Hey, what’s up guys, come on in and excited the hang debate. We just went live a little bit ago on a couple more pages. This is our second round. Second round of uh, what is it about the second efforts? No, this fault. This is for third, fourth, fourth episode of our podcast. Real talk, talk real walk where the counselor in the office meets the influencer on that street. Yeah. Now straight. Come on. This is going to be a really practical but insightful, inspiring podcast that you don’t want to miss out on. Huh? Make sure you connect with us. Uh, right there in the captions. You can see New Vision counseling and Rashawn Copeland, but you want to sign up for our email list so you can get exclusive content and also, you know, be able to get the link [inaudible] podcast drop by Sandra.

We’re excited about it because we’re going to take the counseling that we do in the office and we’re going to help you apply it to the life that you live on the streets. Come on. You’re from the streets, right? Yeah. The movie was raised on the street more now and crazy experiences. Impoverished part of La [inaudible] his testimony, Miami Jaga shot when I was a senior in high school, I was, I didn’t get very far from God. Oh Man. I didn’t get stabbed once. Did you rub it in my arm? I was at somebody’s house and this guy just lost his mind. He got upset. He just, you really need Edmond Marriage Counseling. I don’t even know. He was just trying to intimidate me, just poke me, just hit me in my arm. Wow. We’ve as a crazy experiences. But none of that is going to come out today. No, because when you talk about her about it, sometimes it’s up. Mark 10 says,

Hey, mark, love you bro. He’s one. I came to my brother, my brother. That’s my man. I miss him. He on Sioux falls.

Oh yeah. [inaudible]

yeah. Uh, Frankie, what’s, uh, how God bless you. Awesome. We got some words that’s about to go down, guys. We’re going to talk about what today’s revenue strategy seven strategies to make your dream come true, but to walk it out, walk out your dreams. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Your God given dreams. That’s most important dreams and different visions that may not necessarily be, I’ve got it. Maybe a different inclination, right? That you know the enemy may be trying to get to get to us. Well, come on now. We talked about that on the lot

[inaudible] for sure. Go back and watch. Listen to our podcast when it comes out. If you have it yet, you have a link to sign up for our email. Yeah. We’re going to give you our launch date, which we’re trying to narrow down to be some time in June, and then we’re going to give exclusive content that people that subscribe to our tribe and the email list. Woo, so boosted content for you guys.

Moray. God bless you. Are you ready to do it? Let’s do it. Are worried about to get started, guys. Make sure if you haven’t yet shared this content, I think it’d be valuable for someone out there who needs to hear maybe a friend, a loved one, a coworker, if you’re resonating.

Hey, you haven’t the previous three podcasts we’ve done because we’ve done them a live videos too. Yeah. You have to wait for our podcasts that come out in June in ruling. Good. Yes. Yes. Alright. Overflow. This is real talk real wall dreams. You Ready? Yes. Let’s go. So I got a dream or guys, I’m so glad to be back because it’s time to talk about dreams. Dreams during Sheree’s. How do we reach our dreams in walk them out. Actually, Walker mill, let’s talk about it. You know, so many of us start out the year great. The New Year’s resolutions, and so many of us, like 92% don’t finish those resolutions. And I think that’s a true, true case study for the way most of us live our lives. And it’s because we live in a fallen world where it’s tough. It’s tough to kind of continue to move forward.

When you have all these pressures, all of these demands, and you fail sometimes. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes you’re like, oh, what’s that in my back? And you realize somebody stabbed you in the Baggie. Yeah, that relationship. Yeah. Yeah. So it can be so discouraging unless you stay rooted in the word unless you have people around you that encourage you unless you stay inspired, unless you keep a heavily focus. Yes, your practical daily habits really good start to slip. You start to slide and then you fall. So we’re going to give you, we’ve already, we already went over strategy number one. What are we talking about today? What is our topic today? Our topic today, Sean, is we’re going to talk about the why, the slot, the why, the purpose I strapped God, the purpose that he has. The reason, the reason I try come on and are our topic, our general topic.

This is part two of seven strategies to walk out your dreams. So seventh strategy is to walk out your dreams. The first one, if you ever listen to go back to our first podcast, aren’t Lou number three podcasts and it talks about vision, talks about motivation and rarely it really tees up this podcast so that you guys can continue to grow and start implementing and really understanding why you got to the place she did and how you can move forward. Wow. So this one is about reasons, you know, we need Edmond Marriage Counseling to really understand our why. Why do we do the things we do? Because why give you the ability to persevere when the trials come? You know, I was raised by a single mom and it’s a really, just a big part. She did her best. She fought the fight. She worked at a little generals like a circle k convenience store.

She was a waitress. She typed papers at night for a lawyer. I’m going to see, it was at two screen jobs and there was something about her love for me that gave her the ability to persevere. And I really never got that until I had my kids at Berkeley and then on [inaudible]. And then I really understand when there’s times in my life where I just wanted to quit. I just want him to check out whether it’s through physical adversity. I went through years of just paying it through a car wreck and really struggling rock and really see myself standing on a cliff of really go this sideways with doctors and all the medications that they had me on and all the pain and physical therapy to overcome that and I had these, the this draw of something more than my kids were really a big part of the next generation in my heart that God gave you this love as super seated the circumstances that I was in and I said, I’m going to fight for the greatest good of my family.

I’m going to set the example that I want set. I would have loved to have set for me because my mom just struggled through and she did her best. I wanted to give my kids something to aspire to without the baggage that they, that I got. You know you, the way that I was raised and I know that you’ve probably had the same thing. Yeah, my kids, not that they’re their only reason, but there are a huge part of my motivation to continue to press on because it’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. Dot. Call us to live outside of ourselves and so much of American today is consumed with his self focus and there is no, there’s no place that it works in a society. When you have a bunch of people that are focused on themselves and how life benefits them, how you can serve me that ever, ever last in a way that produces life, it always eventually takes it.

That’s so good. Sean. I hear something really big and assure you’re, I’m sure you’re out there listening right now. Like, okay, this is right and true in my life. Where is my perspective? Where my eyes focused on? Is it on the promise or is it all my problems? In order for us to persevere, we have to lean into the presence and the power of God.

Hi Amanda. And they’re really, the God gave us the reason. He said, you know, um, the God that you know, first John Three 16 Hour John Three 16, what does it say? For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, his why was the love for us. And if we can tune in to the, the reason we were created for us to glorify God expresses love. And when we can most glorify God in us when our lives and our heart is most experienced in his love in us, through us, does that make sense? Whatever sees God’s love for myself, then I can express God’s love out. So first we’ve got to go to God and understand the why of why he created us. He created us to be a vessel of love, to hold his love and then it’d be a dispensary, not a CBD suspensory but a dispensary. Yeah, did give it out to give it out. That’s cool. Cool.

Sean, I love how you said that cause they brought me to the realization of the scripture when it says he has put his treasures in earthen vessels. And I’ll think about it like this. Um, I heard a preacher once say something about, um, a man are a person. The greatest spot, the most riches spot is not, you know, the oil wells in Africa, Africa is not the gold mines are ran already somewhere far off, but we probably drove by today or this week. But it’s the funeral cause very deep within the crevices of the funeral. Our Dreams, they never came to fruition. Or Bob were never written songs that were never sung. And many of us are carrying the glory of God, but we have not allowed him to express his glory through us through either pride or lack of self development or poor decisions are allowing, you know, the collisions in our life I served to, to, to, to take us down.

You know, there’s this, there’s a poem or a saying, I’m sure I’m gonna twist it a little bit. It’s a saddest things of word and pen. The saddest star. What might’ve been [inaudible] good. The sense things of word in pen. The saddest is what might’ve been,

wow, that’s good.

So if you think about, we’re giving you the opportunity to walk out and start uncovering the minds of why you are here, why this season of life and look at your seasons. Cause your season does matter right now if you can see, but I’m probably can’t I wearing shorts and I’m wearing shorts because it’s hot, it’s warm and I want to be available. She’ll look at your season of life. Cause my, why this season is different than my why five years ago, my daughter, my wife five years ago was different than my wife 10 years ago. Wow. And you just keep going back when you’re a kid. You’re why part of your why is your job is I need this to succeed in school. I need to honor my mirror. Yeah. Now my looks like I need to succeed at Edmond Marriage Counseling. My why is I’ve got an opportunity to mentor a generation of counselors so that love and serve people through Marian difficult principles and cutting edge counseling techniques to change lives and our counseling practice. And that why is a big proponent of why I keep a standard of the way I live my life. Totally good. You know, I want to be the example and people are desperate. Rashawn people are desperate, desperate, desperate. I’m sure if you’re watching, you’re listening, you are people you love are desperate for examples of what this looks like in real day.

Real money. That’s so true. So good. I think what Jesus said, I’ve come to give life and whenever we live from that same place, we allow ourselves to look at the acronym within life, live it for eternity will our focus is solely that. I believe from that we’ll be able to overcome in understand the true why we’re here, which is worn out life into others but receiving a first grade.

I know why lasts a lot longer than a what if I like like a what? Like right now what is, we’re looking forward, Edmond Edmond location. Yeah cause we’re running, we ran out of space in our current practice and we need Edmond Marriage Counseling another location. Well the what is ed? But if that’s my why, well then when they are editing location opens in a few months then we’re going to be done. But if the why is we want to bring the power of God through exceptional counseling, wow. Techniques and services, so people’s lives and families are changed forever. Then the why continues to grow and it continues to go and God’s in control of that. But if I put it a what behind it and then when I’m done with Evan, we’re done growing the practice but it’s we want to go and step with what the Lord would say and the why is the changing of lives experiencing of families that come up to me and stores and say, I just got to say thank you.

Yeah, I had a guy do that. We were about a month and a half ago. I was with my son and his 11 year old trip actually is in February and these people come up to me in the store and you know, going to an Italian school way far away from ours and we’re in this door and they like, hey, we moved here and congratulations. And then they had their adult son who was probably 30 years old. He comes up and he shakes my hand. He’s like, I just want to say thank you because of what you did and helping my parents. Wow. My Mom and dad are together in my life. Really. We have our family. He just eat. It was really cool. We just like a man’s man. He comes up and shakes my hand, looks me in the eye and just Bam and here’s the most amazing part of all that.

My son, which was on his 11 year old trip. We take these trips once a year at the birthdays to kind of help them grow the Lord and really understand what the next level of expectations are. Yeah. He got to see that, that the work that we do, the fatalist cause you’ve seen me sacrificed a lot for the people that I served for the team members that I pour into as mentor. Yeah. He seen that part, but now we get to really see the fruition of why I do what I do. Yeah. I manage for foreign impact.

True. Let’s talk about a little bit of the who we know grow in him. We discover our purpose to make a difference though. There’s a why are why is rooted in our identity in Christ. That’s right. And then out of that uploads everything out of that flows everything. So that’s really good shot because how’d you have not been in your prayer time that morning? Yeah. You may not have been able to connect with that family to make that eternal

and we’re in a different city. Yeah, completely. This isn’t in my hometown. We see a lot. I see a lot of clients around here, but this is a completely different city. This guy got transferred with his job. Wow. It is. And it just so happened his kids, they all moved down there and go kids, they all moved down with him and his family would have fallen apart, had the Lord not interviewed through counseling

my friends, that’s what you call a divine appointment.

And I prayed for that. I prayed. My wife and I are my, I said, guys, pray for divine appointments. Wow. That same day. Check this out. I prayed for my son to see what it looks like to be a godly man. We met three both, well, I guess they’re men. Three men from all Roberts now that in college they had just won the battle of the bands. So we meet this couple, we sit down, there’s these kids and they’re just something spectacular about them. I just see the spirit of the Lord on. I introduce myself, say hi. We end up meeting them, going to church with them on Sunday. Whoo. And my son gets to meet these guys that are going forward with God and that we’re exceptionally talented in music. They won the battle of the bands, got a deal, and this was all divine appointments because my why at the end that season was the raise if a god the son, to raise the standard of what men are called to live light. Wow. At 11 years old, this is where it gets to see.

Wow, that’s good.

That’s all good. I can’t fabricate then I can’t make that up. So, but my why was bigger than the trip of going to do fun things. It was too, I prayed for these divided women to intersect and changed his life.

So today guys, as you get ready for work, you’re driving to work. Right now. Yeah, that’s what you’re doing. But remember why you’re doing it, why you’re going to the hospital to be a nurse, why you’re going to that school, to be a teacher, why you’re going to, wherever you’re going on right now, uh, is to be an example presentation of who Jesus is in that roll bar in that hospital.

Okay. And [inaudible] counseling office got good skills. Yeah, but do you think about it even if you don’t have a job that you feel passionate about, which for many years I’ve worked at different situations with clients that did not want to change and it was really hard, but I was passionate about if I could just be faithful. There’s that one. There’s that too. There, there’s somebody that God can use you to be an inspiration and you may never know this side of heaven who those people are, but if you’re faithful to the Lord and he can sell the seeds of eternity in the hearts of those year round

in the moment. And Matt Hall too. To really conclude on on this part, this portion of the podcasts, every moment, every second, every hour matters. The little things matter to God.

Hey Sir, do and the next one we’re going to talk about the seven strategies. Had a walkout in your dream. All want we could go all day on his right. They’re so good. They’re so deep. Talking, talking, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking. Do our life as friends. Yeah. This is one of the slot. Don’t also scroll. So spry, right? Sharon. Sharon.

We knew more friends is more merrier. The more the merrier.

That’s right. That’s right. Let’s turn a boat that he might start. Sagan, sugar. So the third one, the third strategy is you’re going to view, review it, review it. Really? Wow.


it. Now when you review something, it starts to become part of who you are and not just review that. You actually start to feel the emotions of what is happening to you. Feel the motions. You know, depending on the season, earlier this year, I really wanted to feel myself active patient with my kids. I know none of you parents, if you guys have kids, you can’t relate to this. But I know for me, I really need Edmond Marriage Counseling the Lord to give me patience with my parents cause I have all these goals and uh, you know, a hard for my kids to love the Lord and serve him forever. But then the reality of disobedience happens. You’re out. And me having a long day meeting a kid who’s just not having it, it’s complaining about not having enough tacos or something like that where I’ve been working and seeing lives changed for people struggling, it doesn’t really compute. So we’re not having a focus. And I, in the morning time and at night, and even on my way home, we’ll do a whole podcast on this transition. The power of transitions. Okay, you can change your life. And it’s true. It really hasn’t. Our power of transitions, power, power. Now you could use it in an hour, but the power of a transition, and we’ll talk about that. Another tie. Power. Power. Our power. Td Jakes, I can’t even get close to his voice. I need Edmond Marriage Counseling some mix them to get there. No sister.

Get ready to get rid of your, any TD Jakes action there. Sure, true, true. But think about it. Whatever you start to focus on grows bigger. Whatever you focus on feelings. Like if I’m gonna, if I’m gonna Anger Tran, it’s not allow that to become my focus. I’ll get more and more angry if I’m in a love trans. If you’re just starting to date somebody, you all know what I’m talking about. I’m looking at two right now. You know, you know who you are. You start to be in this love trans where everything they do and they might’ve led a stinker out and smells good. You’re like, oh man, enrollment, no odor. Yeah, because, because you take even the things that don’t make sense that typically the state, because if you’re in this trength, you see it differently. Well, the same thing is true of having a focus.

When you, when you review it daily, you’re focusing on where you want to go, what are you been and where you are, and then, and then you’d sit there and you meditate. Meditate. So for me, I want to be an awesome panel. There’s really not something that’s bigger, not I share the gospel and I believe that, but as far as what I am called to do, the Shawn Maguire is to be a parent to two kids, to love Jesus and call to be a great husband, a godly husband to my wife. There’s nothing greater than that in my world. Everything about changing lives, seeing people saved. Look, I think that’s amazing part of the call. Yeah, but where I focused a lot of my efforts and grow is I see myself being a good dad. I see my kids after now and I see myself being like Jesus, and then I feel the grace of God.

I, I really see myself, you know, it says meditate on the word of God damn that day and I meditate and so I see myself doing these things, accomplishing these things, being successful, and then I review how I’ve done. I even have a journal, it’s called the five minute journal. It’s called the five minute journal or it reviews what I’ve done for the day, three ways to make today great in the morning. Three ways that I could make today. Great. Three things I’m thankful for. I said there’s a versus didn’t has I am, I am fearfully and wonderfully made to be a son of God. That Liz from a position of love instead of desperately trying to earn a position of love over from kid. Yeah. So all of these are ways to help you focus and you say Sean or Sean? I’m not sure that’s real.

I don’t know. That affects me. Well, let’s see this. I bought a camera in order to cameras. It’s car. Toyota Camry. Yeah. Oh Man. Oh Man. You know, after now I’m a girl. Smooth ride. We’re liable for that. That joke. You had to, I had to get my Camry total to get a new car because it was so reliable. Somebody Teebo me. And that’s a story for a different day. Yeah. But Camry when I got a camera, you know when I started noticing on the streets more cameras, there’s so many cameras and you know what I discovered that I had never known before. It was the number one selling car in America and I had literally no idea of what a Camry was until I owned one. And because my focus and my attention, I’ve been drawn to cameras. Yeah. I now have become aware that our, our American culture is filled with these cam in cars with them.

I don’t know if it’s still number one selling car, but for the class it was the number one selling car and then has to do with something called your reticular activating system. God it, so explain that in detail what that is. Alright. Is Bruce Bruce? Yes. Ras. The reticular activating system is basically a part of your brain which decides on what to focus on God. And when you activate, if you realize when you partner with the way that God designed you and you choose to bring me to the awareness that what you want to accomplish, that what you want to see evidence and manifested in your life, then you can start living out in more of the Gordon got Sophia, you have a tough day at work and you can play about him. If there’s a guy named Joe at your office and Joe’s the jerk, he’s mean, he’s in Chi, you’ve disrespectful and all you do when you get home to talk about Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, the jerk, the jerk, what’s going to be happening to your heart, to your mind, to your emotions.

Destruction. Absolutely. Cause the devil comes to do steal, kill and destroy. And so your reticular activating system was given by God to help you focus on that which he’s calling you into. Got It. And that if we are intentional about what we choose, take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ, well then what we’ll discover is we start to attract and bring into our awareness. Now the new age people have taken the word of God and they’ve kind of twisted it and have given credit to the universe instead of gut. But anybody out there that thinks that we’re not called to meditate, doesn’t understand we all, it’s called anxiety and worry. Yeah, it’s, let’s be wise about this and let’s meditate on the things of God that God calls us into in several, allowing ourselves to be afraid and live in fear and unintentional about what we allow in our mind. And that’s manifested through our lives. And that a good,

yeah, that’s so good. So good. It reminds me to ask some introspect and we asked herself the critical questioning, what am I focused on in my life? And I love how you shared what is your sole focus before you even get onto the world? Try to make the impact is your family. And that’s why I love God’s orders. God in our families. And then from that, like he pours out his blessings onto the world. Father, Father Abraham, you know, but that’s amazing Sean and somebody out there right now maybe having trouble sleeping. I can see him, I could see him [inaudible] on the bed. I think both. I think both they’re listening right now in their struggle with focus, their struggle with knowing what to be focused on in the season, you know, uh, what is some of the key things you’ve seen, um, in your life or even through scripture are that can help them sort of say and live a focused life. You say you got a calendar, you schedule. So every

here I go and I get my kids and myself, my wife, whenever kind of journal, whatever kind of plan or whatever kind of any resource they think they need Edmond Marriage Counseling, I’ll get them the pen garden. I bought like six unique colliders this year. Different kinds that I’m not used before and I’ve done that so that we can get a start. That’s a start. Then I have the accountability of with Mike, with really within my family that with some of my friends got you. To continue to move the needle forward, to continue to grow, to continue to make the progress. Cause Accountability keeps you moving forward. You and you write it.

Yeah. We have accountability, right? Yeah, definitely. I’ve rolled in the, it has to pop up on my phone several times because here’s the thing, Sean, if we, if we don’t fuel our faith to do these things will be fueling our Finland’s, we’ll walk after our fillings will become frustrated when we don’t get things done. That’s exactly right. And then we feel defeated. Yes. And then we have a tendency to quit. Wow. And that’s not where we want to be because they were so bad about ourselves. Then we take the shame, anger home. Others as example, surrounded him all my food. Cause if I don’t do because of my heart in just appointment, I’ll take it out on my wife, take it out on the person who’s calling me, you know, on the phone. Not, not, not from the standpoint of I may not even answer the phone at that point. I think that’s your move or you drive and watchers now I shall get away how I know. No, not you shot. And now I’m helping her. Thank you for that confession here. The two months later, your

[inaudible] welcome back guys. One of the young ones you remember? Let’s, I can wrap this focus thing. I’ve really simple. Yeah. There’s a bird called a vulture and it, it preys upon the dead of the world and if you’re a vulture, it preys upon the debt of the world and the vulture. What it does is it looks around for Ms Perspective and when something dies, it goes in and it takes it out. Now, some of these vultures, I’ve seen them not go off the mountain and then go, go Jude, Jude, Jude, Jude. You really go dies and then eats it. That’s a smart vulture. But vulture see dead things. Eagles see live and look for the living and look for the living they have. Amazing. I sit here and look for that one to living. Wow meal. Be An ego, not a vulture, because whatever you’re looking for, you will find.

You will. If you’re a single man, you’re looking for a single leg. If you’re a fish, you’re looking for a smaller fish to eat. Whatever we are, we are called and created by God to look for his purposes, his plans and his people in our lives. We’ll be very intentional about what you give your Edmond Marriage Counseling focus to because, and then and be intentional about reviewing, reviewing, reviewing. I have goals and if I don’t review them, they won’t get accomplished. They have a greater ability to get accomplished because I wrote them, but we’re not reviewing. That exponentially goes up of my success rate goes up

and let me remind you and encourage you with this. If you’re listening also, Sean also, I’m sure you could talk on this a little bit, but everything we do has a return on investment. What would you invest? Our time, our energy, our efforts, our gifts, our talents. It all has a ROI to it. So would that be and said, yeah, just snow. Yeah. Be outcome focused. Bobby and shade closer to God in the terminal.

Hey Man. Hey man, they’re focused on the exterior, are focused on the NCAA. Td Jakes is going to take that from this podcast and brought, put it in some kind of a son of man was, I’ll go grab Greg’s. Sure you’re ready. Get ready. Get ready. I just missing Rashawn and Shaw’s Parkash [inaudible] TV.

Well said. Um, people so quick to jump all along. They forget to get right in line.

Oh, you also said, why are you complaining about your Edmond Marriage Counseling kids? You didn’t want raise. Do we lack some TD Jakes? Sometimes. So now you’ve got a good word out. You know guys, thank you so much for listening to me. Thank you for coming on board because we want to take the real talk, Yo the counseling office and

do what? Wall kid? Walk it out on the streets. Let’s do it.

So guys, if you haven’t readiness, review this, please do that because it means a world to us. It gets the word out, gets his outline and then we can help people get in lies with God. Amen. If you say, you know, guys, I really need Edmond Marriage Counseling more than this and we have, um, I have a counseling practice, newish and counseling that live, live. What’s the world number? Four zero five (921) 777-6760 yes, the call. Then the role you can get ahold of you. I know you got my new one. People, people answer the phone cause we get lots of phone calls. Silver, rude guys, how do we get a hold of you or Sean?

So if you want to get ahold of me you can shoot us a message right now through texts, prayer, um, just anything I can do to help you if you have insight,

Ben is saying things like that. Hate to do man. That’s going to be a bill now just like hey deal

678-SIX-676TY-58Y-2 again is 678-SIX-676TY-58Y-2

well guys we are so glad that you joined us today. This is part two probably a 35 part series. We’re just got their number three of our seven parts chatting and we are so glad that you joined is because if you haven’t yet, go back and listen to the previous episodes because they really do tee up one after another of, we’re really trying to get you as a Christ follower to move the needle of your life up toward God’s called you to live with it. And the next one we’re going to talk about is how to raise this standard to selling that. You must use that as something that you should get it to do. Oh, okay. Oh, it’s big. It’s being and you’re going to love it. It’s going to really be practical. It’s going to help you not just talk about it and walk it out and your lives and you know you can start to change in your life today. Do your one good decision after another. Just do the next best thing. And what God will do is he wants to partner with you in accomplishing the dreams and goals he’s given for your Edmond Marriage Counseling life. Amen. God bless. And until we see you again, real talk, real walk with Shawn and Shawn. God bless this guy’s a wild man. Won The nails.

We having a good time over here. If you guys didn’t hear, uh, make sure you go and you sign up for our email list. It’s in the captions. We would love, love for you to be deeply connected with us as well as Sharon Sharnee. Rayshawn that’d be great. Uh, yeah, so if you have any prayer requests and send them out, send them over. We’ll love to pray for you. Uh, yeah. So hope you guys aren’t encouraged. That was fun, right?

That was fine. We made it. Come on. Hey, have a great Saturday. We’ll see you again soon. God bless. Yeah.