, that just breeds sickness and his mind and it makes them miserable and demanding.

Nobody likes that. Second question is, what did I learn today? What did I learn today? Now I’ve just woken up. I just learned that on my voice memos I can recover something that had been deleted. If I go all the way down to the bottom, I can recover something, a voice memo that has been deleted. Hello? What a blessing because presently and my buddy Rashawn Copeland is borrowing my podcasts or commit and he loves it. He’s having a big time with it. So I’m recording this via a Bose plug in speaker and cause the bows or whatever it is, and it’s, I’m learning. I just learned that I can recover something. So it’s great because I recovered a podcast that I thought was missed, gone, deleted. I was going to have to redo yesterday. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. So thinking about areas that you’ve learned at it, and you should have something on this every single day.

Part of what I do to guarantee that is before I ever leave my house, I get up at 4:00 AM four to five is quiet time with God, reading, praying, writing in journals, whatever I do. A five to six is, this is just three days a week. Then I have everyday is a little bit different. Uh, five to six is work on the business, not in the business. So I do things that I can globally bless people’s lives, like a podcast or something like that. So think about you every day. What can you learn, um, in what ways did that learning benefit or bless you or others? It just helps to rewire in the value of learning. The the last question number three is how has today added to the quality of my life and how can I use today as an investment and you create the future for the people I love and myself that I want to be a part of?

So this is a very interesting question. How is today added the quality of my life? I’m sure today, since this is the morning that I’m recording this, it will be something to do with my son and his friendships. Something to do with how we’ve developed closer, deeper relationships and served our kids. I know I’ll get time with my daughter alone or with my wife and my daughter, which is always special. We can focus on one child at a time. Guys, I hope this was amazingly helpful. I hope you begin by implementing what I’ve given you. Going over the three questions again, what have I given today? What did I learn today and how has today added to the quality of my life and the questions I asked after that. Remember our mission at New Vision Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City is to help you discover what better looks like for you and equip you with the tools and resources to create it and no matter where you’re at in life, if you need more help than a podcast, please go to our website.

Nuvision counseling.live reach out to us. Contact is today. We have a team of Christian counselors that Mary Biblical principles with cutting edge Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City techniques to join you and your story wherever you may be at today, and move the needle towards a better looks like for you. Also, if there’s somebody you know, share this with them, share this because what that does, it helps us grow our platform to change more people’s lives and something else that we’re doing is asking you as a favor to just go to news and counseling that live. If we’ve blessed you, benefited you in any way through this podcast or through counseling or consulting in any way, please just give us a review. Those five star reviews objectively give people an understanding that Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City change is possible. When you add people information that is positive and encouraging to your life, your life can become different in the process. And remember, you do not have to wait on today to become great by your choices you can make today. Great. And then get to live in the blessings of that choice. Have a great day until we talk again. I’ll see you really soon.