OK we are going to get started on this third block of the day. I’ve had a decent amount of calls today and have booked three of them. So make a note that I had. I will highlight that I wanna I like that. I will make the letters black because they were in orange. So I have had six calls and have booked three of them so that’s good. Hopefully I will get more calls from Brookings today. I am going to check the email emails. Last time I checked we are not had any so I will check it again. I did send some emails from the website To see if they are working and I have only gotten one so far. Two of them have not come in to marriage counselor edmond. However a lot of times the emails are delayed. I see Katie to see if they are working and I have only gotten one so far. Two of them have not come in. However a lot of times the emails are delayed. I see Katie  pulling into the parking lot and parking. I believe she was here earlier but she probably left in between clients. Let me look at Sean schedule thanks Selah he is doing. OK looks like he’s in a pretty long session so he will not be out until about 1130. We might end up meeting during that time but I am not sure. Let me look at my notes and see what he had written on there. I think you said we might meet today. This is because we did not meet yesterday with the  marriage counselor edmond. Why can I not find my document. The document I’m looking for is Sarah personal assistant activities oh no not activities action items. OK Derek I found it he said we can catch up tomorrow or next week so yesterday tomorrow would have been today so we might catch up today. I’m going to get my charger out and plug in my computer because it looks like it’s getting low I’m not sure where my charger cord so bad. Here it is under my glasses. I have been sitting in my charger.  I will plug it into the wall. And then I will plug it into my computer. Also plugged into the wall is a phone charger. It has a white cube and a pink cord. This is to charge the office phone in case we need it. The office phone is at 60% so it is OK right now but it will probably end up charging it later. My phone looks like it is over halfway charged so we are good with that as well. I have had trouble keeping my phone charged lately because I forget to close out the apps that I have opened up to  marriage counselor edmond. This week I found out that I will be able to get on payroll starting next week so that will be good. The only thing that will be difficult or make me difficult I’m not sure is switching over from my payment type now to what my payment type will be. 

I am I think that through and figure out how to bill the therapists and so on. Yesterday I got paid and hopefully it’s in my bank account today so that I can make an order from  marriage counselor edmond. I need to message a couple people back about a few things. I also need to do some reach outs. We will see how that goes. I plan on it going well. The ones that I did last night went well and I was excited about it. We are going to meet this goal. I am going to pull up this document on the drive so I can see where I am at with that. today it is sunny outside and it looks like it’s a little windy. You can always expect it to be windy in Oklahoma. It’s kind of just a thing in  marriage counselor edmond. OK it looks like we are a little over halfway there so we are going to keep going. I am in my office right now. The light is not on however this office gets a ton of light from the windows. This is why sometimes I don’t turn the light on because it is fluorescent and really it’s not that great of a light. It really doesn’t give me more light than the window says. Usually I end up turning it on in the afternoon so that I don’t start getting sleepy or anything. But right now in the morning the light from the windows is good enough. She is thinking about switching to this office. I’m not sure if he will because he likes being at the front office. I like this office because it is in the back. I also like it because of the windows. The only thing I wish is that it could be set up like a real office. However right now I just set up for Facebook Liza so the couch is facing the windows and it’s kind of just in a weird position in the room. This is so that the lighting for the Facebook lives is good. I have goosebumps because it is so cold. I turned up the air earlier. Hopefully nobody gets hot. But I am pretty free. OK I turn the air back down to 70 so that people don’t get hot. However it was really cold earlier so I turned it up. But I am OK now from  marriage counselor edmond. Maybe this office just gets colder than others. Or maybe it is because I don’t have any sleeves today. I have Three different drink containers today. One is for my smoothie which I’ve already drinking cleaned out. One is for my tea which I have just finished. And one is for my water but I need to drink more of. It is funny because on my hot drink container it says #ChandlerBarber.AndOnMyWaterContainerItSays #Arbonne30.This Van Is In The Parking Lot.He is here almost every day. I’m not sure where he goes or comes from. He is currently talking to his dog.