Hey hey testing testing 123. All right let’s get started with marriage crisis edmond. Today is July 22, 2019 and I am getting started on my first blog post of the day. I am using a dictating device that is plugged into my phone. What happens is I hope this device to my shirt and there’s a microphone at the top. The microphone picks up my words and transfers them onto the phone and text. I have to say the word. For it to put a period at the end of a sentence. And then I just keep talking from there. So today I’m going to try and knock out several of these. The goal is 12 so we will see if we can hit that. This is going to require me to speak quickly to ge in marriage crisis edmond. And to get as many words on the page as I possibly can in a shorter find of time. Today I had took Cameron‘s travel mug into work with me.

This is a type of my guy keeps the temperature study of drinks. It works really well. I put hot tea in it this morning and it was still hot until I finished it. Do you chow much has the wars #HimTheBarberOnIt. My TV was an Arbonne detox tea and a Arbonne and I G fizz stick. The energy fizz stick also has different things in it like vitamins. Let’s see what else I might have been it. OK so it doesn’t show the ingredients on the packet but I bet they are on the box. However I do not have the box with me so I cannot look at them at that time marriage crisis edmond. I do know that there are B vitamins and this and that helps with immunity. I have about two of these a day. They help me with my energy in the morning and in the mid afternoon when I need a little pick me up. They are similar to coffee and that they have natural caffeine in them.I do not like Coffee so this is why I drink these instead. Also coffee stains or tears and knees dinner. I have always had pretty white teeth, and I think it may be because I don’t drink coffee. However marriage crisis edmond cannot confirm this for sure. It may just be a part of my genetics. It looks like Cameron texted me let’s see what he said. Earlier he was talking about finances. So let’s see what he said he may have said it’s not my messages aren’t updating for some reason at the moment so I’m I have to check it on my phone. That was weird it said I have a message come through but it’s not showing any new messages so I’m going to close this out and then re-open it and see if it fixes it self. They were not any messages of a computer or a work phone. Last week I learned how to wipe all of the messages from a Mac laptop.

 So now I know how to do that if I need to. I don’t know how much space messages are keeping on my laptop but at least now I know how to wipe them if I need to do for  marriage crisis edmond. The crazy thing Missi says you can just look up anything on the Internet and figure out how to do it for the most part. Earlier I was trying to figure out how to publish recommendations on a psychology today page. I had to do was Google this and I found out how to do it. It turned out to be pretty easy. That is the crazy thing about technology today is that you can learn how to do just about anything. I am going to check the office phone to see if we have any new messages or emails. Earlier I was messaging a client about rescheduling. They have not gotten back to me yet. I’m going to check the email inboxes and marriage and family therapy crisis edmond.

It looks like we have a new nope that’s not right so just delete that looks like we have an email. It is for a therapist. So I am going to send them The contact info because it is about rescheduling. For rescheduling‘s or cancellations with marriage crisis edmond clients have to contact their therapist directly to do this. They are looking to reschedule with Ben so I am going to send them Ben’s contact. OK I have sent this email for them to contact her therapist directly and they should be getting in contact with them. I am not answering the phones today so that I can focus on some assistant tasks. Dana is answering the phones today instead. I did not answer the phones on Friday because I was going out of town. I went out of town to Carlton Landing. I went out of town for a work retreat with Arbonne. It was a training retreat. It was really great and I am glad that I got to go. This was the first time that I had been to Carlton Landing. It was a great experience. It is a really nice town and I am glad that I got to go. Later on I will read my notes from the training. We had trainings all day Saturday. But we also got to do fun things in between. The town had lots of different things to do in marriage crisis edmond. I’m thinking that me and Cameron should take a getaway to this town. It would not be very far and I’d be a fun little trip to do. We were wanting to go on a vacation but I don’t think that is going to happen. So might as well do a little mini vacation. We might do an actual vacation when I graduate school in December. I am going to try And book this so that it actually happens unlike the vacation that we talked about doing and never booked. I wonder how many people do that. They book a vacation are they talk about a vacation and then they never go. This is very disheartening.