Hi everyone. I’m Sean McGuire and I wanna welcome you to the New Vision counseling, Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City, that live podcast today. I’m going to start with a story telling you how to get in the game, really get off the bench and get in the game is a big deal in life because so oftentimes the devil sidelines as to distraction through so much stress and overwhelm and pressure that we live under with their pressure to perform as you know, in our jobs and make money with the stress of having kids, their activities, their schedules, their emotions, demands, and then really making all this work together and not losing our minds in the process. We can get taken out of the game very easily. What’s the game? Well, the game is the walk of faith. The game is this battlefield of life, that there was a spiritual tension between God and Satan, good and evil, and whether we like it or not, we’re born in the middle.

So I want to tell a story today that really encapsulates, and I feel like you will find yourself at some point in this story as one of the characters. Now you’ll have to determine who you are and which one. And then we’ll ask some questions at the end. But just sit back and listen as I narrate if something that happened to me. The end of last year I was staying at a friend’s Lake House and this place called Carlton landing, which is a throwback from the 50s of a beach town by a lake in Oklahoma, which sounds so contrary to logic and reasoning. It is. I live in Oklahoma City and Edmond, uh, W I live in Edmond and my officers are in Oklahoma City and as soon to be Edmond and we’re down there and let you follow at this Carlton landing place at this water parks slash golf place with little cabins.

And it’s really unique. I don’t know how else to say that. The people, they’re unique and it’s these inflatables, like these inflatable obstacle courses all on the lake in the water, some of its shell, most of it’s pretty deep over your head that you can’t touch so you don’t break your neck I guess. So we’re having fun and we’re joking around and going back and forth. And just to know the kinds of people that were there were walking up. As a Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselor I’ve got board shorts on, probably an under Armour shirt or something like that and my kids are dressed, however kids are dressed and the people that are coming behind us, the guys in, uh, some kind of a base hit with cowboy boots and a hat and that’s kind of the demographic. We were kind of the odd ones out here. So we were just enjoying the sights, scenery and the people that we were around, they were real friendly and having fun.

We wrestled on that. You know, you had took energy to get up on the tubes and all these different apparatuses. You should look it up. It’s called the whippet Wib, B. E. T. I don’t know how to describe it any better than it was like a jungle gym with slides and places to climb and places to like hold on and you know, crawl through and slot. It was just wild. It was fun. So we’re having a great time where there were some friends, uh, they’ve got three kids and we’ve have a few as well. And we’re having a great time wrestling and running around this and then it goes silent. It’s crazy. It’s in the middle of the day. It’s silent. And I look around and there’s this guy floating in the water, a big guy. So I, you know, I have, I’ve had knee surgeries if it’s seven knee surgeries, reconstruction from college and high school sports and things that I’ve done through my life.

I’ve had back injuries to car wrecks and neck and all these things, but I see this guy’s life in danger. And so these are unstable wrath. They’re not stable at all. They’re slippery. But I just lose the sight of all of that because somebody looks like they’re drowning and I feel compelled to save them. So I run as fast as I can and I run this other guy I didn’t even see because I was focused on this, this person way over there in the water is far away and I’m running this guy, he, we run into each other, he falls. I don’t judge me. I step over him and I keep running towards the sky and I, and this other guy who is not a Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City came from another angle jumping in the water and we’re swimming to get this guy right side up and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on.

He’s bigger than us and we can’t get him up, but we get them in a place where he can breathe and we finally get him up and there’s somebody kayaks around and it’s, it’s crazy and it’s wild and it’s chaos. And we get the guy up. He had a panic attack. Something happened to trigger a fear response, and that response was so severe that he was paralyzed in the water and literally could not move. And I think about so many of us in our lives, we’re in one of these locations, something’s happening in life. You’re sitting as one of the many bystanders quiet while somebody over here is drowning and you’re watching, you’re, you’re maybe wondering, should I do something? Well, somebody else will do something. And you know, the research bears out that you’re more likely to be saved if there’s just one other person.

Then if you’re around a group of people, because when you’re around a group they’re thinking, Hey, somebody else should do it, but when it’s just one person, even a Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City, the onus of responsibility is obviously on them to help you. So maybe you’re one of the people that are sitting down watching life happened to people and maybe it’s somebody you know. Maybe it’s somebody you don’t know. Maybe that’s your role in this story that I’m telling. Maybe you’re the guy that ran, but for whatever reason you fell and somebody else ran over you and you stay down and that was enough for you. You never really made it to, the guy was a lot bigger than me too. He would have been a great asset had he come and helped us to get this guy out of the water. You’ve been a great asset. He was. He was probably at least a hundred pounds more than more than me, and he was just stay down.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve tried to help him. You’ve tried to run your life and be a part of something significant of what God’s called you to or, or a career or relationship with your kids as a dad or a mom, but you feel ran over. You feel like you’ve just getting beat down. Or maybe you’re the other guy or me and you’re the one jumping in the water because you’ve lost sight of any of the limitations that were previously there because of the calling that God placed on you in that moment was so impactful that it triumphed over every fear and previous limitation that you’ve had in your life. And I’m saying for me personally, I’ve had seven knee surgeries, my spleen and my appendix out, tonsils out. I’ve had ankle scopes, I’ve had Jackson’s all in my neck and back in my arms from different sports and racks and things that have happened. But all of that went to the wayside. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’re right now in your life and you’re going forward all the way. And if you are, praise God, keep doing it. Five people to do it with us because you’ll go a lot further. And a lot longer when you do, or maybe you’re the person

who needs rescuing. Maybe you’re the one who’s feels like your face down, drowning in the life that you’re living right now, and you need to be rescued. You want help and you say, help me please somebody come and help me. And maybe you don’t know how much longer you can go and survive. Here’s the great news, no matter where you’re at in your story today,

which one of these, no matter which one of these characters that you identify with, whether you’re the person sitting by watching life happen to you and others, including your kids and your family, or whether you’re the one who fell down trying to do the right things, or the one who jumped in the water of the one that is paralyzed in fear and all that has happened to you cannot move and you are drowning in your very own life that you are trying to live. God knows, God knows as you sit here today, whether it’s the fear of failure, the unknown, not knowing the next step of why you may be paralyzed and stuck where you’re at today

and I want to encourage you by telling you you’re listening to this, for to this for a purpose because God created you on purpose too without a purpose to create his purpose in your life and the life of others. It’s not by chance that you are tuning in. It’s not by chance that if you’re reading the transcript, you’re reading this, it’s by divine intention that you are reading because he loves you and he’s calling you up right this very moment. What does he call calling? You have to, I don’t know, but I know that it Carlton landing, I was called up to step into a space that I had not previously intended to step into. I just was overcome and compelled by somebody dying and I feel like there’s those of you out here today. Maybe that’s exactly you who needs to hear this at. God is reaching out through this podcast, through this written communication to connect with you because he sees you and he wants you to move from where you’re at to where he’s calling you to go. So pause right now and see which or where God’s calling you to move

thinking about what he’s calling you into. Or maybe he’s calling you away from somebody or to somebody.

I would encourage you

to start today by walking or running or jumping or whatever the next best thing that you’re able and willing to do in spite of not having all the answers or a guarantee that you’ll succeed this time when maybe historically it’s been failure after failure, then it’s compounded and kept you down. First John Three eight set 18 says, dear children, let us not love with words or Tom, but in actions and in truth, and this is how we know what love is, that Jesus Christ laid his life down for you, for us. And we’re called to lay our lives down for others. So whether you’re the one who needs to rescue and you need to step into the story of your marriage and love your wife, or love your husband, or maybe you’re needing to lead your kids, or maybe it’s your friend that you need to talk to at work, maybe it’s you need to make a move and change careers because the one you’re in is toxic and second the very life out of you and you’re there because it pays the bills and it’s secure and it’s safe. Look, toxicity is not safe for anybody. We serve a god of love.

And when you step into this space, he’s calling you to just that very first step gives you momentum and then the next step you’re going a little faster. And, and, and it’s in faith that you’re taking these steps

because God’s calling you into the life he wants you to live. I believe you can do this through his strength. I believe that your past does not have to be your future and your present is a gift to make a choice to do something better right now. So for you, that can be taking a big step of confessing, something that can be taking a smaller step of reaching out to us@newsandcounseling.live and letting us join you and your story because we bring cutting edge Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City techniques and married to biblical principles to join you or you’re at, but we care too much and know too much. Let you stay there by yourself, a walk with you. Through this process of healing, we can be the people that jump into the water with you and help you navigate it, or maybe for you, you need to go talk to your spouse or your friend or your pastor, whatever the next step is, make them move today.

As soon as this podcast is over, you deserve God’s best and he’s waiting to give it to you. You, you only have to reach out. Take hold of it. You actions. How, I hope this was really helpful. I hope this story inspired you to see God really wants to write his story through your life. And I want to let you know it means a lot to me when you share this podcast. It means a lot to me when your rate and division Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City that live on Google reviews, because that gives us the opportunity to share his love and his transforming power to so many more people. Because you make a difference by who you talk to, what you bring. And I really value that. So I hope this helps. And until we talk or listen again, create an amazing day because no longer do you have to wait for the day to come to you. God gave the ability as a conqueror, more than a conqueror to create the days through your thoughts, your actions, and there’s your day. Talk to you really soon. And God bless.