Anyways I was saying my hands still smell like garlic because I made dinner last night. It turned out to be really good. But one of the things I had to do was cut up some garlic and parsley and so my hands smell like garlic and marriage counselor edmond. The thing I made it was a steak and potatoes in the oven so I wrapped them in foil with this homemade drizzle that I put on top and out of like butter lemon juice hot sauce parsley garlic and I think that’s it. But I could  let me know and I’m getting a phone call for. Alrighty let’s get the second key word blog going. So we are going to find someone else in here and see. Offer. Last time we read half of an ounce from Pastor Kirk so let’s see how we have any more hair doesn’t look like we have anymore. friends these sets of notes here are some notes that I have from like 2015 July so probably can’t. OK exercise plan for 40 people in the lounge. Getting prices for lighting. No lighting in the lounge.. Dan’s gets quotes for concrete. Joe Jenna exact measurements from builder Bob on carpet. Colors matching in each room. Have Zach make a timeline to be finished in August. Have Anna ask Louie to take people  to marriage counselor edmond and furnishing. Get a ping pong table. We can wait on the tables to be mindful of shipping. We look at workspace flashing. Make a price timeline for budget. Replace the café area. Strip down the front and bar. Get new lighting fixtures. Tax check to see if it be able to have washer and dryer between the drawers. To have let’s look That I have on spectacular said this is spectacular from 2015. The opener we have could be a flash mall from Carol of the bells. Pentatonix has some good songs for Christmas. They could be a ballet/hip-hop routine. And then I have a marriage counselor edmond and some songs listed as options. Let’s see here. I had ads on my Mac I don’t have any notes here. OK  So here are some notes that I had. Food for thought we are in the dietary crisis that we are as a country because of our whole idea of food. I believe so about it. I thought for food. We think of food has pleasure. Entertainment. Left. But if it is not love. If it was meant to provide insurance for our bodies. Then I wrote down holistic psychotherapy. And I had cancer can be compared to Pfizer. How do you know when you found the one? I heard people say when you know you now and I always thought well how do you know? But when I started dating it just happened I knew he was the one. And I say I think he was just kind leaving me with this piece because that’s how he typically needs me. 


And then also I knew what qualities were of a candy man and I knew the qualities I want in a partner specifically. So I guess something on that app one come let me with this piece and two I knew what I wanted in marriage counselor edmond. What do you do when you don’t feel like you say then? Jenna always going to feel like you fit into a certain group of people in a group of people for that matter he might even go to see that I don’t feel like even fit in with your friends. It stinks but it’s OK because we have a. Because you know what that means it means are unique. There is that God is developing you no way he’s not develop developing anybody else. In the season Leena into the presence of God. Elaine and Tess word because he’s about to show you some awesome things about. And you have a calling on your life that Liza for Phil and God needs one on one time with you to prepare you for that. I has a pick up Jackie I have our family students project so Jordan pea had a good intro and I get home check lesson. He could’ve been more simplified with his words. Hayden delivering the message of Jesus was his main point he was reading office notes a lot though. Julia was about talking to marriage counselor edmond and  Jesus. We can pray about and she had objects. We’re not that I had for her was that she could project tomorrow and expand her sermon to make a longer period to go to had good projection and good memorization of the story and storytelling he also had a good Jake lesson. OK we are almost to the end of the page so we are going to keep going because we need a little bit more words to reach her 1000 go today. The guy is wearing a shirt and cotton pants and some little heels. I’m also wearing some really funny earrings they are pink and pom-pom like. I need to get more like this because I feel like a dress up what I’m wearing even if what I’m wearing isn’t very dressy. I also need to get a white blouse. White blouses you can wear with anything you can dress him up or dress him down. So I need to get one. The last one that I was looking at Cameron didn’t like however I liked it so I might just go back and get it. I believe it was only $30 and that was from mode. I’m going to lift up my desk now because I was getting tired of sitting at marriage counselor edmond. I appreciate the fact that I can pull my desk up whenever I need to. At my last job I had I was sitting all day and hardly ever stand up but now I can stand up and sit down as I need to you I feel like this is much better on my legs and just my body blood circulation. Let’s see how many we have now.