Edmond Christian counseling is about to get even better. I say that because nutrition counseling is opening up a place in Edmond. We currently have had a location in Oklahoma City for some years now. However now we believe it is time to expand into the Edmond area. We are in a good place business wise and financially. And we believe that it is the right time to expand into Edmonton. We are hoping to reach more and more people in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area. Beyond that we want to reach people all across the state. We believe that we are the best Edmond Christian counseling and the best Oklahoma City Christian counseling place.

We believe this because our practice is different. Our practice is different for the obvious reason that we are a Christian organization. Above and beyond that our practice is different because we strive for excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do. This is a part of our seven core values. I would go further to say that our car values set us apart from others. As our founder Sean says, at new vision counseling our mission is to help you discover what better looks like for you and equip you with the tools to create it. Our seven core values include Faith, enthusiasm, teamwork, growth, excellent, integrity, and coachability. We believe that the seven core values also Edmond Christian counseling apart with us being there. Let me go ahead and explain a little bit further. 

Our first core value is faith we believe that Faith expresses itself in action and we share our faith in the work that we do. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and that he is the savior of the world. This belief impacts everything that we do including Adam and Christian counseling. This belief and the belief that his love for people is extravagant guides us and how we care for and counsel the clients that we serve every day.

Our second quarter of the leaf Is enthusiasm. Will you bring excitement filled with hope to those we love in those we serve. This enthusiasm expresses itself in our passion to transform lives. This passion is contagious. We believe God created us to celebrate each other and the life that he gave us. We want to help others celebrate themselves and the people around them with joy and enthusiasm.

I thought the third-quarter belief is teamwork. We work together. By working together we unleash the potential of every person to achieve extraordinary results. We don’t just do hard things we do extraordinary things our goal is to build authentic relationships and always be seeking ways to support one another and to serve one another. We will fight for the highest and most good for our clients and each other.

Our fourth-quarter belief is growth. We focus on being intentional about continually growing into the next best version of ourselves. We are on a mission to learn and surround ourselves with others and do the same. We also believe in surrounding ourselves with good company and good resources in order to become the amazing people that God does send us all to be. We believe that when we are gods best we can have God’s best.

Our fifth Court belief is excellence. We want to always bring our best. We will leave the excellence honors God and those whom we serve. Because we are ambassadors of Christ we want to hold ourselves to a higher standards and the way that we love and treat each other and our clients.

Our sixth core belief is integrity. We always strive do the right thing according to God’s word. Period. We believe in living in authentic life where we are the same person in all aspects of our life. Private and public.

Our seventh chord value is coachable. We believe honest feedback creates a culture of continuous growth. In this culture everyone wins. Honest feedback as I love language and we want to be loved. We don’t just except it but we seek it out.

Because of the seven core values I believe that Edmond Christian counseling will be elevated. Our goal is to be in the new place by next month. We are very excited about this and plan on taking in new counselors and new clients as soon as possible. We want to begin reaching the community of Edmond in a way that we never have before. I believe that we can do this because of the reasons I explained previously. We are a set up our organization. Our goal is that our seven core values are a palled at all times. These core values are faith, and boozy as him, teamwork, growth, excellence, integrity, and coachable. Do you score values that Edmond Christian counseling apart from the rest. If you want to be a part of a Christian counseling organization that has very high success and much is that with our high ethical standards you can book with us today. We would love to come alongside you and help you through your journey journey and struggle in life. Our therapist will not just sit on the couch and watch your life fall apart. We are passionate about jumping into the story with you and helping you succeed and heal as quickly as possible. We believe the best in our clients because we believe they are all children of God. We help people through many different circumstances. We see people for parenting advice marriage counseling trauma anxiety and depression and many more situations.  We also provide life coaching and business coaching to entrepreneurs. I wish is to see our clients become the best versions of themselves. If you want to be a part of our counseling call today and book an appointment. Would love to serve you at Edmond Christian counseling, New Vision.