Hey everyone, welcome to the team and the vision counseling here with you today. And we’re going to be talking about how to ace your transitions, the movement from one phase of life to the next. And you know, just as talk about transitions, if you have any kids, he could probably relate. My wife, uh, hands me this book yesterday after I got off work. I don’t know what it means. Maybe you guys can help me figure it out. Can you guys read that? Can you read that to you?

It’s a scream free parenting.

No, I am not like, you know, a detective by any stretch of the imagination. But actually I owed her the book and I think this will help me transition from my daughter being sweet, pure, holy little angel to almost being 13 this year. If the Lord doesn’t come back first, which I pray for, she’ll be 13. And so Katie’s going to talk to us about these transitions, how to ace them to be a pro at them and you know, let us know where you’re from. We love to hear and, uh, get to know who you are and where you’re from because it helps us know who are talking to and Katie can Kunturo her messages to exactly your location in the world. All right, got it. Any further ado?

Okay. Well, if you’ll notice, we’re basically in the beach here. There’s the ocean behind us and onto the side. And so summer is upon us. Like it or not. I like it, but it does mean that there are a lot of transitions and just like Sean was saying, whether it’s your kids, you know, getting older, entering teenage hood or the kids, you know, going into their summer schedule or just whatever transition it is. Um, hopefully today that’ll, this’ll be some encouragement. So today I have three questions to ask to help you. Ace a transition.

Oh, I bet you she’s going to use an APP acronym.

Um, you’re right. He’s the master of acronyms. Um, well it helps me remember them as much as anything transparent. So, okay. So the first one is the ae for ace and it is, um, am I spending more time thinking about this transition or praying about this transition? So I’m a pretty logical, which I think the majority of our office is. We’re, even though we talk about feelings all day, every day, um, we also are all pretty logical and practical. And so I’m the person who, when I’m going through a transition, even if I’ve already decided the transition’s coming as I’m trying to think about the details of the transition, whether it’s I’m going to rent a u haul to move or I’m, you know, signing myself up for something fun during the summer or whatever, I’m gonna list out, you know, pros and cons, I’m going to really think it through and try to methodically make the best decision possible.

However, what can get lost in that is prayer. Sometimes I can really focus on the logical piece and that, you know, really sometimes what the Lord calls us to is not logical. Now, God is not a god of confusion. God isn’t, you know, I’m saying isn’t God’s not telling us that he didn’t create our minds and that we’re just supposed to go do something completely outrageous. But sometimes the Lord tells us to take a leap of faith. And so making sure that we’re praying through something also thinking about it, but praying through something as well. And you know, if the Lord’s leading you and something, it’s gonna align with scripture. And so if you’re spending time in the word you’re in, you’re memorizing the word and you’re meditating on the word, then as you’re praying about something you can assess. Like was that just some weird thought that popped in my head or was that the Lord? And you can really listen to the voice of God in that. So do you guys ever find yourself thinking more than you’re praying about something?

I do thinking and I do talking, like right now my wife and I are deliberating over all these kids’ activities. Yes. It’s such a big deal as they get older or whether you saying just recreational sports, competitive sports, recreational acting drama or professional acting and drama. And then you have school obligations and you have to really manage the thing that I think most parents fail at own intentionally because they don’t know and we’re included in that is managing the kids’ schedule so you can protect their heart and give them margin. And so we talk so much about this, I’m sure we talk about it more than me pray about it, but we do pray about it a lot. The challenge is when God doesn’t give you a direct clear answer on you gotta talk about it some more. Right. Or do some more phone calls.

And I would say that, you know, also be intentional about praying with your spouse and even if it’s a decision with your kids, there’s going to be a pole because depending on the age of your kid, you know, like Shawn’s talking about, um, his sweet girl who’s almost 13, um, we’ll, she’s going to have her own opinion about what she does during the day.

And so,

yeah. So Sean’s not only going to have to talk and pray with his wife about his daughter’s activities, but he’s going to have to talk and pray with his daughter about her activities because even though it’s still Sean’s decision, he obviously wants to esteem her and help her to be equipped when she’s an adult, to be able to make those decisions at some point too. But it’s tricky. It’s really challenging trying to balance all those things. But I know for myself and for people that I see often that sometimes we can get so caught in the talking and the thinking that we forget the praying. It’s hard. Yeah. Yes. So going through those transitions, so if you’re just tuning in, the first one was, um, to ace a transition was the a, and that is, am I thinking or talking about this more than I’m praying about this?

So that was the a, so the C is so during a transition, it can, I cut something out, um, during this transition time. So a lot of times during a transition we are completely overwhelmed because even that like change, like Sean, I think he kinda likes change. I know. Yeah. Well it’s the adventure. Yeah. He likes the adventure part. Not every part of it, but, um, but someone like me, I’m not, I don’t really like the adventure part of the change as much. And so when, um, so for me it’s easy to be like, okay, I’m going to have to cut something out during a transition. Cause I know that that’s kind of not that easy of a time for me. But for Sean, I can totally see Shawn me like, yeah, let’s do three vacations during that move. I don’t need Edmond Marriage Counseling to cut something else out.

It’s true. Yeah. Yeah. And so I’m so for sunlight, misty. Yeah. So, so I think there’s an in between because like for me, um, truthfully adding one vacation or something if I was moving might actually be really good for me because that might actually be more of a break depending on the vacation, which is, we’re not talking about Disney world. Disney world is not a real vacation. But if it was like laying on the back somewhere or something or maybe just taking some time off, um, just to rest a little bit or get some together that might be rejuvenated. Yes. But I think it’s during a transition is a really good time to lay everything on the table and just say, okay, what do I need Edmond Marriage Counseling to maybe pause? What do I need Edmond Marriage Counseling to cut out temporarily? Um, as opposed to, you know, just in normal season. And so that’s I think a really,

there was something else that transitions. My wife is sitting at pivotal pivotal year this year. She’s turning, I’m not going to tell you, cause you told me I got in trouble before that. Not too long. Like last weekend I got in trouble for it. I thought we were over that. But I guess we’re not, uh, my daughter will be turning 13 and I’m fully allowed to say that I held and so I’m taking her somewhere in a trip to mark that transition. And of course it’s going to be nonstop action adventure trip. And the funny thing you bring up about the beach trip is I’m taking my wife to Mexico. It’s like a big pivotal, you know, I have to do hers bigger than my daughter’s is kind of a deal. It’s important. It’s important. You may laugh, but there’s no way. Is that a joke? Yeah, no, that was one of her, that’s a free marriage tip.

That was one of the qualifications I had to spend more money, do better, better hotels, better everything. No joke. And I am, I am saved up for it, but she wants her vacation or big fear was that we were going to go on vacation without the kids and I wasn’t gonna have anybody to play with, but her and she said, he usually get one kid where I’m out, get the next one. Then you get all of us at the end of the day. And she’s like, I just want to lay on the beach and hang out. You know what? Maybe one time a day we’ll go and do something. Might be torture foreign. So, uh, you know, while she’s sleeping, I’m sure I’ll sneak off and go spirit some finish or have some fun. But yeah, it’s true. I’ll have a bag of books, will have it, will have a bag. There’s no doubt. I’ll have a bag of bucks. Yes. Journal note.

Yes. Yeah, we’ll, yeah. So I think, I think that’s important. And I also think, you know, as much as we’re, you know, given Sean grief a little bit about how energized he is, I think it is important to know your Edmond Marriage Counseling personality though. Um, Sean pretty extroverted and so he’s fueled by adventures, spending time with people. I’m introverted. And so when I am going through a transition, it’s important for me to know that when I’m cutting something out, it shouldn’t include more people. It should only include people. And so it’s important to recognize those things. Are you more of a towards people or you’d have always been an extrovert, but I feel like I’m starting to, to come a little more introverted. Yeah. Yeah. So you, so you know too and somebody gets, yeah. So yeah. So that naturally brings out the introvert side. So different ages.

She’s in the throes of teenage years. We’re just, we’re just on the screen yet. Yes. Yeah. So, so who knows. Catch us in five years in Sean May feel really difficult. [inaudible] sitting in the back end. Kb Up, who knows a little kids. Yeah. So just pay attention. Um, okay, so that was the a and the c of the ace and then the e. So we’re going to talk about expectations. So I’m in, are my expectations helping this transition or are they fueling some disappointment? So, um, so Sean is also a guy who has really high expectations and those expectations, like when he takes his kids to Branson, they’re going to be really energized. Things are going to be really fun because, because you have this expectation that we’re going to do things, we’re going to have fun. And so that can be really good. But in a transition sometimes if our expectations are okay, everything’s going to be moved within three hours, um, the movers are going to come and they’re going to have everything in the house in three hours or whatever.

And my little labels that I stick on all the boxes, that means that the movers will know these go in the kitchen, these go in the bedroom. You know, that’s probably a little unrealistic. I mean, in theory it, I like preparation and I’m very organized so I enjoy that. But if your Edmond Marriage Counseling expectation is a little outrageous, it’s going to make the transition even harder. Or if you’re just expecting too much of yourself or of your family members, like I think kids are a great thing if you’re expecting your kids to behave or if you’re expecting your kids to help you move or if you’re expecting your kids to just, um, inter teenage hood just flawlessly, that’s probably a little unrealistic and it’s going to make that transition even harder as opposed to giving yourself some grace in your family. So you have been through a lot of transitions. So how did you ever have any unrealistic expectations? Um, I don’t know if I have many expectations anymore. [inaudible]

yeah. So take, take some there. Yeah. Her and her husband. Yeah. So yeah. So lowering those expectations has been key for your family? For sure. Yeah. Yeah. You just have to know that hey, this is what it is. It’s not going to be perfect. Go. It’s about life. Yes. Yeah. What does that even mean? Go with flow. I’ve heard that expression before, missy, but I don’t think I’ve figured it out, but I was never in the military, so I don’t, maybe that helped me hot sort of a dude. I don’t see that being good. Survived. Yeah. She came out, shout it like a Jab. Yeah. So as we continue through may, we’re going to be talking more and more about transition. This is just such a trend month folded in transitions, getting out of school, College. Yes. Just all the things. So, um, so stay tuned for us as we’re talking more and more about about transition and hopefully this will help you ace your Edmond Marriage Counseling next transition

and maybe your wife will buy you.


By the way, I bought this book myself, one of our the therapists, then Bna Thompson, he probably heard of him before. Uh, you know, on the crime news and things like that. He recommended this book, said it was great. So you may want a transition to help you with kids in this season of life or maybe you want to help transition them with marriage. Maybe you’re transitioning on the job, whatever your Edmond Marriage Counseling, we’re here to serve you. We have a team of Christian counselors that Mary Biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques that want to join them in this story today. We don’t just sit on the couch if you’d like to jump into your Edmond Marriage Counseling adventure with you, whether you’ve been in the military, whether you’ve been in a Baptist camp, whether you’ve been to Florida back there, we want to join you or ever you’re at in your journey today.

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