Hi everyone. Welcome to the New Vision counseling.live podcast, episode number seven eight New Vision. New Vision counseling is a place where we help you discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools to create it. We help you solve problems of marriage, of finances, of how to handle your kids and the most effective ways, how to raise your family in a way where they love God and why should you come to us? What makes us so different, what we’re Christians, but we’re not just Christians. When it was up in the Bible and say, good luck. We actually have cutting edge Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City techniques and skills that we’ve developed and continue to develop mayor to biblical principles, and then we guide you through this process, walking side by side to your best life. Now, today in this episode number seven, I’m going to go over the show McGuire story, how I founded new visions, but mostly I’m going to go over my story.

I think there’s a lot of value in knowing the person that started this podcast that started in division Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City and why and where this all began because I know for me, when I know the history behind somebody, it helps me really connect and understand the evolution of how they arrived at this place today, how they created this business or this ministry or this family. You see, it started when my mom was 18 years old, just turned 18 she took off, ran away from home to California, from New Jersey. She met this guy named Thomas Peterson. They connected in an unholy way, conceived me in California. She didn’t know what to do, so she left. Went Back to New Jersey where a family was. I was born there and at a year old, it’s like the Beverly hillbillies. Jed, move away from their, said Florida is a place you ought to be silver.

They loaded up the station wagon. They moved to North Port or Port Charlotte, Florida. Very South, south, south Florida. Most of you are like, where is that? Yeah, good question. It’s between Tampa and Fort Myers or if he would want to go further. The broaden the scope. It’s Orlando and Fort Myers, so grew up in Florida. We were super poor. My mom had me when she was 19 years old, unmarried live with my grandparents. I remember it might’ve been our first or second place outside my grandparents’ house. It was so small. It was a duplex that had, it had a living room that was probably the size of a convenient store bathroom and then it had a not a good convenience store, like a little one and then it had a little tiny room and there was one bathroom and my aunt and my uncle lived in the living room and we lived in the room and that was how life was now.

It was tough. My mom worked two, three jobs at a time when I was really young. I would get dropped off from school and I’d have to run home because some of the neighborhoods we lived in weren’t the best and kids are bullies and that was five or six, no six and I was fast. They think, God, he gave me some wheels and I would have to run home and outrun the bullies and you know, one time would have been broken to the outer part of our [inaudible] her house. But thankfully that they didn’t get in all the way. And this is how I grew up. I remember coming home on a bus when you get time to just, I don’t know, I don’t know why I kid in elementary school, we’d have a five o’clock shadow and a little bit of a beard growing. But he did.

He grabbed my arm, put a knife to it and said, I could kill you right now. I never told anybody because man who was there to tell I live this, this isolated, scary life with a mom who tried her best grandparents that they loved me. I knew it, but man, they were just making ends meet themselves. And so this is my, my childhood was a lot of feeling alone and isolated, not knowing how to deal with this pinup emotions of anger, frustration. And so what that looked like as they gotten a lot of trouble talking too much. I got an arguments I got in fights of it’s be a smart Alec and it wasn’t that it was a bad kid. I was a kid that had no, he’ll real deep connections in a way forward and how to live life. Thank the Lord at 25 my mom accepted Christ and a little bit of after at six years old, I did too.

Now my childhood was still riddled with, I fell out of a tree when I was seven blood, uh, blood almost to death cause I ruptured my spleen and nobody knew how did series of really severe issues in my stomach where scar tissue wrapped around my intestines strangling it. The doctors, the nurses didn’t believe me. It was so bad we were so poor that they thought it was making it up. Why would it kid make this up and be in a hospital? They bought me a remote control car because of how badly they treated me in the hospital at the time. I remember the, the nurses just slamming me up against the x ray or that radio tech slammed me against the extra machine and like two in the morning cause he had to get woken up. And I still remember this today in my mid forties of the way I was treated.

And I would say that happens through a lot of underprivileged children and families and moms especially trying to make it as a single person without resources. And I’ve kept that with me, that understanding of how people that don’t have a lot of resources but are willing can change their lives with a few connections to connect the dot. And my mom did her best. She really did. She was mostly closed off lady who love people. I knew I was loved. She did what she could with the resources she had. And as this high school barely graduating high school, my mum, as time went on, she succeeded in their jobs. She became a manager at a restaurant called Lems of all things l u m s isn’t that funny? And she actually made more money as a waitress and it was some village in like restaurant owned by a local, a local restaurant owner.

And she moved from there to a bank as a secretary. Then she eventually became a bank manager and she retired her career as a vice president of Bank of America, regional vice president. So she really had scaled up. But really most of that success came after I’d already graduated high school. It was off to college and lots of debt. So my years as a young fellow, we’re mostly riddled with feeling alone, feeling hot, I’m feeling thirsty and he’d say, Sean, that’s a really weird combination. Well I grew up in Florida and air conditions expensive. So our, our air state about 85 degrees. And I remember living, we had this one house with this big window and it was right in front of my bed and I always felt like somebody is going to break in and just take me out or take me or something crazy.

And I was thirsty because man, when you play outside in Florida, it wasn’t like it is today where you have bottled water, but we’d be in the woods with friends or by myself and just die in the third cause he didn’t have anything to take to go, I’m going to have bottles or things. The caps, we just had the license to take with us and then lonely. Lot of older people were around where I grew up, not a lot of young people and so most of my neighbors as in like all of my neighbors were older people, but there were some kids around. I just had to travel to go see them and this was my childhood and not being able to deal with my emotions was a really big problem because I’ve gotten a lot of trouble at school. I remember teachers just getting onto me and remember one teacher, she took my, she took my toy.

I only had a few toys and just took my toys away because I was talking in class that I brought for show and tell and I just stay after for detention because I got in trouble. I think this was fourth grade, I think her name was Mrs Morgani. I’m not sure Mrs Morgana, if you’re listening, I still remember this and at the end I was doing my detention, doing sentences or whatever she gave me and her kid, she gave my toys to her kids. So remember I’m very poor and she gives my toys to our kids and I’m watching her kids who to me, everybody seemed like they had more than we did and it just really hurt me because there was no conversation. There was no, why are you doing this? There was just consequences and I really struggled with trying to fit in and feel like I mattered.

I remember my clothes were mostly hand me downs from this guy named Michael Amato and it’s what I like cats so much because it gives opportunity for people to change their lives. And Michael and motto was really athletic, but he was really, really, really thin. So I am wearing corduroys almost every day and I’m wearing shorts that I guess for some people today, super in style, tight stuff, but this was not stretchy, tight, this was just tight, tight, and I had to word that. That’s just kind of where it was. I remember when I got my first pair of jeans and I bought myself when I was a senior in high school, first pair of jeans, they were Levi’s something or other, and this is the way I was raised. Thank the Lord that my mom got saved and progressively she introduced me to know God and I had some opportunities through different youth groups, opportunity to see really mostly what God does it look like.

But there was a few people along the way that older people that had a season of sewing into me of loving on me, having conversations with me that I still hold on to this day. Like an Ernie Heil was an older guy that really sowed into me the year before I went off to college and he mentored me. I wanted me to memorize pretty much half the Bible and he’s super intelligent. I’m like, Ernie, I’m glad to get a reverse down a week brother. But he really stick to time to say, Shawn, you matter. I see you and I care. And so I could go on with college. And I met Christians that were actually Christians on Sunday and Christians on Monday because before that most of the people, like as in all of the people I knew that said there were Christians and young on Sunday, they were one way on Monday, they acted completely different like the rest of the world, which is really sad.

But in college I met Real Christians and it was tough. You know, I, I would say bad words and have a do things that were like the world. But I also had a heart that I wanted to serve God. And so it was this tension ended up going to oral Roberts and God blew my mind of how big and awesome he was there saw Christians that loved God from all the ones all around the world. So beautiful girls who loved God. And we’re also really cool and really pure, which I thought was just number one amazing cause that’s not something I really ever been a part of up until that point. And then I sell some really good dudes, some teachers that cared about me, that invested in me because my undergraduate was had to buy books and new age bookstores. It was crazy. And there is where God birthed this vision of a new vision.

Proverbs 1219 says, without a vision, my people perish. They lived chaotic lives. And I really saw my history as a kid without a vision. A kid who if somebody would have known to tell me, Hey Sean, you don’t have to live angry. And when somebody hurts, your feelings explode. Sean. You don’t have to feel like a loser when you lose a game where you get a bad grade because your identities tied to God and he doesn’t change, not your performance, which always does, or, or even worse, the performance of way others see you or the way they treat you, which is the worst to live at a fear of rejection or fear of failure. And so I started to realize that life could be different based upon my choices and the people I surround myself with and hope started to grow. And now how am I, 46 46 years later, if it evolution of I am giving back, I was fatherless.

I didn’t have a dad that was a part of my life. He chose to be a really bad dude and live a different life than my mom. And I really never met him until really actually I never met him and but to be another podcast for another time. But God fathered me in my thirties I mean growing up and really man did an amazing work, my late thirties and forties of having that father heart to give back to patients, to give back to my kids, to get back to my community and other men and even women to show them purity. You know, a real man takes responsibility. A real man rejects passivity, real man leads courageously and a godly honoring way of sacrifice. Now, this is the journey we all go on, but you know, a lot of what we bring to Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City and and why this is such a big deal to me personally is God gave me a family that I always dreamed of but I never got to be a part of until they gave it to me.

And this is all first generation. My wife comes from a broken home where it’s, it’s, it’s an outrageous story about what happened to her and her family and her dad was a pastor and they divorced and man, it’s a beautiful story of redemption for both of us about God can take two people who in most situations what of went off the rails and man been on drugs or been in a bad relationship or been bad people because of the way we were treated. If we would have perpetuated that would have been terrible. But on the contrary, God’s redemptive God, he redeemed my mom, me, he redeemed my wife, her mom, her dad, and is doing an amazing work in this season. Number lines, and we have the privilege to pass it on through New Vision Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City to so many people, which is part of why a big part of why I do podcasts if I do Facebook lives, is because we want to give so many people the opportunity that we didn’t have early on.

We want to give it to you early, as early as possible so that you can take advantage of change and God with other people that can come alongside of you. And if this spoke to you at all, may not every story has multiple rabbit trails that I could have gone down that are for me, very impactful of how I was shaped in the Sean McGuire that I am today. But if you resonate with this man, I love to hear from you and your feedback. You can go review us on Google. You can. I can’t get back to everybody because of how many things that we get, but if you want help through that, we will for sure get back to you. New version. challenging.org is a great place to start or really knew it was in Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City by the time this podcast comes out and should be the website that’s up.

Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City can really change your life. We’re in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and we see people from all over the state and I have some people come in from out of state, um, on business. They come in every couple of weeks and then we do consulting outside of the area. We just want to have a greatest impact because guys, truly God will change your life. And it comes through one accepting of his love decision at a time and one rejecting the lies that have been spun that she’d been stuck in at a time. It’s one step after another. Hey God, blessed. Remember New Vision. Counseling’s a place where we did help you discover a better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools to create it. It’s not just true for the people that we’ve seen. It’s also can be true for you, your family, your friends. So let us know how we can serve you. God bless and make today great. Take care.