Yeah. Hey everyone. Good to see you. We’ve got, do you know him? She just got bad back from Turkey visiting some of our family there. And we have our famous Katie who, uh, is a real special person, so thanks for coming. Gina’s been working so hard on this topic for so long and she’s going to go so quickly in depth about how to help you deal with stress, how to accomplish goals, how to just crush it in every single area of life. And so you’re not going to want to miss it. Let us know where your phone, when you’re Edmond Marriage Counseling tuned in love here in it. And without further ado, do you know, just got back from Turkey,

the Helms. Yep. Awesome. Okay. So we’re going to talk about how to relax, you know, um, it’s interesting because the world has a very different way of relaxing. Uh, then what scripture advices or, so how does, how does the world relax? What do you guys, I mean, what are some thoughts for you guys? I know Katie typically vapes. No, just kidding. She has a vape. Sean usually hits the bar. That’s right. Yeah.

So we have our things. Yeah. That’s how the world does. They use substances to externally. Yeah.

With internal issues. Absolutely. Absolutely. Payment, entertainment, you know, and that’s what I hear a lot when I ask my couples, how do you guys relax? What do you do for fun? You know, you hear entertainment, watch movies, watch TV. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s a good thing. But the problem is how long do you watch a movie for? How long? What two half hours. So if we only relaxed two and a half hours a week, how much good is that really doing us right? Yeah. So I think that scripture gives us a better, better method to relax. The Bible doesn’t actually use the word relax, but it does use the word rest. And so I want to talk today about um, how we can arrest and I believe I’m going to start with the scripture. Matthew 11 says, Jesus says, come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For. I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourself. Souls knows that. Once you, I bet you $5 she remember us. Didn’t, don’t you know that scarcer. You know, that’s a really common Sunday school services. I know it’s a great scripture. I loved, it was one of the first scriptures I’ve memorized. But you know, I love that phrase, rest for your souls because I really believe that rest is not about what we do. It’s, it is actually a condition of our soul or the lack of the condition of our soul. Yeah, and I think scripture has some, some answers for that, but you know, when you think about how most people want arrest, what do we think? We think, you know, okay, when we get our housework done, then we can, whereas yeah, right when we get out of debt, then I can rest a, when I lose that last 10 pounds, then I’ll feel good.

Then I can relax. And when we take that three week vacation, that shine promise all of us. Yeah. Hey, I love you guys. Just let me know. And Hawaii. Yeah. Won’t be restful when we get back from that. Right. It’s right. But I’m going to talk about three ways that scripture talks about how we can cultivate a restful soul. Um, so the first one is we have to pursue it. You know, the Bible talks about seeking peace. Peace doesn’t just come upon us with something that we have to really desire. We really have to crave and we have to seek it three times. Scripture tells us to seek peace and pursue it. For me personally, that starts first thing in the morning, first thing in the morning. You know, before, yeah, person or 11 is right. But you know, before the kids tell you, hey mom, we did you remember that I have cookies, I need Edmond Marriage Counseling cookies today for a class party or before your husband tells you to get up earlier than your kids.

Absolutely you do. Or your husband, you know, he says, Hey, I’m gonna Remember, I’m going to bring the bus home for bark and you need Edmond Marriage Counseling to have dinner. So, so here’s what I want to talk about. What I do. Okay. When I spend time in the morning resting myself. Okay. Cause you know, we talk about reading the Bible and that’s important. But what are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing when we are breathing, when we’re reading the Bible? Number one, I’m feeding myself. Yeah, I’m feeding myself and I expect, I expect something for God to have a fresh word for me. Every day I want something that’s going to speak to me and I expect that and, and he never fails me. Second, second thing is I’m resting my soul. I’m casting my cares upon the Lord because he cares for me before I start my day. If I’m anxious or worried about doing Facebook live, I’m gonna cast that on the Lord. No, don’t worry about it. You promise South Africa. Awesome. The third thing I’m doing, I’m reconciling my soul. You know, I like to take care of business. If I’m, you know, I’m at, at Sean for yesterday, you know, from the day before because he was kind of rude to me in the hall, you know, I need to, I need Edmond Marriage Counseling to repent or forgive her. I didn’t even work yesterday.

And the last thing I’m doing is I’m setting my soul, my mind on things above. You know, I want to think like God thinks all day long. So I have to set my mind on God’s word. The second thing, second way I could cultivate a restful, so is through healthy relationships. Now this is kind of cool because research is now telling us that when we connect with people, um, that when we feel a connection, we reach out to somebody and we feel that bond and connection, it releases a really powerful hormone in our body called oxytocin. And oxytocin reduces our stress. We become more relaxed. So psychology oxycotton yeah, but it’s not addictive. Oh, it’s not addictive. Contradicted, but on a bad way. Right? Right. Exactly. We loved. Right. Yeah. And so, you know, relationships are a powerful way for us to have a restful soul. Jesus modeled this in scripture, you know, he said, decide time every day to spend with God and to just spend with his disciples.

And, and so I think this is, this is where I think a lot of, um, our culture is missing. I think we, um, one reason perhaps that we are so stressed out and anxious is because we don’t have enough healthy relationships. And I don’t know about you guys, but the one area probably helped clients in the most is having and having those healthy relationships. Yeah. Because you know, for a lot of people, their health, their relationships, they have relationships, but they’re not exactly health healthy and they actually create stress in their lives. And that’s unfortunate, you know, I think God wants us to, to enjoy the people, our family and the friends in our lives and, but we need Edmond Marriage Counseling to, to learn how to have those healthy relationships. Do you need a healthy friendship?

I know I need Edmond Marriage Counseling a healthy friend. All my friends listen and you guys, I don’t need Edmond Marriage Counseling to get some new friends there. Y’All got nearly healthy enough for me. I’m just kidding. And the third letter, yes, very true. You know, one of the things I was thinking about is you’re talking about healthy relationships. And so often times we stay with the people that we grew up with, our friends and our family. I still hear about people from high school or college that are still boozing it up and going to parties. I’m like, man, you guys were in your forties what are you doing? Yeah, you need Edmond Marriage Counseling to grow up and allow God to take you to the adult season. And you know, even in your family, some of you have family members that are toxic. Yup. You Look, God was very clear when he was on earth as a man in the form of Jesus that he surrounded himself when he had a choice with people that were going towards God.

He went to centers that we’re interested in God. And when people came at him, whether they were religious, whether they were his brothers and his mother trying to take him away from the Ministry of what God’s called him to do, he set boundaries and he said no, any followed God. So I just want to, I think there’s somebody listening out there that just needed to hear, God says, you don’t have to be bound to the relationships of your past because he’s called you to live in the present and the future that he’s provided. And they may be different relationships. So being current.

Exactly. You know, another interesting research talks about how 30 years ago the average person had on any given day about seven people that they could reach out to. Like if you, you know, you’re stranded on the side of the road, if you need Edmond Marriage Counseling to borrow 100 bucks, seven 30 years ago. And I, you know, I can actually remember I wasn’t even alive. No, you weren’t alive in Haiti. Wasn’t either. But, but guess what, the average is today, three, two, two, two average person has to people that they feel connected enough to that they could really reach out. And so what is that telling us? We’re low on Oxytocin, you know, w w we don’t have enough. Oxytocin was, and so we, we’re stressed out so we need Edmond Marriage Counseling more healthy relationships. Yeah. Seven people to to, yeah. So the last thing we need Edmond Marriage Counseling to do to cultivate a healthy cells, simply renewing our mind, I say simply, it’s not really that simple.

And I think this goes a little deeper than just our daily time in the word. You know, re renewing the mind. Really take some time and consistency. It takes 21 days to build a new neuropathway 63 days to build a new habit. So when we would only want to, um, change an area of our ever, our minds we have to work at, it has to become a habit. You know, worry is nothing more than a mental habit. It’s just a mental habit. But you can change it. You know, you can change that, that habit of worrying if you’re consistent. How do we do that? Pay Attention. Pay attention to yourself, talks to pay attention to the thoughts that you’re thinking. And when you identify that negative self, then go to God’s word and say, what’s the solution for this? You know, I’m worried if you’re wearing, find a scripture worrying about your kids, you know?

So what are the scriptures that I have that I speak over my kids all the time is my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace and wellbeing. So when I’m tempted to worry, I speak this scripture and now I’m renewing my mind. I’m think thinking differently. If I do that day after day for 21 days and even 63 I now I have a new mental habit. My mental habit tells me great is the peaceful and wellbeing of my children and that fills a whole lot better than worrying about like versus that it’s in Isaiah. Similar

is it? [inaudible] is chapter somewhere versus somewhere somewhere.

There you go. That’s really good. I really liked that scripture. Yeah. My kids are slacking about my kids a lot. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s how we renew our mind. And then when you have renewed your mind, which is a part of your soul, you think differently, you’re going to feel differently, you’re going to be less stressed and more

relaxed. Wow. You did a good job nailing a quick Katie. Yeah, I think something that’s so cool even just listening to Gina, is that Gina lives it and we know that. And that’s why, and I think when you are relaxed, like because you’re very intentional about being relaxed. Cause Gina, one thing you about Gina is she’s, um, she’s a doer. You’re not just like sitting around, you don’t just like veg on your couch all day long. So you’re intentional about being relaxed. But that’s why you can speak so wisely about being relaxed because you do that. And so I think that it’s just cool to listen to you. So

when Kennedy says Gina is relaxed, I think it’s funny because typically on a typical day I’m looking out my window and I see Gina’s car with like a kayak rack or a bike rack or some kind of a muscle weights rack or something on the back of her bike or her car. That is a way to relax cause she relaxes through activity through doing it. So it’s also finding the vehicles through which you can relax, rejuvenate. I know for me that some form of exercise at the end of the day, really it really is my best be yes, t best transition before I go home. Now I don’t always get that because of my family. They want me to come home early and then I tried to work out with the kids, which you know is kind of a meat, meager workout comparatively speaking, but there is something that each of us can do to help relax and rejuvenate somebody else that you hit on that I think is a superpower.

I listened. This is this really is a superpower if you will own your mornings and then give that ownership to God, he will keep you throughout your life. Yeah, there’s not there. People want to know all the habits that I have and really the primal habit, that primary, primary habit that I have that is makes me distinct among most people is that get up really early and I spend that first time with God and this season I’m drinking coffee, but it’s God coffee and then I transitioned to other flows of my day. Now, it could be 30 minutes, could be an hour, it could be five minutes, because that’s the schedule of the day. But I make that that first thing that I do with God and just sets the tone every day. I don’t have to do it, but I want to do. Right. Yeah. Amen. Yeah.

Awesome. Well guys, we thank you so much for tuning in. If you haven’t yet, please go to our Facebook page, review us, rate us. We also have a Instagram page, same handle mirrors and counseling Okc, and for those of you who want more help, you say this was great, but I need Edmond Marriage Counseling somebody to partner with me and my journey towards a better looks like for me, great news. We have a team of therapists. You see one or two every week that would love to join you in your store to get to know the real you behind the Instagram posts and help you move from where you’re at today to God’s best and original design for your life. So how do you get to us? How do you find out more? We’re good. Our website nuvision That’s new visiting counseling dot l I v E and contact us. Somebody will call you back. You can email us, call us whatever you want to do, but don’t wait because you, your family are still worth the investment. Hey, until we see you again next week, it’ll be Tuesday at 1230 ish. I say 1230 ish because Jean is a big talker. You knowing our team meetings and so not to get out at 1230 or 1245 well, hey, God bless you guys. We’ll see you again really soon.