Look right here. Hi everyone. Shawn Mcguire here with a new vision team and we’re so glad that you guys could join us today. Today we have our very new therapists, Gina Helms. She comes all the way from Sweden and a, she’s joined on our team and we’re so excited. She brings about four months of experience in the counseling. I’m just kidding. She bringing lots of experience of coaching enthusiasm and energy to our team and we’re really excited about really the people she’s already seen lives that are being changed. So if you guys could just celebrate with us and we of course misty who has her own little basketball team, she’s got like five to 12 kids, something like that. And we’re excited because today Ben is going to teach you guys from the fires of his own trials and life, some amazing things to simplify as simplifying your life or what does it renew, renew three ways to, is this the one I hit to make it lighter

yourself daily? I don’t,

yeah, look at that. You are. It was a little bit dark, but now we’ve seen the light. All right. So three simple ways to renew your life with Ben Thompson.

Go for it, Ben. To go with our theme of renewal for this month. I thought always each each day how would renew ourselves. And there’s a limitations. Uh, three it talks about, it just makes me sad when you say that the limitation said the at the end. This is what makes it so more impactful. Right at the end of this limitations there is this or this little meant there is this, it talks about how God’s mercies are new every morning and, and it’s really, it’s as great as God’s faithfulness. And so if we talk about every day there’s, those mercies are renewed. So we’re going to talk about renewal today. Just three ways that you can renew yourself every day. Cause you know, a lot of times we need that in a day. Um, I was riding in a blog post about this that a lot of times we can just get in life and feel like there aren’t new days.

It’s just one really long day. Yeah. Right. And if there’s not, that transition in the way of celebrating the new day just feels like kind of same song, different verse kind of thing. So we’re really trying to figure out what, what are some ways that we can renew ourselves so we can start that in the morning. So how, what does your morning ritual? I say roosters Crow, right? And that your neighbor’s dog might bark, um, the birds start chirping. Uh, that’s the kind of way of starting the day, right? A lot of times, the way we started it, it was like this or what about this news trying to get up, you know, and it’s like we, we started our day delaying the day, right? The day, how we start our day. Unless you’re, unless you’re Sean here, we’re not sure if he sleeps. Actually once in a while we’ve got to find ways to renew our, our, our day and skin. Always having a ritual and the way that you do that. So I encourage, you know, you can do that in a lot of different ways. Um, a lot of people get up. You’d be having a morning meditation that you have a my either specific morning prayer or morning motto that you have. Um, so this is this a little, it’s a little gruesome about 150,000 people didn’t wake up this morning like they did. I don’t have me statistically and we don’t wake up a lot of times and think,


it’s just a big deal that I woke up. Right. I’m just blessed to be awake. Like today. It’s not my first thought of the day. Today is a gift I saw missy is when you’re in the morning at 3:00 AM, is it like, I’m just glad to be here. Yeah. So we, so we create that morning ritual. It’s something that we say we would thank God. I mean you just wake up and say thank you. You know, he just said thank you or jumped out of bed and said thank you. Um, or hey, here’s a way I do this. I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart or if you have any medical conditions, medical conditions that would counter indicate this. I drop in and about the first 15 to 30 seconds of my showers is ice cold. I just turn the hot on. Here’s a good reason.

I drop in. There’s a lot of good research. I jumped in and I just bear it for about 15 to 30 seconds. So you do your breathing fire and then goes, yeah, having a morning ritual, something that you do. I’m greeting the day, being thankful for that day. It can be a huge way just to start the day. Just get a new day. A lot of times we, we need that. We don’t want to live the the last five days again, this one to be a new one. So be in God’s new mercies today. The second way that I talk about this is breathing. I’m watching the way you breathe. So Sean does did it. Um, sometimes we don’t. I mean, how many times do you think during the day, Hey, let me just check in and see how I’m breathing. We’re not really thinking about that, but do you have an apple watch breathe APP and it doesn’t, it does rush do it every hour. So you’re thinking, how am I breathing? Checking in with your breathing. Hey, here’s one way we breathed. When we’re anxious,

he’s not breathing. Guys, hold on. We’re anticipating something or you know, for just little, we’re breathing a little bit faster than normal. We don’t take time to notice this, but our bar, our body is asking you are breathing to kind of tell us how things are on the outside. I mean really our, our breathing kind of indicates what the world is. Just check in with our breathing, uh, to do that under the good breath earlier. And one way to do that one, just to check, see how you’re breathing in to, I just tell you now, read some research. It’s like six, six breaths, six, six second breaths can do it. So kind of in through your nose,

an owl really starts to reorient your body and get your body back into maybe a renewed state or at least maybe out of the anxious state or out of the anticipation of the fearful state through your hands. So we can do a lot with just changing our breathing. So that can be really great. That’s a big real renewing. It’s a huge life, right? Yeah. Yeah. So we’ve take an oxygen without breathing. We’re, we’re, we’re done. We’re one of those 150,000 people that are like, yeah, yeah, yeah. So make sure, and I wanna just make sure you’re breathing, but I think if you notice it, I mean, if you’re aware of, it’s interesting how you just notice your breathing and you might be, I don’t like I’ve taken a breath all day, you know, people say that in your body, I’m going to tell him to breathe all day, which means you haven’t had time to slow down your cadence enough.

Yeah. To calibrate to being present and just relaxing and letting go of whatever’s come upon you, which is part of the deal too, right? Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Release. And sometimes you know, I’ll do so the clients just have them breathe in and then when you get to see somebody mailed off, sometimes, sometimes I forget to do that as a therapist and that’s an extra remind myself to breathe, especially in difficult sessions. Just let it out. Take a breath. It’s okay. Last Way, I think renewal is do have meaningful connection with God and with others every day. Um, you know, I’m, I’m more introverted. Sean’s a lot more extroverted. He always will talk to, he’ll talk to anybody and everybody he needs it. Even as an introvert though, if I’m not having meaningful conversations as why I’m not connecting with somebody during the day, I start to feel just kind of isolated, just kind of lonely.

You just kind of feel that it’s just, it’s just you. And so connecting with others is a way of reminding yourself, hey, there’s a bigger purpose out here. I’m connected to something bigger than myself and it can be really renewing. So having conversation with somebody that you enjoy, that’s probably part of the key and having good conversations. Yeah. Cause you can have conversations with people that are like vampires and attached to you or like kicks, you know? Yeah. But no one in the conversation with the, with the vampires but, but with people that you enjoy and that, you know, it can kind of renew, renew that. And so I have those renewing conversations and of course with God as well, connecting with God and thanking God and praising God and having conversation with God in a way to renew yourself. We need those reminders. We need that.

Cause that’s relationship, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. What’s you’re saying is that the relationship, the connection, it’s, you know, thanks for tuning in, guys. Let us know where you’re from, but it’s, it’s really the, they’re really stepping into the way that God made us. And without breathing, we die without waking up. We sleep. We know that relationships, we live a bane existence, that it doesn’t matter. Like what’s the value of having an existence here without a relationship that was connecting. You know, I know, I don’t know about you guys, but I know that there was the relationships that I have, or the people were like ticks or they’re a rag. Do you, they just feel like they’re on you and that you just know it’s not healthy. Right. The ticks are kind of just annoying, but the longer you’re around them, the more you just kind of feel sick and maybe get your lymes disease going and then there’s people that are like vampires.

You feel there. Things in her neck and years I was like, oh, I can stand. Barely stand to be around him. But then there’s those people like you’re talking about that they renew your Life Bay, they energize you like your relationship with Christ. You know? I know in the morning that’s part of my morning routine is that I spend time with God because that time energizes and informs the way I live the rest of my day. What do you girls think? What’s going on back here on the spot? All right, let’s go on back here. And the the gallery of women starting the night before miss these five foot one or a Gina’s five for, no,

I’m just kidding. She’s in a, she’s in a short chair. She’s actually six 11 but I like to start the night before

and when I go to bed I just lay there and I go, I think back through my day and I just thank God for all the good things that happened in a day and it’s amazing to me. When I started doing this I thought, well I might think of two or three but I will literally just go through like every step of the day and I’m amazed I will, I fall asleep thinking, you know, thanking God for all the things that he does for throughout the day. And when I do that, it seems like I just wake up and better spirits. I wake up just thankful, grateful and, and more cheerful. So that’s kind of one of the methods I use to renew myself. Awesome.

That’s really good. I do something like that too. I use, like I finished up about 3:00 AM finishing up thinking God and then I go to sleep for about an hour’s Belle rive though if we were to be honest. Right. What about you miss your, what kind of, I know you have a lot of things that you do a two, 300 a night, which was like, would you like, I know, well

kind of jumping on the back of the relationship thing, like just be mindful that people that you’re surrounding yourself with because if they’re just spewing out negativity, like I understand that you’re like taking that onto yourself and then you’re more likely if you don’t release that and refill yourself with positivity that you’re going to pour that same thing out on to others.

That’s so true and it’s draining is, you know, something I think a lot of people don’t realize is that when our voice and our mouth is used to sow seeds of death, even if it’s people say, I’m just being honest, you know, if your honesty is sucking life out of your relationship with your friends, with your spouse, with your kids, with your employers or employees, then it’s, it’s not being godly. It’s just not to fact you can, you can be factual and not godly. So I would just encourage you to think about whatever you’re saying out of your mouth, you’re selling seeds into the future that you’re going to live in and that the future will be the harvest of the seeds that you’re selling right now. So I, I just want to encourage you that we want to renew. That’s one of the gods.

Renew your mind through the Washington, the word, then you’ll be able to test and approve what is good, pleasing and perfect will is, and I think you know, there’s a lot of science and research that goes into some of this, you know, meditating on all night the things that God has done. You have the Bible’s clear and meditating on the word day and night when you’re walking, when you’re talking and you know, Jean has got the message version and it probably says when you’re sleeping, you know the message versus is it just something somebody put together and just put all the cool things you thought should be in the Bible. But I think for Gina, that lets her have whatever words that God has been speaking through the day she highlights them. And then they have access to her mind when she’s sleeping to kind of Mo mall through her subconscious and her spirit all night so that they can go deeper into who she is.

Now, Ben, you want to recap on all the three amazing lessons that you’re Kinda said today? Yeah, rituals. Rituals are important. That’s really good. Bad. Yup. So guys, I hope that you enjoy this today. You know, we have a new vision counseling, a team of Christian counselors that love God, love people, and we’re on a mission to help you discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools to create it. And you may be listening to this thinking, Oh man, my spouse told they need to see like, like it turns you on your elbow. People, I don’t ever do that, but I saw Gina do at one time. But you may be thinking of a friend or family member or even a spouse or that needs to hear this. So share this with them that that’s great. But you may say, you know, Sean, I know somebody, or maybe it’s you that you want more. You, you, you feel like you need somebody to partner with you in this journey called life and help you navigate through the difficult struggles that you’re having, whether it’s marriage, parenting, career challenges, stress, anxiety, all of those are things that we know that we can give you a chance to move through when we, you call us today, or you contact us, go in New vision counseling.org we have a new website coming out. I’m not going to say it, but I almost did, but now it’s new as in counseling.org and know.