Again, I think we’re going live again. You’d see the live videos. I, everyone we got disconnected, our Edmond Christian Counseling signal disconnected. So we’re shooting this on two cameras can leaves.

So bitterness, ringing, sweet, something sweet, something sweet. So we want to add joy. That’s really what it is. Uh, so then other Edmond Christian Counseling element that we can identify in burnout and relationship is dread. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve experienced not wanting to come home at times and I haven’t met your wife. What’s going on? It wasn’t my wife’s issue. It’s actually me. Yep, he’s right.


So generally if there’s dread involved, there’s something that I don’t want to do. There’s something that keeps me from wanting to go home. That’s what I mean by dread. Um, if you’ve ever experienced dread, maybe you, you can identify it that way. So really the battle for dread against drag is finding a, an opportunity to create change, a change that just stir something up. I think dread is really a stillness. Something that’s really still, and we want to with that

now when they say dreadlocks, dreadlocks, dreadlocks. So you don’t wash it for a while, right? That’s still, that’s why I need to change. When we first met and you won’t believe this, and Ben actually had good lucks. Did you look good? Even the, he met his wife. He had followers probably pretty happy for that joke. Okay. So with dreads,

we’re, we’re wanting to change that in the, the soil of the relationship to bring nutrients in. And so we change it by looking for any opportunity to take stillness out. Um, if you cultivate your yard, if you cultivate a garden, you oftentimes want to a eight and it brings nutrients to the soil. So dread is that stillness in a relationship. If I bring change, I’m really stirring things up. Let’s see if we can do something different. Right? Let’s try something different. Um, I’m going to go out with my wife rather than stay at home on Friday night and say, oh, there’s nothing on TV again, in, in creating that opportunity just to enjoy one another is actually part of the, the rest of the elements with the bitterness, with the saying, no, I’m not going to, I’m actually putting my heart out there and that, that helps against resentment because now I’m thinking about how can we be good together rather than how can I just serve all the time ever.

I’ve always serving. That’s not really that element of resentment. Any ideas on that one? So just to cap real quick, we’ve got, um, this relational fertilizer that springs growth in our relationships. The three elements that we want to, to realize burnout from his, um, dread, resentment and bitterness. We can counteract those with creating healthy boundaries, saying no and waiting for a heart to, to get in line with, uh, our yeses and then also finding opportunity, uh, with the bitterness to bring joy in place. What are we happy and grateful about in our relationships? Uh, also with the, with the dread, we want to change dread by bringing the opportunity of change and growth and bringing more growth into our relationship. Stirring it up, creating something that’s new. And you guys,

you know, I just like to go back to the cow analogy, the cow analogy. So David Kay Smith, what is up my brother from another mother and I know my mom went to Hawaii long time ago, but I’m just saying it’s good to see you back or that’s good to see you back. Like you know David, I know you guys have cows in Hawaiian cause you’re, you have a way to get a fruit and produce to not have good, doesn’t come from volcanoes. It does not come from volcanoes in the ash who knows. So fertilizer to me, the thing that I take from the title and I know that uh, summer will back me on this cause she’s knows about this stuff real well cause she’s a cowgirl. I’m just going to farm. She literally put up fences, right? I mean that’s part of her story or she traveled the world.

She put up fences. So fertilizer. Typically when I think of it, I think of stuff that come from dying from that which is refuse that which is wasted. And so many times when we’re going through adversity in life and marriage with our kids, we get so caught up in the pain of the moment that we lose sight of God’s movement throughout history. No, he gave us the book called the Bible so that we can go back and look through the chronology of how he’s moved through the people that loved him all throughout history. People like job, you know, we’re, we’re doing a study in, Joe was part of it and I’m just like, man, this guy was legit. He was the same time his father Abraham, and he was, he was like having all these boils. He’s lost. There’s nobody in the history that I ever know of that loss as much as job being that right.

Just making that many decisions, that honor to God. And I think that the fertilizer, the way Joe handled it, even though it was death, destruction, God used that. And I think he’s used it eternally to touch our lives. And we go through adversity and then even in job’s life, he started to taste the goodness of God while he was still living. I think there’s those of you out there today that need to hear this message that the fertilizer of this season of life that’s making things grow as the pain of the last season that God walked you through. And so if you’re in a season of pain right now, just know that God wants to use this season. The things that you may not have answers to that require faith. And you know, I don’t know that faith works in reverse of fear and that faith is the opposite of fear.

I think there’s always fear and faith if there wasn’t, if there was not a, I mean, perfect love drives out fear, but faith as an element of trusting God when you don’t have the answers. And we as humans, when we don’t have the answers, we get nervous. Well that’s trusting God anyway, his faith. So I just want to encourage you to have faith that this season we’ll have a significance. This season will make a difference in your future. Whether that’s in this world and the next with eternity with God, that if your kids are in a tough place right now where they’re strong, man, look, the fertilizer of this season that’s being created through you know the poop of the season that stinks. The stuff that just makes your life Rick will be the that which God uses to grow the best crops ever and the next.

So take heart, be encouraged and look, if you liked this video, go to our website, check out. We have more videos there were going to put more on and we’re going to start a podcast in the next month and it’s new as in next week. Switch into New Vision We’re really excited about this new website, but if you need more help than just podcasts and videos and Facebook and we would encourage you to go to our website, news and and reach out because we have a team of Christian counselors that Mary Biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques and we’d all just sit on the couch. Fuck we’re doing now. Wake up, wake up. We actually birthday boy and I’ll jump into the story with you because you matter and we help you to discover the unique value that God gave you when he named you. Cause we all come with different names in life and we help you live out of the idea.

We help you discover what better looks like for you. And then we kept, we have the tools and resources to treat it. So don’t wait. If you have a friend, share this with them. Everybody needs to know that God’s got a plan, no matter the circumstance to amount of the adversity. And this is just a season. God bless St Caleb a happy Edmond Christian Counseling birthday if you can, and BNA. And I’m really interested to know where David and summer are going to go on their next trip. So if you have any, any questions, Persia, Persia, maybe per maybe, isn’t it? Maybe back to Israel to walk again with the feet of Jesus or guys, God bless and hey, we’re going to be taking a trip to Branson and celebration of Kayla’s birthday. So pray for our family that we’ve made memories that lasts a lifetime. And that are bigger than everything else around. Take care of guys and see you again really soon. Bye. [inaudible].