OK here I am glad for the day. For a while so I’m going to stand up and see best marriage therapist edmond. I have a desk that stands up and goes lower. Well I guess the whole desk always stand up. However the desk pulls up to where you can stand at it when you’re standing or a nurse down so you can sit at it too. I really appreciate this design. It is great for best marriage therapist edmond and making sure that you’re moving around and getting your blood flowing that way you’re not sitting in a chair the whole day. I did not have this at my old job and it is really neat so I have it now. I’ve always wanted one of these desks. Sean’s asked cause a lot more comfortable though. His does the same thing but it also has an area for like your hands and laptop to go that’s a little bit more comfortable than the rest of the task. Sean also has a really comfortable chair. My chair is probably expensive and better than a normal chair, however it is not like the one Sean has in his office I really like his and the best marriage therapist edmond.

Feels like you’re sitting they really comfortable cloud. And it is breathable so it does not make you hot. It is a great year. I would like to have it when I have my office. Well not that same one I would like to have one like it though. It is harder to do this while you’re drinking. However I wanted to to come. Every day. More. Right now the best marriage therapist edmond and I’ve been doing this for about an hour and I have gotten three plugs on. So that confirms my hypothesis that I could get probably 20 done no that’s not what I meant to say I can get three done in 20 minutes now. I can get one plugged in 20 minutes… This means that I can get 3 ton hours so that will be my goal for this hour to. Maybe I can get more. I will try to go as fast as I can. However I have talked a lot already today so if I’d be hard to think of more things to say. There is a van driving down the street. It is white and has a batter on top. There is a black car following it. I don’t think this car is actually following it but it is behind it. This flat car pull out of the apartment across the street and into the office buildings to the right of our building. I’m not sure what does office buildings are. I have not really looked. Sometimes I am not very observant but if I want to be candy. That work kind of looks like 20. what is your favorite candy mine is probably Laffey taffy and any kind of chocolate. Laffey taffy is really the only candy that I like besides chocolate. I just got a weird text message so I’m going to check it. 

OK so what happened is it is our financial advisor who is the best marriage therapist edmond. He is also a representative for MassMutual. And he wants us to buy their entrance. We’ve had two meetings about the insurance. However, we have decided that it is very expensive and we do not want to get it. It is over $200 a month. This is a lot. And we are not sure that it is the wisest choice. So we are not going to do it. We arty have insurance that we will use. And we have not canceled it yet. I really don’t know which is a better choice to make because I am just not very educated on that kind of stuff  but I am going to have to trust Cameron on this and just go with it. The best marriage therapist edmond  and I am hoping we are making the right decision. I am really wanting to get our finances under control. Her right now they are OK, but they’re not the best they can be. We have been working to pay off debt for a long time and we are doing a good job I think we just need a little bit more guidance but I think we can do it. I think we can do it without a financial advisor.

Also we have learned a lot from either one now and can probably take what we have learned and move forward with that. One thing we really need to do is sit down and make a budget. We then need to follow the budget. Because there’s no point in making one if you’re not gonna follow it. We have a couple of financial mentors that can help us with this. They are really good with best marriage therapist edmond and their money and have paid off their debt and get to go on lots of vacations and I want to be able to do that. The next vacation I want to go on is to the beach. I really like the beach. I like soaking up the sun and laying on the beach. I also want to do really fun things that I’ve never done before. However this cost money. And we need money to do this. So we are working really hard to pay off debt and be able to live freely and do what we want. I am going to reload my Drive, and pull up this new blog. Let’s see if it will show up it looks like it is there with best marriage therapist edmond. So you’re going to click on it and see how many words we have done so far. Looks like we are almost to our goal so let’s just keep going and we will have this one done soon maybe I can knock out for this hour and have seven done. This would be a record because I’ve only had 510 before. However I have not had many calls this morning and I have been able to so we focus on this and knock it out. Wow I was at 997 and that is so close. Now I should be there.