OK here we go this is going to be the last keyword process of the day. I am going to try and knock it out as quick as I can. It is 10 till five. So this is crunch time. After work I am going to go straight to youth America. And I am going to volunteer my time there. What I see in the office right now is a white desk. I see my laptop. I see your phone. I spy something black. I spy a water bottle. I spy to plant sitting on the desk  the best marriage therapist OKC.  I spy something white. I spy some curtains. I spy very large windows. I also see A lamp. It’s used the lamp is sitting on a filing cabinet. There is a tripod next to the filing cabinet. This is where Sean sets his phone to do Facebook lives. In front of the tripod is a couch. The couch is a two seater and  best marriage therapist OKC.  This sometimes is called a loveseat. On the couch is my bag. My bag is black and it contains my work stuff. Also on the couch is my purse. My purse is tan. Under the couch is a rug that is 10 and shades of blue. This rug is small medium size and covers most of the carpet.

The normal carpet is Brown , Brown, gray, blue, black. The walls are a tannish gray. On one wall there is a blue line of tape that looks like it’s marking off where a picture might go. On another wall there is a picture of what looks like a tree and its roots. I’ve never seen this picture up close until now and it is textured and three-dimensional. Shawn Maguire is the best marriage therapist OKC and texture kind of looks odd so I am not going to touch it. It looks like a Pile of really thin steaks or some kind of outdoor strong. It looks kind of gross of class so I’m not going to touch it. I was so surprised to see that. I guess I have never seen it this up close. This also makes me double check my eyes because I cannot see that it is text you from my desk. The colors in the picture are blue green white and gray brown silver dark brown and gold. Also in the room is a bookshelf bookshelf has four shelves filled with only books there are two shelves filled with books and other items and  the best marriage therapist OKC.  Some of the other items are essential Orioles, paperwork, and room spray, and office supplies. There are two cabinets that are on the bottom of the shelf that have doors on the front of them. I’m not sure what’s in the cabinets because I’ve never opened them. There are two extension cords in the office. Neither of them are plugged into anything. There is something in the corner of the room. But I’m not sure what it is I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m going to see How many words we have at this point.

 OK we are halfway there and I am going to try to get this through this as quick as I can. I have gone five minutes so hopefully I can do 100 words a minute for these last five minutes. Then I’ll put the keywords in. They cannot be best marriage therapist OKC and also I will put this on Chance and Chandler. Then I will track my calls and bookings for the day. Then I will send these numbers to Sean. Then I will pack up and leave for the day. I really need to find a Starbucks on my way to the church. This sounds really good. I probably should not get Starbucks however because I’ve got some yesterday and I do not need to spend the extra money and the  best marriage therapist OKC.  I I think I get paid this weekend. Actually yes I do get paid this Friday. I need to see how many hours I have worked so that I can invoice Shawn and nutrition counseling. Last time he said we need to figure out a different way to track these because I guess it was confusing. So I will see if I can come up with a less confusing way. I am walking around the office and Looking at the same time so I am going to start listing the things in the room again. One thing that I did not mention before is that there is a door with three different coat hangers on the back. The door is a reddish-brown. It is with him.

He has a silver handle. It also has a strip at the bottom of the door to keep out this sound. At least the best marriage therapist OKC and I believe this is what this is for. The plug-ins in the room are wiped. Some of them are painted over the color of the wall. And one plug-in I have my computer charger plugged in the charger is also plugged into my computer. I did this this morning and just have not Unplugged it sense. It is 100% so I could unplug it if I needed to hear. Hopefully traffic is not bad after work. We will see how it is. I am going to see how many words I have spoken so far. Who is the best marriage therapist OKC ?He looks like I still need a little bit more. At this point I can tell on the page if I am near my goal or not just by seeing how far the words go down. I have a thousand words when it is spaced single space is usually a page and a quarter or a page and a third. I am almost there. I am at the top of the second page. If you double space this it would take up a lot more space. Also if you have the Font at 12 it would take up more space. Right now it is at 11 so it takes up less space. I am talking so fast I am running out of breath. I am going to finish this and then finish a few other things and be done for the day.