Hi everyone. This is Sean McGuire with New Vision counseling.live and welcome to the New Vision counselling Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City podcast. Number six. You know, New Vision counseling is a destination. It’s a place where transformation happens on a daily basis. You know, our mission is to help you to discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools to create it. And every podcast that I do or we do is going to have something to do with how to improve your life or the lives of those you love or care about. Helping you to discover areas of your life where you’re stuck, where you’re limited in your beliefs or maybe that you are in so much pain, you just cannot see a way out of it. And today I want to talk about what makes New Vision counseling different. You know, we help people solve problems from parenting to what to do after you divorce, to how to handle in laws, to financial crisis, to really, especially in what I do specifically is coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs how to succeed and win in the marketplace, not just in their house, but to win in the marketplace without losing in their homes.

And how we’re different is that we bring a Christian perspective in a way that is tangibly applied to every situation. So it’s not this that we have a Bible that sits on our desk and we open it and we start reading out of the Bible. Maybe you knew that or you’ve been to a Christian Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselor that does that. But that’s not what we do. We do that as part of a whole system of encouraging. People are getting to know you and transform whatever you’ve come to change. We transform that into this, this person, this environment, this life that you don’t just get to be a part of or have to be a part of, but it’s you want to be a part of. Now there’s lots of ways we do that. And depending on which team member we see you, you would see will determine how that looks.

You know, we’re in Oklahoma City and Edmond and we’re so excited because we have really been blessed with a great community of people. If you’ve never been to Oklahoma City or Edmond, you’ve got to try it out. You know, some people come from Stillwater or they come from Guthrie and they come from Norman. And really all over Oklahoma is filled with people that are fantastic and great. But, but I just wanted to say that we don’t just sit in our chairs are on a couch and listen to you talk about life, about problems, about your past. That’s good. And that would be what most Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City counselors would do and that’s great and that’s what we were taught. But we actually jump into your story with you. We believe that counseling style that is engaging and one that is active and one that we walk with you through some of the most challenging and difficult, he’s in some of your life.

You know, of the things that all of us face is doing, life alone is feeling like it’s up to us to make it or we’re afraid to get help because we’ll look weak and we solve that problem when you come see us, when you take that next step. And we want to say that we see people as people that God created not just a number or somebody, uh, pay a bill or somebody to make us look good and write a Google review. We see this as a calling as something that is greater than just us. You know, originally when God put it on their heart to create a practice that was bigger than just me, the vision was, was was something that I wish I could accomplish through bringing other people on that were specializing in. Kids are specializing in trauma or anxiety and and really just the magnitude of opportunities that I have with all the people that want to see me and the team is incredible because each time somebody emails each time somebody calls or texts, it’s this, it’s this really when I, when I get it cause I get all the referrals and I funnel them out to the people that I think would be great fits.

I s I just sense this opportunity for an incredibly different life. Now some people when I get these emails or texts or calls are so hard to refer out because I, I see the ability to change and I want to be a part of their story. But then that goes back to my boundaries of I can only see a certain amount of people and we have a great team, which is why I vet and I, we interview and we are so diligent about the process of bringing people on that they are part of our DNA. That they love people well, that they are incredibly skilled at Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City and their craft of what God’s gifted them in that area. And they want to value people at a level of excellence, growth and learning that we’ll continue to grow. We’ll continue to really make all of us at better on the New Vision counseling team because of their presence.

And I would not hire someone or bring them on the team that I would not want to see as a counselor or that I would not benefit in some way or somebody in my family or somebody that I love would benefit from their style and the way that God moves through them, which is very different. You know, I’ve, I have interviewed, man, I’ve interviewed so many people, phone, text, email, get the resumes. A lot of my interviews happen by just reading and realizing it’s not a good fit. And then I’ll hear there they’re going to work somewhere else. But boy, for those who really fit the DNA of, of what we’re doing and really wanting to minister and encourage him, walk with people in excellence, in high level of godly Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City with this amazing skillset of how to practically apply these biblical principles do step by step.

Strategic man lives changed and I am so encouraged because I would say I welcome everybody. When I go go to the lobby and I get my patients or I’m walking through I, it’s like a church, live in Rogers, greet people and make an effort to help them feel welcomed, valued that it’s the people that are sitting in the lobby or the heroes. You guys are the ones that are showing the rest of the world what it takes to be great parents when it takes to be a godly and amazing wife or husband. When it takes to be a great father and mother in law or a grandparent or a business leader, the people in our lobby are not just your standard average people. They’re the ones that realize that there’s something better for their families, for their marriages, for their businesses and their employees. They have taken that the action step.

They’ve taken the risk, they’re making the financial and time investment and they are the real heroes of our practice and our goal is to support you, come alongside and really help you as a client or patient. Discover the amazing gifts God’s given you, how the pains of your past present and the belief systems that you hold are keeping you stuck to evaluate all the relationships in your life and determine which ones are serving you. You know, it, Oklahoma City, Edmond, we always say it’s a big city with a small town feel. So you may be in a city with a million people, but it feels a lot smaller because we, we see people and amazing regularity at the different stores and places that we get when we shop, especially if you go to church together. So we’re different. You know, I’ll just give you an example.

One of our therapists, Caleb, he’s, he’s uh, he’s just a great deal of college athlete. And I remember looking out my window maybe a few weeks ago, I see him out there cause I referred one of my patients. They needed to child counseling. And so I referred them to Caleb and there he’s doing this work with them and it’s amazing. And I see them outside my window chasing each other around the, the mom, the dad, Caleb’s and killer does a back flip. And this is what we do at New Vision. We meet you where you’re at, we identify the needs and we try to be in that space with you. Whether it’s chasing kids around in are in the space outside of my window doing back flips to connect and gauging in the parents and helping them run and have fun and I’m seeing them hide behind different things.

It’s being a part of your lives functionally. You know, I still get greeting cards, Christmas cards, phone calls, you know, I had a guy come by one year, it was the year after they had done Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City and they still call every year. I still get Christmas cards and he surprises wife was lunch and with the therapy session after she realized it wasn’t to bring up some other big issue and she relaxed it was, they were able to tell me all that. Got It done in the time since I’ve last seen them. The amazing miracles in their kids lives of how far they’ve come, how they are all serving God. Well, their kids got a football scholarship as a quarterback. And it’s amazing to really see that what we do has an impact on the generations. And so guys, that’s what makes us different. At new vendors, you can counseling, we’re, we’re, we’re a team of real people who really do care and want more than just a good work.

We want to go to your lives and in your lives and walk with you and talk with you. And it’s really a special and true privilege to serve and to walk alongside the people that God blesses us with. You know, an interesting thing when I give away too, I tried to get high training every year and you know, if you know anything about the counseling field, it is, it is free much against Christianity in a lot of ways. Now there’s pockets of it that or not, but it really is. However, I like to learn and I like to grow. So I go to whoever, the best people in our field. That’s who I get to learn from. Man. It is draining to hear of how people really practice and how they man just don’t ever like engage people on any personal level at all. I don’t know how anybody changes without some kind of a personal connection.

And then I get, and I’m so happy to get back to my patients because they’re the ones that are making changes and and healthier than most of them my peers that I get to be around. So I say all this to say we want you to take the next step. If that’s where you’re at in counseling, if counseling is the right next step for you, then hopefully this has lowered the bar to let you know why we all do this as practitioners, as counselors, that we consider it a sacred honor to come alongside of you and we want you to reach out, whether it’s text, email, phone call, go to nuvision counseling.org and take that next step or send a link to one of your family or friends and walk with them. You know, people come to counseling with their friends, with their family and they even pay for a lot of times.

And we have a church around here called life church and they have been as good as any church with partnering with us to bless their team members. You talk about a place that sees the value of investing in their team life. Church, I’d say every week they are investing in somebody with us and we’re partnering to help them out. So maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve got somebody that you want to send. If it’s not you to and pay for them and invest. I have a client that said, man, I’m going to pay this much money. Can you, can you get my son and his fiance and, and I will pay. And this guy laid the whole thing out, paid for it all. And His kid and his fiance are coming in and their lives are being forever changed because they’re building a foundation of what healthy marriage is and can be by going through the process of pre marital counseling.

So guys, counseling, counseling, counseling can transform, transform, transform your life. And whether you’re an Oklahoma City or Edmond or even in the state, man, reach out to us. If you’re outside of the state, we do consulting. But find somebody there as well local to connect with because you’ll be so glad you do. You know, what are the things that I regret is I did not get help. I didn’t even know this kind of help is available when I was younger. It wasn’t really until I went to Oral Roberts and I, uh, was encouraged to get into counseling that I realized that really as I was already going down the road of being a counselor, when I got into counseling, I was like, man, you grow so much faster when you have somebody skilled in the art of guiding and helping you heal, walking with you and leading you down that path. Hey, if you liked this podcast, if you like our Facebook nuvision counseling, Okc, Instagram as well, please review us. That helps us stay at the top or get to the top of Google. And it helps us stay in the cutting edge place where we can impact people’s lives forever for kid. And we love that. Remember, we’re a team of people that we help you discover what better looks like for you, and then we equip you with the tools to create it. God bless, and until I see you again, make your day amazing. Take care.