Here we go this is the second but the keyword to hug of the day. I finished the first and put it on Sean’s agenda under  marriage crisis edmond. I’m having trouble speaking. I am not sure why maybe it’s because I’m trying to speak too quickly. The keyword is married to crisis Edmond. We will see how quickly I can get this one done. I was able to get the last one done in a decent amount of time. Sean came in and let me know that he’s going to have his daughter do some of this and pay her money. This is a great idea because it allows her to speak and it allows Shaun to get that why he is wanting to get done. There are so many different ways to spell the name Shaun. There is SHAUN. There is SHAWN. There is Bessie a.m. These are the only way I have seen however there might be more in  marriage crisis edmond. Sometimes I think people just come up with names. My name is pretty standard name. A lot of people have the same. There are four other people with my name growing up in high school. Now there are lots of people that I know and work with that have the same name as well. However there are only two ways to spell her name my name. Can you guess what my name is? So this weekend I went out of town to Carlton Landing.

I was able to go for a retreat. We did some training. And I am going to read the notes that my training  marriage crisis edmond. I have from her don’t withdraw and disqualify yourself. God did not create you to measure up to anyone else. Be careful who you listen to. Don’t let people put in a box. This next now is starred. This is your time. Movie on fear and uncertainty and excuses. They’re going to be people that you outgrow. Now Y God is going to do something beautiful with you answer you. Where are you going to do with what you have? Just because it is someone so Pinyan I mean that it is a fact. Life is not about who you wants words about who you are now and how you have the potential to be a! You are not stuck with marriage crisis edmond. Do you have choices and you can create you have it New habits. Anyone who is where you want to be hashed out the excuses and chosen to embrace the truth about themselves and what God says about you. This next one was by Keely. She is a regional vice president. Her title was six steps to your best leader ship. Master the chaos. You’re not thrown into the fire you are the fire. Point number one is have the discipline to start is leading people or something I do or who I am? What would the person who I want to me to do? Right number to have the courage to stop. Stop writing it off. 

Sometimes to do more as a leader you have to do less of other stuff like  marriage counseling crisis edmond. Find your happy and productive place. Now we are going to the next page which is a continuation of those notes the next snow is starred don’t be the lid to that Capps those who He’s You lied. Point number three is have people to empower. We all need help we can have control we can’t have control. Try that again we can have control or we can have growth but you can’t have both. Point number four is have a system to create. The system is in place for a reason do you have one? For an hour virus have relationships to initiate. Don’t discount people ask those who intimidate you  marriage crisis edmond. Praying it was six is have risks to take what was 16 need to take Carrah on my way home it’s where the fruit is. There’s nothing that’s not worth it. Worst case scenario you have a discount on products best case you build a business and life and I’m power others. If you wait until you’re ready you’ll always be late. I will add to say or you won’t never start. The next notes about  marriage crisis edmondare by Emily and her title is taking your business from me to them. I never want to speak what you want in quotations we say not what you don’t want.

I meant instead of Petray potations in parentheses. Believe is a choice one that you put on every day. Point number two is remove your option to quit don’t treat this like a heartbeat if you want it to be a business. Point number three is speak vision parentheses over your business life and team parentheses. Our job is to lift people up and help them reach their fullest potential. Point number for is to get out of your comfort zone. If it scares you run towards it if it’s a team sport. Joining together is a star but working together is how you win. And then  marriage crisis edmond number five is it’s not about you you could be paving the way for others who need this it starts with you but it’s not all about. That is the end of families and to discuss those first three I think they’re really awesome and I will have to read them over again and make sure I go Jets were sad. Next couple keyword gloves I will read the rest of my notes. The ones that were The first three that we did. They were really great. Just to explain Allyssa is our national vice president. Ashlee is one of our original vice president‘s. Emily is one of our area managers. My upline is an area manager. Her name is Jamie. She sponsored someone who is sponsoring me, but that sponsor is not currently working on her business. This is why Jamie has taken me and my team under her wing. She is helping us learn and grow our businesses.