Hi, this is Shawn Maguire. Welcome to the New Vision counseling.live Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City podcast. The place where we help you discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools and resources to create it. Well, last podcast I wouldn’t over four of the seven questions that will help you defeat low self esteem. I can just tell you my own life that asking these questions and these kinds of questions has really helped me to frame my day and my mind around where I want to go, what I want to think about and begin attracting into my life what I want, not what I don’t. You see the left John Checked, our minds will wander bill, me, Andrew, they’re like toddlers and they’ll go with whatever the shyness, darkest, scariest, whatever those things are that emotionally will grab your attention and the proximity of our life. So if you’re in a toxic work environment or where people just berate you or they put so much pressure that your lows, your self esteem is getting lower and lower and lower by the end of the year.

Like I had high self esteem when I started, but now I have low self esteem. I know where we counsel Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City out of in Edmond, Oklahoma and in Oklahoma City, our offices, that this is a really big deal for so many people because I know if we’re experiencing this kind of stress that it creates low self esteem or even for some depression, well then I know that if you’re in a California, New York or Chicago or an area where man, you guys run at such a high and fast speed of life that you for sure are going to need these resources and even especially because these are surgical strikes, these are tactical, they are efficient and they are so amazing and the way that you can apply them to your life starting every single morning, you look in the mirror, you write them in a journal. You can do these in a myriad of ways.

Whatever fits the rhythm of this season of your life will help it to become really effective. Now as you’re listening to this, you may want to go back and write down what I’m talking about. Take notes because it’s going to be really effective and go back and listen to our previous Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City podcast too because it was really helpful on giving you the first four questions to ask and you start just by doing this in the morning instead of picking up your phone every morning and letting whatever somebody else decides is the most important thing for you to think about. Whether that’s Trump did something or Nancy Pelosi did something or some politician did something or one of your friends or one of your family members, or if you have patients there was a crisis and let them let, instead of letting something stressful dictate what your mind first goes to you be the judge, you’d be the one who intends through your decisions to think about things that will bring you life and get you started in the right ways.

Because in the morning, that is our brains most in tune time of opportunistic time to change, to set tone for the day and do in bed deep Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City thoughts and beliefs. So if we do this daily, over time, you’re going to literally rewire your neurology. The way your mind thinks about processes and experiences, information, which in turn helps you to have different feelings about the day. And then it will in turn give you different levels of increased motivation to accomplish your goals, to overcome procrastination and build high build, high self esteem where previously you were living out of low self esteem. So question number five and went through the first four if you want to hear those, go to the podcast before this one. It’s podcast number 23 the first one on this one. Number five is what am I proud of in my life today? And what about that makes me feel proud?

What am I proud of it you can even say most proud of in my life today? And what about that makes me proud? So for me to answer this question, now I am most proud of the young lady. My daughter is becoming and the young man, my son is becoming, you know, last night we had a football game. It was our first one of the season. And My, my buddy and I, we coach and I just observed as some of the kids attitudes or just not good. Like one of them has a brother and the team and he was being in kind of his brother and when I addressed it, uh, the, the older brother wasn’t looking at me and then another one, his attitude was just not kind. He threw the ball back to me hard when we were running drills and he just wasn’t trying to get beat by a, another player on the opposite team and he just lolly gag and ran slowly to try to get the flags after he got beat.

When my son is racing down the field, he’s on the, he’s a safety on the opposite side, running to the other side, chasing this kid down, giving maximum effort. And I’m looking at my son and a lot of the other kids are dropping passes, they’re making mistakes. And my son had a great attitude, Hayden, the entire game. Even though his teammates were not performing and they might’ve had some of them really negative attitudes. He kept his attitude of I am most proud when I see my son around an environment that is not healthy, rise above the people in his life. And so what I’m thinking about now is I am proud of that. That’s the evidence of the reward of what happened in our parenting and the decisions that we made earlier and raising a kid that values character over other things because a lot of times people reward, oh you’re strong, you’re muscular.

There were war town, but they won’t reward character and the quality. So that’s just something that I really hold dear is the way that we parent and how much we love our kids know we have a certain window to do our best and we don’t get second chances once they age out the age out. So I just want to say, think about in your life, what are you most proud of? And you may have to think of something in your past. You may have to think of something that you’re working on, whatever that is, celebrated, enjoy it. The sixth question is, what about your life makes you feel excited now? How does it make you feel excited? What about that excites you? So think about in your life, what is going on? What do you have going on? But so exciting. The seventh and last question is, what am I happy about in my life right now?

What are you happy about? What about that makes you happy? How does it make you feel? You know, something that, exactly right now I’m happy about. I’m happy about starting these podcasts, which are also going to be transcribed and place in our Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City website because I have just one or a couple or groups of people that I work with at a time, unless I’m publicly speaking somewhere, which I love. I have, uh, such a, such a small window of opportunity to help one person at a time and I see their lives radically change. And so I’m excited about getting the chance to through podcasts. And you guys listening to this impact your life impact your family’s life and maybe you’re a mom listening to this that has just felt beat down because your kids just do not appreciate you and you have this high self esteem as a single woman or as a, as a married woman without kids, but because of your dynamic.

Now you’re just worn out. Maybe you homeschool your kids and they just take all day and there’s nothing left at the end of the day for you to enjoy except for maybe a bubble bath once a week when your husband’s home. So think about that because you can literally change your environment by your thoughts, by the way you experienced them, by the way you, what you focus on and what you entertain and what you refused to allow into to your mind, which you refuse to allow into your mind because reality is what you focus on will grow bigger. What you invest in will grow over time. It’s the compound principle, compound interest principle, whether it’s money, whether it’s relationships, it will grow even if the relationships were unhealthy, they will grow and unhealthy ways. If you continue to invest in them. Thoughts. When you invest in healthy thoughts like we just discussed and you talk about what you’re most proud of in your life, you talking about what makes you excited in your life right now and then what are you happy about?

I’m so happy that I get to talk to you and get to invest in your life because if you are here in front of me, I would get to know your story. I would love to hear about what’s made you the person you are today, the good and the bad. We would uncover the issues that are keeping you stuck and the limiting beliefs that you have. We would uncover the areas that you’ve been wounded and we’d go back and invite God into the, into the environment and we, whether it’s through neurolinguistic processing, whether it’s through memorizing scripture, whether it’s through doing your relationships differently, bringing people in and more functional and efficient and healthy ways and cutting some people out because they’re toxic, whatever that looks like. I am excited about that and I’m excited that you’re going to take this information and you’re going to go and you’re going to change because I believe in you and I believe what God will do through you, to your families, to your friends, to your work environment that you don’t have to live with low self esteem.

You don’t have to live in a toxic environment allowing that toxicity to poison you, that you can be the change you want to see in your world and it starts by doing this, by writing it out. If you want to write it out, that’s great. If you want to, you know, a really effective technique is to use these questions in front of the mirror and then maybe write out of highlight. It should not take you more than three to five minutes a day. Now some days you might really need to get after it because of what’s happened in your work environment or your home environment. Take more time. But as a standard rule of thumb, you just want to do three to five minutes Max, Max, Max, Max, and some days, maybe a minute with a few questions. Because what you have going on guys, I pray this was amazingly helpful to you that you’re going to take this, you’re going to share this with people that you know need to hear this message.

Share the podcast here, the typed out transcription and encourage them to activate on it. Maybe you can be accountability partners with it. Something that really helps us to spread the word cause. Our mission at nuvision Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City that live is to help you discover what better looks like for you. That equipped me with the tools and resources to create it. And one way that you can help partner with us is to do a Google review about our, on our website for New Vision counseling.live. And what that does is it just gives us access to more people trusting that what we do actually changes lives. Thank you for that. And we just want you to know you do not have to wait any longer to create an amazing day. You can reach out to us today if you need more help than just a podcast. Then go to our website, nuvision counseling.live or based out of Oklahoma City, Edmond, and we want to serve you today and we want to meet with you. And if you are around the country, then we can do consulting. We can do a self esteem program that will maybe over seven sessions profiling impact the way that you see and experience your life. Hope this helps you remember, don’t wait for a day to become great. Starts Your Day through what I’ve given you and make it great by your choices. God bless, and I look forward to talking with you again really, really soon.