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Hi everyone and welcome back. I am so excited man. I’m excited a lot. But today I’m extra excited because I have one of my brothers come, another mother here in the studio, which the studio right now is this big window overlooking my nice yard cause it’s a beautiful day, right? Yes. So beautiful man. My brother was Sean Copeland who is a celebrated author, social media influencer. And this brother travels around the world, literally around the world, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. And you know, one thing I wanted to bring him on the show to talk about is how does he navigate the work life balance? Because right now you have a son where the actually the godparents. Yeah, Aiden and you have another son. She made it in August. Get up drill. That is how old’s drill now. Charo was 10 years old and then you have another son in the womb.

Yes. You’d have a name yet. No name yet. We actually were trying to dissolve between two names. Maybe you have some of your guests can give us some guidance. That’d be great. Well, today I wanted to bring you on to talk about something that all of us who love our families struggle with, and that is the work life balance. Wow. Especially as somebody who loves God, loves his family. I really wanted you to speak into how do you grow a business because you are a big time social media influencer. You have access to literally millions of people every day. You’re doing Facebook, you’re doing youtube, you’re on podcasts. You’re, you’re budgeting time every day to write 500 to a thousand words. You just signed two new book deals, you’re looking for a house. I mean rather you, you’ve got it going and all these different areas. So I just wanted you to share, you know, how you start to navigate that situation.

Cause I know a lot of you guys out there listening are like me and you struggle to find the work life balance every day and every season’s different. True. Yeah. So Shawn, thank you again so much for having me and I’m excited to be on your podcast, Bro. I love it says insanely cool, The v right here in the flesh together to one another one. Cause we’ve done podcasts. We have, but, uh, one of the big things I just want to stress is I’m not a subject matter expert, but it is the grace of God and it’s allowing myself to be around people like you being coachable, be teachable. Um, in learning to let of things, allowing

a team, a strong team around me to help guide me, uh, in deeper into leadership and deeper into, you know, doing greater things in my life, man. So,

so the team aspect really, that’s kind of, that’s biblical, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. Bad Company corrupts good morals. Oh, the opposite is true. Good company promotes good morals, good values. And so for you, one of the key elements is to take away is making sure that people that you’re around are like minded like-hearted yeah. And they’re going somewhere.

Uh Huh. Definitely creating a culture of, um, of community, but also a coacher where growth is stress. Like if we’re not moving forward, we’re taking steps to behind. Sure. Yeah. It’s important. Yeah. To, to live and be hungry, hungry, humble and hustle.

Hardly. Wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. No hungry, humble and hustle. That’s, that’s what that’s called an alliteration. It’s three H’s. Come on now. [inaudible] going to homeschool. So you’ll know what that means. This stuff, right. Let’s go. So one of the things I think that a lot of us listening can really take from that is, but what about our families answer this. What about if you have a family member that is toxic and you only have a certain amount of time because you’re traveling all over your speaking, you’re writing, I mean you really are doing all these different activities that are kingdom minded, but what have you have, uh, a family member or maybe maybe you have a neighbor that’s right there and they want to talk and, but maybe they’re not the best person and you’ve got this limited time. How do you deal with that? So

that’s a great, great question. And I’ve come across this so many times in the midst of trying to get things done rather than being a son first. The one of the big things is, is I want to be faithful to God before I’m faithful to my work. That’s good. Faithful to who he is and what he’s telling me to do in a moment. So I’m willing to stop what I’m doing and connect with that person if God, if I feel the burden to do so. But if not, I do set up boundaries. There’s times where, you know, the same person comes around saying the same thing being toxic and you have to create that, you know, hey, you know, God makes it clear. It’s important. People we, they deserve deserve our Edmond Christian Counseling love. Sure. But not necessarily access to our hearts and not necessarily access to us fully. So as long as I’m loving them taking, you know, 10 20 seconds to listen to them, I, that means that doesn’t always mean two hours, you know? And

Yeah. Well you know, on this, let’s really nail this down cause I know even in, you know, doing Edmund marriage counseling, something that I’ve seen is a lot of us have struggled in the past or even in the present. Yeah. A lot of the listeners out there know this is true. How exactly do you determine, where do you allocate your time? Like is there, is there a scale that you have? Is there a, is there a process that you go through because you know you’re a likable guy. I mean if, if you guys saw her shot, if this was a, we had a video going, his smile is about, is about as big as a son and it just lights up the room. True. I’m not using hyperbole here. Ah, and, and how do you, you’re welcome. Very welcome. How do you regulate or, or moderate who to spend time with and who not to? Because we all have a certain amount of time that we have every day. We all have the same amount of time every week. And so how do you determine who gets that time? How do you say no to lunches? How do you say no? What do you do to manage that?

Love it. So one of the things that God’s been, you know, speaking to me more belt and also he’s used you in your life, in your mentor ship and several others that tell me to move out of that space of people pleasing. Yup. And they are trying to be, you know, so you know, so available and open to everyone’s else needs where I’m making myself fall and fell on a downside. So one of the things that God’s been showing me though more of priorities, like having a structure within my life. So first and foremost, always my attention needs to be to God. Second, I need to be adhered to. My Wife Love my wife as Christ loved the church. So she’s going to have my attention next and then my family, my kids. And then after that it’s gonna flow. Uh, you know, people either I’m working with are doing ministry with life with, and then yeah, there’s basically tears where like a more available too at this season of my life. Right. Knowing that I’m just trying to add here to the order that God’s called me to, but yet still be like, not overlook the people you put in front of me, but have a sensitive ear to what he wants me to do with them are, you know, how to cater to them and love them and sure of himself.

You know, you know what our Edmonton marriage counseling, what I’ve discovered with a lot of people pleasers, like yourself. Yeah. Make decisions based off of fear. God, your pressure, God. Fear and peer pressure. Yeah. And so what happens when you make decisions off of fear and peer pressure, you’re not making them from a place of love or a place of wisdom and calling God it, and so I think that’s really good that you’re in. I’ve seen the evolution of you growing into more pleasing of God because you can’t please God and man at the same time you can try to please everybody. What happens,

man? You’ll end up failing. You’ll fill them.

Yeah, and it’s an R. And. R. I know for me, our families, our faith, our finances, all of these things start to struggle. Wow. We got our Edmond Christian Counseling priorities off right. Got It. Yup.

I’ve seen it in my own life, although his business dealings and man, you know what? Let me share a quick story real quick. There was a time where I got invited to go to Washington DC to go be around a whole bunch of influencers. I knew it wasn’t the greatest time, our healthiest time to do Edmond Christian Counseling so. However, because that need to feel appreciated and accepted and to be somewhere where I’ve really felt God not wanting me to be a, because I should have been with my, you know, family. I should have been, you know, I was in a really stressful spot at work, but yet I still compromise the conviction of staying with my family to be out there with them. And I noticed it at the end. You can definitely tell how that disobedience, he really hurt my marriage. It hurt my family. Sure. Also it heard some of my work life stuff. So just by wanting to be having that desire that I’m godly desire to, to, to be accepted in to please the people that I thought I needed. So it was sad though, man.

You know, there’s always the cost when we trade out God’s calling and what the season is. And I think one thing that you just mentioned that I can relate to a lot is when you and I hang out, I always feel motivated to chuck to really conquer the world. I’m like, why don’t I have a book read or written? Why am I not around? Because you speak to the passions that are in my heart to do things like this, podcasting or do social media things were hustle. We don’t, you know, and our Edmund Marriage counseling, we don’t just, if we affect people’s lives and we have, you know, hundreds of people every week live that are eternally change and there’s another platform that you opened my eyes to have millions of people. Wow. We could have access to you have video, podcasting, social media books. And so I, I have to constantly get checked and we’ll call that check.

Tanto it’s my wife’s name, the seasons and timing, the seasons and times. Because I know when I started to invest in something that God’s not calling me too. Yeah. I just get super stressed out. Wow. Overwhelmed. Because I want to succeed at it. I want to nail it and I wanted to just to go over the top and make it amazing. Cause I know that people’s lives really, yeah. Feel like they may not really be, but they feel like they’re on the line. Yeah. That this material needs to get out there. And so I think even yours is a pleasing and minds is the search for significance of looking for ways to really change people’s lives, God and make it better. Yours is pleasing. And so I think no matter where you’re from, yeah, I think having a clean understanding of what boundaries mean. Yeah. And how and where you’re making decisions from really will impact your Edmond Christian Counseling life. True.

Good. And I love how you said that the things that we sell this search for significance to impact people’s lives. You see the motive behind it, the motive followed it. And even with my people pleasing the, the, the motive behind that is just wanting to, to love and serve people and meet people where they are. But the problem is God is a decency of uh, uh, God is a god of decency, timing in order. And when we get those things out of order, we’ll find ourselves, you know? Yeah. Rec and ourselves trying to please people. But it’s not like, I don’t think it’s the motive, this a bad thing. I think it’s more like it’s out of order. We need to please God. And then you know, from that people will be pleased then, you know, I eman growing significance no matter what because we’re being led by him. That’s good. Yeah. So

well give me another one. What are those? Yeah. Oh, as far as work life balance,

work, life balance. So with that, um, great question. I’m really trying to be more intentional with balancing my work life by setting alarms on my phone and shutting off, putting my phone in airplane mode and getting to know her and stuff like that. There’s really, it has to be intentional in my wife always helps with that.

She always was there. Great wives aren’t great. Yeah. My Wife’s new word that she’s been saying lately is margin margin. He’s like, I’m just going to keep saying it to you margin wise. Yeah, yeah. We won’t do that. I was trying to do it all yesterday. Work podcast. Yeah. Meet with people and then go to this stations of the cross at this place called Henderson hills and Edmond. Gotcha. And, and we did that and I got home late because there was a line for the incense. I was crazy. Like 20 minutes. It took up most of our Edmond Christian Counseling time and I was 20 minutes late getting back home to pick my son up to go play. So even by the time I called her, we were already late to him be, aw man, you always do this. You don’t leave margin. You know, not many people always do anything, but it is frustrating if we don’t budget that time and we’re not really intentional because I allowed the day to get away from me.

So I can completely relate to that. And then it puts stress on us, put stress on them, and then it just makes it a lot more chaotic when, when in reality if we say no to some things, it opens up the door to say yes to others. Oh, that’s really good. That’s really good. And when you saw a log airplane mode, boy, that’s good stuff. Yeah, true. And when you say yes to some things, you’re saying no to a ton of other things and off that airplane mode, that is airplane mode. Sean, check this out. This morning I was driving here and I was thinking about just something great. Oh, even about the timing and the schedule that we had in mind this morning side meeting here that was creating space in a way. So when our families woke up, you know, they’re awake, they’re ready for the day, we’ll have that time for them.

So I paid them little moments like this where we just mindfully, you know, set our day up early that work, get that work piece out, which this is what we do, we love, we’re passionate about this stuff and I man, it’s opens up a way to, to, you know, be mindful. So there’s two things I want to key in on that you said that I think everyone listening, including me, needs to really be intentional on. So the first one is, is to choose wisely who you surround yourself with. Don’t let proximity, your neighbors, your historical friends, your historical family, those people from your Edmond Christian Counseling past, they may have an expiration date that they need to expire out. Not everybody does, but a lot of people do God. And that season’s over. And not just allowing people into your life because they ask for the time, but being very intentional about the people that you choose to have in your life very much and making sure they’re going the same direction or that you’re intentionally ministering to them and showing them love because that’s the, that’s the call of that relationship, but not having any relationships in your life that are happenstance and just there because they’re around you and demanding your Edmond Christian Counseling time.

Yes. The other thing you said that I thought it was really good Rashawn is airplane mode. You must be intentional about what you choose to design your Edmond Christian Counseling day with, not just allowing the flow of the day, the stressors of other people’s lives, the stressors of emails, the stressors of even good things like for you. I know when you write, you block off the world, you airplane mode, everybody except for God and you just tune in to either your writing coach or whoever you’re talking to. Huh. And you write in, just just pumped that out. Yeah. I think that’s a big deal because so many times, most of us present company included allow the demands of others to infiltrate the purity of what God’s called us to some of these spaces of our life. That’s good. And then we will never be balanced because we’re allowing other people to determine what we do throughout our Edmond Christian Counseling day cause we’re just reacting, reacting, reacting.

But you’re talking about starting the day, being intentional like we did today. You probably got a town with God, I’d have time with God and then we moved right into podcast early in the morning on a Saturday morning and just trusting the Lord to move in and through our lives to change others. Yes. Or guys, I just want to say it’s been a privilege for you to listen to us and my brother Rashawn so really is so grateful. He really is my brother and in lots of different ways and I just want to encourage you, go back and listen through these techniques and tools and resources cause his brother is not just talking it. He’s literally living it every single day. You are very welcome brother. And for those of you listening, you say, Shawn, this is great, but I need more. Here’s the great news, our and marriage counseling.

We have a practice where we marry biblical principles with cutting edge counting techniques. I mean I’ll just do marriage counseling. We also help you with anxiety. We do business consulting. We have a whole team of therapists that specialize in parenting and very really in a sundry of different issues and things that you need help with that would love to join you in your story today. And if that’s you or a friend, share this podcast with them or go to our website. It’s new vision counseling.live nutrition counseling dot l I v E and sign up. Call us today, email us, get in touch with us. And the great news is typically within one week, depending on your need and who you want to see, we can get you scheduled and start the process of transforming your Edmond Christian Counseling life and the lives of those you love. Good. That’ll be so guys, thank you so much for listening.

Hey, we really, it means a lot to me. If you go to our website and he was in counseling that live and check it out, watch the video, share with others, and then rate us and review us on Google. I know Rashawn likes iTunes right now. I like Google because that’s part of how we’re getting the word out. That counseling can change your Edmond Christian Counseling life podcast and can change your life. If you invite people in, God can do amazing things. Hey Man, well guys, God bless and remember creating an amazing day, one decision after another. You guys talk to you next time.