Hey everyone. Welcome to NIB. As in counseling today, I have our very own Gina Helms who if you don’t know this, Gina was a super high level coaches, just some very influential people before she came on board with newvision counseling and she has brought so much energy to our practice for depression counseling OKC. Love her. She’s like my younger sister from a another mother, much younger, much younger. What’s up Derek Clark? Good to always see you. I liked your painting and Caleb’s office. It was amazing. Also wanted to say, today we’re going to talk about something very exciting. We all went to, well, some of us went to a conference this weekend and we were really blessed by the energy, the enthusiasm and the ability to not just settle for the moods that we were given, but we actually have the power given by God to change our state. What’s your state?

You say? Well, our state is our mood is how we’re feeling. It’s what we’re thinking. It’s, you know, there’s a depressed state, there’s an angry state, there’s a, an open state. You know, there’s all kinds of states and most people just let circumstances determine their state. But today we’re going to teach you three basic ways that everything can change for you. And these are three ways that I know I use in counseling, I think you use in your practice as well. But there are three ways to change your mood, change your state in any situation. And the first one is what do you know? Oh, I know what it is. So one is the first one to change your state physiology as your physiology. So your movement. So if you’re not, if you’re not, if you’re sitting still and you’re getting really breast stand up. Yeah, if you’re getting anger, you just really relax. Just just breathe the, you know. And there’s different ways. If you’re getting your freight over and sitting up and put your chest out and chest up, like you got a cape on the back and go for it. Imagine yourself, see yourself doing something different. Imagine yourself moving into a new zone.

Have you ever run it? Ran Workout exercise ever in your entire life? Couple of days? Yeah.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever read worked out or, yeah. So Gina has, I know for sure. So when you work out, you really get out. Yeah. After

what happens when you’re dealt with a really good work, how do you feel? Well, 30 minutes after? How do you feel? Yeah, feel great. I mean, I feel energized. Um, I can think clearly. And for me, I love being outside if the weather’s permittable and you know, so that’s one of the first things I do in the day is changing my physiology by getting some, you know, have gone for a run or doing some exercise and it really does affect my mood for the entire rest of the day. Cause I can tell, I can tell the difference and that, you know, ask people all the time, did, can you tell the difference on the days when you don’t exercise and when you do in 100% of the time, I hear yes, yes. You know? And so why don’t we do that with changing our physiology is one very practical and foolproof way of changing your mood and really creating the state that you want to be in for the rest of the day. But what if you’re overweight, out of shape? Maybe you’ve, maybe you’re hurt. Do you have to go work out to change your physiology? Well, I think you have to, you, you don’t have to work out at the gym. You don’t have to, you know, go in and lift weights. But just getting out type and going for a walk, doing anything that gets you moving is going to change your state. Changing. You know, your, your environment, going out doors. We know that changes the way our brain is operating, you know? And so it’s, it’s absolutely effective for people who are experiencing depression counseling OKC. You know, what are the things that we noticed? We were at this conference and we had to sit for 15 hours a day. Not that one. Five one five. There were no breaks the first day. Now they said they never gave us a bathroom break. No, they never let us have to go get something to eat.

So you just gotta like before you explode, you’re like, oh, I better go get go to the bathroom. Well what they would do though, that was so genius and it works so much in the world that God made us. This is they. All right, everybody stand up, sit up and give everybody five high fives, high fives. All right, get to every block. Okay, go do a stretch. Massage the person in front of you. And what they did is they, they, they utilize this, this temple that God gave us to activate to, to move it. And then we were, when we sat back down, I noticed for me I was better able to receive the next level of information, right? And then we applied it to our lives, me thought about it. And they, they condition us. They say, where do you put your books down?

Or everybody put your books down. They made that when the guy on stage that everybody put your books down that everybody has stayed up and go home and raised their hands and just go bananas. And have a lot of fun. And I did it. Did you do it? I did it. We did it sit next to each other. No, but I did it. You’re not supposed to sit by people, you know, so that you are not going to be limited by what they think of you, by the way. And I said, can I have a confession? One time I didn’t do it, I was getting tired and I thought, now I’m sitting down. Everybody else can see that. Really I did. I can fast. But you know, I noticed that I wasn’t as receptive the next time. So I, I learned by not participating that, you know, it really does totally changed the way you receive information.

Oh, that’s so good. Yeah. So the second area that we’ve seen affect depression counseling OKC to change your mood is focus. The first one is your physiology and movement. The second one is focused. What can you focus on that will help you accomplish your goals? Live the life you want to live becomes a man or woman that God made you to be? Well, I know for me, when I focus on the goals, I focused on helping people. I focused on serving others. Sub David, I focus on the things that I want instead of the things that I don’t want. Well, I started to change my mind, my emotions, they all start to change because focus, the power of focus, whatever you focus on grows, whatever we starve dies. We always have two dogs in our life and whichever dog we want to win to win the fight, we need to feed that dog.

So if we feed this dog over here at positivity, encouragement of godliness, of love, well then he’s going to grow and is going to be strong and this one will be weak. And so what you focus on grows so much sale. This guy was telling the story about he lived in the desert and there was nothing around and by every 30 yards or these telephone poles, every 30 yards or his telephone poles. And he says people would go off the road and instead of going between the Poles, where do you guys think they hit? Where do you think they had? You know, I think they hit the polls. They hit the polls because they were focused on the poll. That’s really where I was. You know, I have another story. This guy, Ken Davis, well, he’s a famous Christian comedian. He was doing the seminar and he talked about, he was so good with above.

We could throw an apple up, hit him, throw an Apple Watch. Well, his whole life he chased this, this big elk. You wanted this big off his trophy elk. It’s his dream, his golf, and he was in Colorado. He used the morning and this elk just comes up out of nowhere. He says it’s majestic and he’s like, I can hit that out. There was like 50 yards away. It wasn’t really far for somebody that knows how to shoot. And he says, I can totally hit that. So he draws back and he, he’s, he says the biggest antlers you’ve ever seen. And he draws back and he lets it go. Where do you guys think he hit him? Where do you think he hit? Know if he’s focused on the antlers, but do you think he hit him? It went rise. It went right through the antlers.

Wow. So he missed it. He totally missed it. Wow. He missed it because his focus wasn’t on the target, which would have been the heart. His focus was on the antlers and so ran off and he lost his dream opportunity that he said that he’d been working so hard to create what’s up. Mark Bun felt mark fun fell to super good dude. And I just want you to know that you don’t have to just let whatever comes in your mind. Whatever circumstances are around you, be the focus of your life. And you don’t have to wait for an excuse to be happy. That’s one of the biggest lessons from depression counseling OKC.

Absolutely. You know how I learned to Sean [inaudible]? I learned this mountain biking. Really? Yeah. Mountain biking is kind of tricky, but that’s what I like about it because you’re always navigating through rocks and trees and if you’re not paying attention, you know, you could really hurt yourself. And I have. Um, but here’s the thing, if you look at the tree that you want to avoid, guess what you’re going to hit true. Yeah. You look at the rock that you want to, you want one of light, guess what? You’re going to hit the rock. Yeah. And it takes a lot of, it takes a lot of focus. It takes, you know, to really not look where you don’t want to go. Um, and I think that’s, that’s really true in our lives. So often we look at where we don’t want to go. We look at the things that are wrong in our life, and then we’re focus goes energy flows. So we’ve got, we’re focusing on these negative things and now we’ve got all this negative energy thinking about what’s wrong with our life or what’s wrong with our relationships, what’s wrong with our career, what’s wrong with our health, you know? And then that’s where our energy goes. We’ve got all this negative energy and we’re just feeding in to the, the situation that we’re trying to avoid. You know, you, you talked about, um, feeding. I, you know, I talk about fears like a snowball because really that’s the base of our negative energies. Fear and fears, like a snowball. Every time you, you give into it, you’re rolling that snowball and pretty soon you’re going to have an avalanche that’s going to take over your life. But, but every time you, you get your focus on what you want, your point hot water on that snowball. That’s so true in your day when you brought up a good point, he says, don’t focus on the clowns of life. Ask yourself while you keep going to the circus that’s wrong. If you don’t like clouds, don’t go to the circus. I think so often we allow the culture and the people we’ve been raised by or those that were around to define who we are. Even our education can limit our ability to help people and to love people to serve people. The third one is language. The language that you use coming out of your mouth, the language that you allow in your head, the language that people around you use will change your mood.

Absolutely. So if I’m super depressed, let’s just put this into play. If I’m super depressed, I can stand up from my depression counseling OKC and I can put my chest out and I can say yes, yes. And in my mind, I’m seeing myself succeed at loving my family. I’m seeing myself succeed at loving other people, my kids I’m seeing or at work. I could see myself succeed serving my patients. I could see myself succeed, climbing a mountain or doing whatever. That is something that energizes me. And I said, yes, yes, yes, yes. Because yes, brings you up, no puts you down. So look, don’t wait for the excuse to be happy. Don’t wait for an excuse to make your life better because the best decisions in life are made right now. The best changes of the life are made right now. So look, don’t wait. Be Like David K. Smith, he’s in Hawaii.

He’s in the God’s promised land. He’s going for it. I don’t think that we all were being, absolutely, there’ll be no room if we all went forward. David, you’d have to put us all up, but we’d sort of say, go forward in life. You could change your mood anytime you want by changing one. What your physiology to your focus and three, your language. I use my language to change my focus. I use my language. I have, I have these affirmations and I say them over myself and when I’m on my way to work and that helps me change my focus. So you can use your language. You know, the Bible says, let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Say So. Yeah, we gotta say so. And then our focus gets on what God’s done for us and what he’s already accomplished for us. That we say those things over our life.

That’s where our focus goes and that’s where our energy flows. Amen. Or Guys, God bless David, man, Hawaii. I’ve been there one time, brother. I’d love to go back. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived or lived or wish ever visited. Hey, if you liked this, share it. Facebook, Instagram, you can find us that New Vision counseling. Okay. Seats are handled for Instagram and Facebook. If you need more than you can go to our website and it was in counseling that live. Or we have a team of amazing therapists from all around the country that marry biblical principles with cutting edge depression counseling OKC techniques to join you in your story, to discover what better looks like for you, and then equip you with the tools to create it. God bless David. See you again next week. One day. Keep praying, Debbie, to everybody that tuned in. God bless.