Hey hey hey it is about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I am working on the seventh you were blog post of the day about edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city. I have gotten six done so far. I have also done quite a few assistant tasks. I have been able to get quite a bit done today because I’ve not had to be on the phones. However I just and forwarded the calls to Dana because she hast to get working on some other things now. I am going to enter the phones for the rest of the day. Hopefully they’re not too busy because I want to get some stuff done. I want to get some more stuff done before I leave. However it would be good if people called and I was able to schedule then. Right now I’m putting my energy in my water. Usually I would do this around 330 however I forgot to earlier so I am doing now. This is just gonna help me with my energy for the rest the day.

This can help me keep my energy up until I want to relax for the evening. Today for lunch I had to hard-boiled eggs and apple and a protein bar. I had this because I did not go home for lunch. Normally I would eat a normal meal but this surprisingly help me over pretty well edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city. I only got hungry until I start to think about it just now. However this evening I’m going to have burgers at my mother-in-law House. I will probably eat a lot this evening. We are also going to watch the year bachelorette tonight. This is on ABC. This is a very popular reality TV show. We watch it every Monday. We have been having we have. We usually have family night every Monday night and watch the bachelor or bachelorette, however we and edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city have not been able to the past six weeks because of summer camp. This will be their first night since summer camp that we will be able to have a family night. I also still have to do some things tonight. However they are just odd things that I need to get done. I will get done what I can and then I will leave the rest for tomorrow. I have been learning recently that you just what is my suppressing when you’re really busy and be OK with leaving the rest to do on another day. On days where you have extra time you can get ahead and this might help you in the future, however some days edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city you just have to do what you can. This helps relieve some stress and anxiety. Often times I just have to tell myself that you did your best and that is good enough. I have to quit the inner critic inside of me. This is a one-sided struggle. When I say one I mean one on the any a gram test. This is what I test test. This is a personality test that can tell you some things about yourself. 

It also tells you hi how are you my act in certain situations. It also can explain some of your inner struggles and fears. One of mines is a very tough inner critic. I can be critical of myself and others because I am a perfectionist and reformer. I see things that can work better and can be critical about it. I am going to take a drink of my energy fizz because I need one. The flavor of the one I’m drinking right now is pomegranate. We have other flavors such as citrus green apple strawberry and BlackBerry. However edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city likes citrus and pomegranate are the only ones that are year-round. Right now I am getting on the Google Drive and looking up at this blog that I am working on at the moment. I think this one should be called seven but I’m not finding any word yet see if it is here doesn’t look like it’s pulling up so I’m going to reload my Google Drive. And see if it pulls up now in edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city.  OK here I found it in the skewer box 7 and I’m going to see about where we are on the page. It looks like we are almost to the bottom.

I’ve this point I am pretty good at figuring out how far along we are when looking at the page. I can guess about how many words take up what is on there so far so right now it’s probably about six or 700 and we have a little bit more to go. Earlier I was reading notes and edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city can try and read to but I will not read them in the same order because I don’t want this blog to be the same. No. so Rachel‘s session was called redefining success. The nurse I have for it we don’t compare someone else’s highlight reel to your behind the scenes. What you don’t see that it’s necessary to reach your goal number one was persistence number two is failure number three was sacrifice number four was disappointment number five was disciplined and number six was hard work. These were what you don’t see that is necessary to reach your goal. Persistence is not giving up in edmond marriage crisis oklahoma city. Not giving up is it choice. Success is about feeling forward. Sacrifice is taking out whatever’s not aligning with the season. Disappointment happens. It was a part of your journey but it’s not the end result.  A quote for discipline that I thought was really good was if you want nothing to do what you want if you want everything practice discipline. Oh and there was one point that I forgot to mention and it was dedication so hard work and dedication were the last two points shirt and short-term sacrifice equals long-term gain and committing no matter what it takes is what success is made out of. I’m going to check the word count. We are just about finished.