Okay. Here we go. Welcome to the scriptures and stories podcast where we bring meaningful stories and powerful scriptures. Guys, I am Red Bull, excited, triple shot, elated to have one of my best buddies, a guy who knows me better than my wife knows. Basically. He’s mad at me. I’m super excited. I have my friend Shawn Maguire the go to Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City guy. I guys have phenomenal man of God. I’ve watched him lead and love his family well, but even on a business angle, just learn how he does. Grew his, he’s been growing his business like crazy out here in Oklahoma City. I’ve been able to do life with him for the past few years. I think I’ve met you. Uh, where was that? A big motivational Ellen Harrigan. He said hi to me. That big smile and going for you. True, true. It was insomnia. You Die. You come on. That was you. I remember sitting next to you.

I randomly just, I left the seat that I was assigned to. I thought I was assigned to that seat at least because one of my friends, mom took us there, which was really cool. Allen’s mom, but I ended up going up to sit up closer and you was up there in the close seat to sit next to your wife, but I won’t ever forget how you laid your hand on me. And I felt like someone touched the cloaca Jesus. So amazing. Like the joy filled out over like I was like, man, he, I think one of my five love languages is a, you know, touch. And I was like, man, that was awesome and you smiled at me and you’re just so authentic and you loving man and I’ll never forget that. And we just connected from there. Never looked back, but super excited to have you brought me into the new world of social media, that’s for sure. True, true. Guys, just to let you know, just a little bit more about Sean. He’s a licensed professional Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselor and the owner and founder of an amazing practice here in Oklahoma City called New Vision counseling. New Vision counseling has impacted so many lives and and and shine. You went to Oral Roberts, right? The amazing, the professors.

Amazing. That culture was great the way they love the students. And the community while I changed my life, people from all over the world cane and it just expanded my understanding of how God can move right closely come on and how he can love in all different kinds of ways. Really blew the box of my Christianity open and allowed God to just move through me and inmate and now to others.

Yeah. Amazing ways. Yes. It makes her sleep, bro. You’re amazing. That’s all I got. I got one quick question for you before we even get started. If you hadn’t been shipwrecked and you’re on a deserted island, you have all your human needs such as water and food, there were all taken care of, but you only can have two items. What would those two items be?

First One’s really easy. It’s, it’s, it’s Cliche, but it’s super true. Well, I come over here. I want the Bible. I mean, it’s the only one where God, the author shows if every time you read it right, he breathes life and I can have life every day. That’s it. Can I have my wife? Is that possible? I have my wife on the island. You know, you didn’t qualify. I could make it said if I can’t have my wife, it would be between, I’d like to say a journal with a pen somehow with forever ink in it so I could write and take notes. Right. Do all kinds of amazing recording. God. If I can’t have that both. I just want to fishing, fishing rod reel to catch some fish. I’m on an island. What, what better way to spend my time reading the Bible and like Jesus all the way, right, bro.

That’s it. You can’t be a Fisher of many men when it’s only you answer. I’m going to stay in practice though. Love it. Love it. Oh, real quick. Would you just share, share with us the best story of your life that really has the most valuable lesson that someone can learn that’s on the other side of this podcast. Like what is a defining moment in your life that really changed the course of your life? Uh, that someone can like learn from? Wow. That’s a big question is it started off to me. I’m like, we have about five, 10, 15 hours. How long? How long do we have to do this podcast? Because my, I’ve been alive at least 20 years at least. Maybe a few more. Well, one of the things I think is I’ve had a mom who, just even talking about her, it makes me choke up because she’s been my hero. I didn’t know that being raised. I thought, I thought she was holding maxim money, really report still for the homeless. People would try to give us money.

We won’t buy that. Hold up the cup to give us money. So she did her best and just the life that she lived for God of diligence and fidelity and not perfection really set the tone and the standard for how one I approached life with, with discipline, with fidelity, with really knowing that the faithfulness of God to be true in my own life because of my own story and background. Wow. And then I have such a overwhelming high value of women and I know that a lot of the women clients that I meet with just really being around something that values them. Yeah. Not, not, not even counting the tools that are used, the resources on the, I mean, I’ve had so much training I loved to learn, but just the presence of a man who purely an honorably wants to help and value them.

Wow. God uses that in a fatherly and Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselor. And, uh, not that I’m their dad or their pastor, but all those elements that healing, that need to occur, they project on to me and then they, I give them back that, that figure that is cure that safe. It’s validating God’s word that sees their value and then constantly is connecting them to their identity in God. Oh Man. Not their kids, not a career. Certainly not their past. And so for me, the defining moments, uh, other ones I could go into was when I was mentored by a guy named Ernie Heil. Hey, this tells me, you know, Ernie, all my kids called him uncle already. He’s probably 102 now. We’re still alive guys. A right, just righteous. One with the most righteous men I’ve ever met. He’s mentoring me and basically was trying to get me to memorize the whole Bible was like a Modern Day apostle. Went to the churches and he was wanting me to memorize the whole Bible. I remember we had a conversation. He said, you know, when I was, uh, working in a full career, this was in high school when he mentored me, a high school college, and he said, I think you should spend as much time with God as you do with your work. And I, that’s because you’re working

tired. Yeah. So that was one. Another, another

one was, uh, this guy named Rodney Howard Browne. I’ve heard that name before. The theology of the whole experience and all of that. I won’t debate, but I’ll just tell you, my wife brought my, my wife, my mom brought me to an event or revival or something like that and it blew my top off. God just see me laugh and having fun in church and people that weren’t all weird. Yeah. In church, loving Jesus and getting set free. Wow. Really opened my eyes to me and there’s a lot more to God than I grew up knowing about so much more now as pivotal. That landed me in a church that Richard Roberts, who’s no longer there. Okay. Uh, came to the church and spoke and God dropped in my spirit. You need to go to oral Roberts. Not really time. I was out of college. Flagler college. Beautiful College mean.

It’s like a work of art. It really is a historical landmark. Florida. Yeah. It’s gorgeous in Saint Augustine, Florida. Wow. And he really dropped in my spirit, you need to go to oral Roberts. So I applied to one graduate school because I had to buy my books and new age bookstores. I had, I mean, it was weird, man. A lot of my undergraduate training got, it. Did Not equip me to be anything other than weird. And so I wanted to get godly foundation, one that was rooted in the Bible and, and gravity. So that when I counseled Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City accounts that people from a place of identity and security so that that’s someplace to go. Wow. In this process. I had someplace to lead them to. And a journey and or Roberts was amazing and the way that I was loved. I met an Oklahoma really cause it’s an Oklahoma and Tulsa.

I met some of the most extraordinary people in my entire life there. I met a brother named Don Johnson. Uh, I tore my ACL. He’s the one that stuffed me playing basketball down. He could ball even fasted. We all fast. I had a bunch of brothers fascinating with me. My neighbor who I mentored, her son Below Regina. Uh, Regina, one of the things on scenarios, I mentored him for the whole time we were there and she stood up in the middle of our chapel and said, my neighbor needs a healing. He mentors most, there’s a single lady, didn’t have any money. Just trusting God for forced provision and several love on her son and giving back. And just the love that I experienced it or Roberts for even from the professors really changed my life and really showed me that God is so much bigger than what I had known him to be.

Well, and then Scott was driving back from a really tough day at Tulsa Boys’ home you’ve ever worked at and a facility with, with teenagers that don’t want to be there and are there because of bad choices. You’ll know what I mean. The training, the training was so crazy at Tulsa boys’ home. Let me just tell you what happened. There’s this, this, this Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselor guy and I’m thinking, I went to two weeks of book training and I don’t think they’re going to show me what to do, right? To spend the night and you know you stay in the room about, I was there about four hours. The guy says, all right man, see you later throws me the keys. Literally throws me the keys. I’ll say, I’ll see you tomorrow and I thought, I’m going to die. You’re going to murder me. Challenge is driving back from one of the days there, you know, putting myself through school and trying to understand how to help people out too and yeah, I was just struggling.

I was like, man, am I even called to do this? I’m just going to work in business. I’m going to be a businessman. Men Don’t deal with all this get murdered in the night because they’re working with teenagers that don’t want to be there. And he said, you know, I’ve called you have a known to you to bring good news to the poor. I got, wow captors free. Isaiah 61 just dropped it in my spirit. Come on. He said, that’s the calling you. And I said, wow, I can’t wait to get there. He says, you’re there right now. You’re a sewn in that people that are in prison, my darkness and their mourning there, there, there, I mean it just captured by the devil’s lies. Yeah. So, so from that day to this and then then the marriage, you know, in my late thirties forties God really started giving me a father heart through a lot of different elements.

You know, water heart was a big part of my journey while at Oral Roberts. God showed me that a man, what a real man looks like. He’s not a sissy, you know, they were mad at hare. Mr. Rogers was a cool dude, but I wasn’t calling to me. Richard Roberts. Okay. Yeah. I wasn’t called to be him and I wasn’t called to be the people in our life. You know, there’s a short Chinese man named Steven calm. Okay. And he was like the holiest man I’d ever known. Everybody looked up to him. He was humble. He was amazing. Like, I mean he’s perfect. Christian seemed like I don’t want, I mean in short Chinese made, I thought that was what guy called me to be. But through oral Roberts in the Bible, I had a plan that God had uniquely for me in my life that tactful.

And that’s kind of the story is that my story is a story of a lot of brokenness being raised poor by single mom. You know, she, I mean she was 19 out of wedlock and it was a really hard life and she did her very best. Two to three jobs, any given time, only high school, barely high school educated, you know, made her way, became a bank president, your bank, vice president, futile. You know, see what God can do in my life. Why getting to Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City is because it fascinated me that you could really take steps to change and then I can use, well the healing that I’ve got and bring that to others and, and you know, oh, Robert’s thing is take God’s voice to the other ends of the earth. That’s a calling the mission of. And so that’s, that’s a mission that God put on my heart and that I didn’t want to do for years because my kids were young. Yeah. And you know, man, I just, it was a lot of sacrifice

and it’s not, but what’s amazing about it, that’s a sacrifice that was well worth it because I’ll look at your life now as we fast forward. Right. And it just permeates through your life. The, the light. When I walk into your practice, so much love and so much light, so much hope, you know, I can only imagine some of the families in people, you know, children that walked through these doors that are hopeless would essentially meet you and meet your staff in that are just impacted in a huge way. Can you share a little bit real quick about New Vision? What was your vision behind New Vision Californian,

you know, God gave it to, yeah, give me a vision to grow the practice. I didn’t do it for years because I really wanted to stay home with the kids and I knew it would take a lot out of me and a lot of time from me and there’s a big story behind that, but the short of it is, uh, he was putting on my heart for a long time. I heard a story from my brother and another peer of mine in town works at a different place and he just shared his tragic or as a place where it churches are sending these people and this, this counseling place was saying they were Christian but they weren’t doing Christian counseling God and they were leading people strain of broke my heart. God’s like, I need you to step out and need you to trust me.

I need you to, I was like, but God, why do I do this? And then there’s this guy named Kayla Mccain. Got It. I saw him at a men’s event that I was a part of helping through true north ministries, and I met him there with another, he was with the counselor guy and said, hey, what’s up? Then the next day I saw him at a store called [inaudible] brows. Well, and this is salary. There’s Sunday. Listen to me. I know. I knew everybody in our church. I see this man and his family at church on Sunday really nicknamed the clue phone was ringing off the hook. Wow. No, I decided to pick it up and then that was the birth. You know, he’s an honorable man. You’re not really love the team here. Like I, I, I will not, I will not allow anybody to come in that’s not, you know, going to be moving towards God, moving towards growing their skill set as a counselor, but growing the relationship with Christ.

Wow. Growing in relationship to loving others. It’s a culture of growth. It’s a culture of leadership are, you know, if you go to work, we’re going to have our new website up in about two weeks. It’s a nutrition counseling right now. It’s divergent counseling.org got it. It will soon be news in counseling now live and it’ll have our core. They’re beautiful. First one. The first one is we express our faith through what we do and how he served others through what we do. We have all of these different elements, but, and you walk in here, you feel the difference. Everybody that works here, look, I love Lov the people that I served with, I love them. Like Caleb summer I do. God’s given me just a a shepherding heart for them and you can see them to love them and see them grow is, is, is a super big joy for me. And then I hear the testimonies like people wrote blogs about the people that are here and it was at first everybody wants to see me. Everybody wants to see Shawn and now that they are, they are, they are effecting change and people’s lives are different. They’re starting also. People don’t want to see them more, not just me, not just me. Yeah.

You know what’s been beautiful? Yeah. God working through different people. What’s been great, Shawn for me to watch just through your life as well. Just even in your counseling place, in your space where you’re, you know, working and leading. But one thing is to be intentional about connecting with someone, loving on people, not overlooking them when they’re in your, your, your rescind it, your workplace in space. But when I hear countless amount of stories of you bumping into friends of mines in random places and you like being intentional about loving them, Sharon Jesus. I think that’s why one of my favorite things about you is bro and how it spills over. I see, I hear countless amount of stories about it, but people are always reaching out from all over the world saying, who is this guy who is like been input? You’ve impacted so many people like even all overseas across the seas, through social media, you know, New Vision on, you know, on the Facebook. No, no, no. There was another, there was another hand. But Yeah Bro, it’s just beautiful to see just all layers. So this ain’t a guy, you’ll just see doing his own thing. His own mission promoted his own brand. But you see him just wherever he is allowing Jesus to use him too. That’s the one of the most beautiful parts about you, Bro. Cause you know when you’re in the battle here, yeah.

You’re up layer. You get up early. Yeah. You know, I really, I walk around with it with, you know, my burden is light. My yoke is easy, my burden is light. Yeah. There is a burden that we carry from the hearts and the love of others. Now we need to carry it with Jesus and make sure it’s not somebody else’s. Yeah. But there is that and part of that is the team and then the people that we serve in this space that we’re at, it’s a sacred privilege to, to bring somebody in. You know, our mission is, it’s to help you discover what better looks like for you and equip you with the tools and resources to create day best. So good. Because better for you, it might look like you need to overcome people pleasing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, I’ve been there like God’s still working on me in that avenue and different areas because yeah, as long. But one thing that he’s been teaching is that

we’re Shawn have you are just pleased me. People are going to be pleased. Look to please me. The right people. Right, exactly. They tried to please everyone. Yeah. God is in the back corner crying and crying and upset because he’s like, here, man, when you put me up here, I’ll bring up all those available, willing to come to me. And that’s the same thing we do with the counseling. We, here’s the, here’s the beautiful thing. I, I really feel like God gave me a vision to create a place that’s unique, that that really is unique into its own cause. It takes, it takes a characteristic of the person that like me, that, that I want to love people. Like what you said. I, that’s my joy. Like it’s, it’s, it’s not a, I got a struggle like connecting with your friends. They’re just so, I mean they make it easy.

Oh for sure. Um, but, but it’s a place where people are welcomed. Like, even if somebody in the lobby, they don’t have to be my client and my patient. I come in there and I welcome them and I just, you know, is there anything you need? And I’ll go get the person. We are we just a place where we care deeply about the people that we serve. And you walk in, you can feel a different atmosphere here. There’s a different, a different vibe. A spiritual, yes. Different truth because of the life that we, and because really the way that we love, even on a team level, each other, God, we look to, you know, part of our values is to always fight for the highest good. Yeah. Was the other person come on the highest good and whatever that is, it depends on the situation and the, and the fight for the highest good for the client, the person that we’re serving.

And it helped them discover the value and identity that God gave them neatly that he wants to express in this world. Through your vocation, through your family, through your friend circles. Yeah. Impact the world for Jesus. So let’s say, so these are the elements that we bring, whether it’s anxiety, marriage counseling, whether you have trauma from the past, which is huge. Almost everybody has some form of trauma, even fair fear, a lot of fierce, oh man. And an American soldier therapy [inaudible] it’s crazy. A lot of different things and you know in America pressure, the pressure is so great and since the world never turns off anymore. Yeah, through social media it’s great and a lot of ways but but if you, if you let social media use you and you don’t use social media, wow. Then you’re going to say that again. If you, if you let social media use you instead of you using social media, it will suck you dry like a vampire. Even the brush to be positive. The pressure take advantage like you have so many opportunities I can relate to do good to change, last impact to connect and like Jesus, we have to be diligent and prudent and what we say yes to because when we say yes to something here we’re saying no to have a variety of political and decisions and opportunities here.

If I would’ve known this years ago. And what, you’ve spoke this over me several times throughout the course of, you know, the time I’ve known you and you’ve been like my mentor, anyone who’s had influence over me, you’ve had the most in my walk with Christ. So that means like a lot to just, you know, just, just, just know that what the words that you say, if I can just, you know, obey that you being one of the authorities in my life, like I’ve seen nothing but great things come out of it. I feel that’s why I’ve come this far in my walk with Christ is because of your discipleship in my lifestyle. You know, we love it. We’re, yeah. Yeah. Has he asked us to be his godparents and my son? Yeah. Yes, yes. And that was one of the announcements. I should I intro the way? I haven’t built it back in and edit software then. True. True. I know you’re crunched for time, Sean, but I would like for you real quick, uh, just the share,


overall advice, just overall advice for marriage. Our family, like success can be seen in a lot of ways. You’re like, if years ago I would’ve seen you successful because you’re, you’re, you have an amazing practice. Your relationships are thriving. I mean, in my eyes, you’re very wealthy man. You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying? But across the board in the ride, but the world sees success a little bit different than what God sees it. But also see you a man who, who, who reads gauze, where’s you believe it in your obey him. And I think, yes, success really comes from that as well. We, that’s what we value. But we see just the, how amazing your life is. Like what are some more advices to live the most prosperous, most successful life and have the most successful marriage just all around encompassing joyful life. Like right now, fulfilling life for these individuals, these questions. And I can spend hours, hours, I can do a book on exactly that question, which you will

her to do all these things. And one of the things I’d say is ask the Lord to give You a vision for your goals. You’re married, sit down with your wife, take some time, go on a date going even better and overnight trip. If you can, go ahead and bring a journal by Warren just for this trip. Make sure it’s a clean sheet of paper cause you don’t want anything from the past and your present. Come on, God is speak and knew in this moment for this season and you write out what he puts on your heart. You write out, don’t be, don’t be judgmental. Be Fluid and ride out whatever he gives you and then sit in and curate it, edit it, see what is clear and that God’s calling you to in this season the stuff that’s next season. Put it over here and keep it as next season.

Date it and then put habits and schedule two both of these things. Got It. And then you’ll have daily, weekly, monthly activities that you have factored into your daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule to accomplish your goal. So pure. So people think and they overestimate what you can accomplish in a month. But they underestimate what you can accomplish in a year, five years, 10 years with their daily habits. If their vision oriented, if God gave you the why and he’s behind it, then he’ll give you the how also. The second is stop trying to do this on your own. Okay. I just started, I mean I, I went to a really high tier of coaching. Oh yeah, yeah. I heard about thrive time. The guy’s a wild man. Straight up. He’s uh, he’s conservative but, and he brings, he brings Jesus in his own unique way, but he’s really brilliant in his execution of some disciplines.

It gets up at 3:00 AM I get it. Cause I want to spend down with gone. I want to work on the business, not in the business and I want to spend time with God and have that time. It’s sacred to me. But, but get coaching now at whatever level you can afford. If you can afford a group that’s 10 bucks a month online and they send you on a video, that’s what you do it for you. You can’t even afford that. Then you can get the free library APP and get on, listen to podcasts and get in a book, download it to the digital version or you know, print media in, read that, take notes. If you can afford more, go to counseling. Your insurance might pay for it. But if not, you are worth the investment. Well because you, we still want to try to handle all these different pieces on our own.

Why would you do that? When you have somebody skilled in marriage counseling, skilled and helping you overcome the trauma that it’s created. Limiting beliefs of why you can’t go further and your income. Why? Why do you think 30,000 is all you can ever get all your worth or why you feel like a marriage of chaos is the best you can ever get. Wow, that’s good. So get somebody else, bring them in at whatever level of income you have to invest. Investment, we’ll give you access to the next best season. Got asked for your life. Wow, that’s really good. So good. So practical and so powerful. Even just taking things down in assessing your life and writing it down and sort of, you know, making habits, changing your habits. I love that Shawn, and we will hope to do, you know, our, our vision and goal right now, Edmund Oklahoma City, and really span just really, yeah, cultivating the soil that God’s given us, but then continue to grow like Tulsa Norman outs.

You know this as much as the Lord gives opportunity because the vision is really to set people free and you realize that you don’t have to stay stuck. Like you don’t have to have these negative thought patterns when you wake up. You don’t have to live in a dead or dying or toxic marriage. Your kids don’t have to be bananas even when they’re not monkeys. You can have different, better through starting with choices today. Love it. So instead of waiting for a great day, why don’t you start by deciding through your actions and your thoughts of making your great day happen.

That’s it. Come on. Come on. Make your thoughts great. Again, that’s not red. Let’s keep it pure white. Yeah, yeah, Bro. With this. We in the scriptures and stories, podcasts, I have to ask you this question, questions as we conclude. Um, and also I would love to just hear anything else that you have on your heart. Maybe be in a prayer, but what do you think right now? What verse sums up your life or some sub, the vision you have for New Vision? What verse is the Verse of Your Life?

Reverse. Uh, for New Vision is without a vision, my people perish. The cast off restraint, which is a great, is a great testimony of what’s happening in our practice. And it’s a sad state of where our country’s at. Yeah. But there’s always the remnants which we consider ourselves a remnant that is bringing the life of God in practical, strategic ways to set people free. Scott, you know, a lot of the people that we see are, they go to some church and they’re a part of some community. Even if they’re distant part through TV. And we really serve, we had to pick, we really did it to niche out and we serve a lot of the people of faith because they have something that we can start with to build on and help them grow and set free. Because if the church is healthy, then the culture changes and that’s good.

Set free. If you, if you touch the people and the marriage and the family changes, the generations are different and then Jesus comes back. Right. So another scripture for me personally, because I’m a new creation in Christ, the old is gone. The newest come come on because so often it’s so easy to get caught up in your past of just thinking that, man, I, I’ll never overcome lack of patients. I’ll never overcome feeling like I’m not good enough. I’ll never overcome whatever insecurity, whatever trauma that somebody did to you and now you’re living through you. Yeah. Y’All wants to set you free.

Amen. Wow. That’s it. That Ryan so good. So I just know for me that yeah, that

new creation in Christ, we are, you know, we were in the only faith that believes that you can, you, you don’t have to have babies to grow. You know, you can be born again in your 50s or 80s or 90s your hundreds point of before you go. It changes everything. And so, so, so that is my scripture because I live in that understanding that what we do is sacred work and ushering people in to freedom. And God is the one who, you know, you plant a seed in the ground. God is the one who makes the seats. That’s it. Come on with [inaudible]. We know. Yeah, we can. I study a lot and I read a lot. It, I mean I’m constantly educating myself cause I loved to learn. I think it helps me to be my best self to serve the most. Yeah. And no matter how much I do that, the reality is it’s God who makes people change.

It’s rider brings the reality of Christ. It’s God who saves marriages. It’s God who raises kids up to love yacht. Yeah, I seen so much change. Like I saw a kid on drugs selling drugs. Crazy. I seen this dad come on glued in Jesus’ name [inaudible] with a stick and you were not, this guy pulled him off all the restraints and his kid is now raising his hands at church. His kid is no praise God in a better physician than he’s ever been in his kids studying for school. I applied as intelligence that yeah, I mean so and this family is, is winning them back, getting them back. And so that’s the kind of change we see. We see people, you also all a woman, she, she said she was at a dating somebody recently. Yeah. And you know I see people, a lot of people, hundreds, thousands of people.

Really. Yeah. But we’ve been working on identity, identity, identity and she’s single. And she said, you know, this guy, he couldn’t, he wasn’t sure. He’d get over my past and she said, I gave him a bed and I went to the bathroom. You know, the restaurant thinker. He could think about it cause they were dating. Yeah. Cause she felt like they were great and moving forward. And she came out and she said, we’re done. I’ll see you later. And she called me, you know, for a cause I haven’t seen her in Wa for a one off appointment. Yeah. And she’d say, Hey, I just, you know, to get in. And we had this appointment and I’m talking to her on the phone cause I just had it, you know, a shorter amount of time. I didn’t have to to come in, but I wanted to connect.

So we got to, I’m going to a counseling session over the phone and she said, you know, you’d be so proud of me. We talked about value. We talked about me being the highest fruit on the tree that somebody would have to climb to get that. I would, I would see my value and got it enough that when somebody was not committed, did not honor, did not see the value. God gave me the beauty. Wow. Come on. I would walk. And she did and she did. And whoa, listen, listen, first time she’s ever done that the first time. Every other time she’s tried to pursue and begged him to stay and given up or uh, I did, you know, her value and esteem for dignity really to keep the dying. So she walked because she’s seen the value that she hasn’t gotten. Whoa. And so she moved on and they were compatible.

Sometime it’s like that. So I’m saying that’s a huge win is what I see is a divorce was saved. Yeah. Because she said you’re more important God and who you say, I am, come on as a king’s kid is a daughter of a king. Then what? This guy can’t figure out if I’m worth it, that rarely gets better. So let’s start with God’s best. Yeah. That’s, I mean we, so we have these testimonies out every day because I see, I see more life transformation happened here in a day that I saw in a year, work in other places before I went out on my own.

What’s phenomenal, even with what you said, Bro, the smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest step in your life. Like all it takes is the walk through the doors of New Vision or just even walked through the doors of God’s heart in your own living room right now or in your car and everything can be changed, transformed, and God can give you a whole new perspective and you know mean elite is whole different way.

A way a stray from the way you are going. So yeah, this, this princess that was in a foreign land and she was born in a foreign land. She had no idea, but she was told by the sage, it was kind of raising her in her life. You have value, you know you’re a princess, but she was raised poor then the resources, they were far away. She had dreams of this place. You heard about this place from others, but in no other way did she live like a princess and she was struggling. She was like, you know, I just don’t believe I’m a princess. She went to the sage and said, I just don’t believe it. How? How can this be like, what am I going to get there? She’s there on journey. They’ve been on a journey her entire life to get back and he says, listen, the kingdom is in you because you’re a child of a king.

Whoa. Come on until the kingdom. So good. Until you’re able to go to the kingdom and experience the goodness of the king of your father, the kingdom lives in you, and that’s where your identity comes from so that no matter what environment you’re in, no matter how poor you are, no matter the way people treat you that say, never forget who you are. That’s truth. And that’s the journey of faith, isn’t it? Yes. This is the journey every single time. Yes. We’re a, so if everyone wanted to find you on social media, saw New Vision, capsuling OKCs are handled for Facebook and Instagram and then our newbies and counseling.org depending on when this rolls out, if it rolls out in a week, that’s where you want to go. Beyond a week, it’ll be new vision camp. It’ll that one will always be up, but we’re opening another one.

Nuvision counseling dot lift up live and it’s going to be more, it’s just has more of what we want on it and it’s the next generation of a way we can bring people in and really raise them up in their identity in God, no matter where they’re at, no matter where they’re at. Wow. Love you, Sean. Thank you so much. A little so good here from your today here on the scriptures and stories, podcasts, and just to close out period one sentence, one line that you, a word of affirmation that you will speak over. Just that one listener listening in right now. If you can give them just one piece of advice, one snippet of advice to remember Sean as you speak into their life.

So I’ll say you shot, I’ll start with, I’m proud of you. Okay. Man of God that you have believed. Because in order for you to be where you’re at today, you’ve had to reject the identity. You were told you are, you know, your entire life. Wow. So I want to say to the listeners, many of you, we all were given three names when we were born. We were given a name by God. We were given a name by Satan and we were given a name by the people in our lives, our parents, and so I encourage you, believe the name that God gave you, that you are beloved, that you are chosen and that God is inviting you to personal relationship. You’re already saved. He wants one where you experienced his fatherly leanness, his love, his goodness today, and take the next best step that’s towards freedom. Hallelujah. It’s contacting us and division, counseling, doing org in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or run the world, or if it’s going to your pastor, going to a friend, doing some research. Don’t handle life by yourself because God made no provision outside of Jesus Christ and his body to live this life successfully for him. Whoa. Come on,

Buddha. All right, big toe is team. Love it. All right guys. Thank you so much for joining just to, just to really lay this on you of last piece of encouragement as God is a God who loves you through your mess. And he loves you too much to keep you there and he leads you out of it. And, um, make sure if you haven’t yet rate, review and subscribe to the podcast, we look forward to connecting with you more. Make sure you find Shawn, cause this guy is phenomenal at New Vision counseling and, um, have a blessed day guys and we’ll connect soon.

Bye. Bye.