There are a lot of counselors in the area. However, we believe that our team are some of the best in the state. New vision counseling was founded by Shawn and Tanda Maguire Years ago. Shawn has been in counseling for over 25 years. That’s why he is the best counselor near me Edmond. His team are also some of the best counselors in OKC and Edmond. The team is growing and expanding and becoming better and better. This month we have added two new therapists to our team. Next month we are expanding into the admin area. We are opening a new location there and are very excited to begin seeing clients in the area.

The clientele we see range from adolescence to retirees and everyone in between. Our greatest mission in life is to help others experience the love of God and create a life that they love as well. We offer a wide variety of services. Are you looking for marriage counseling? We are the place for you. Shawn specializes in best counselor near me Edmond and marriage counseling and so do the majority of his team. In fact, we have two therapists here who have their license that specialize in marriage and family therapy. We have helped over hundreds of people transform their marriage into a happy, healthy and loving relationship.

Do you need self-esteem or confidence counseling?. Just see some of our reviews to Speak towards how counseling has helped people realize their self-worth. This has changed the trajectory rectory of their lives and boosted their self-esteem and self-confidence. This not only changes how they view themselves but how they carry themselves and how they act.

Do you need premarital counseling? All of our therapists have gone through a specialized premarital course that helps us make sure we are setting you up on the right track for your marriage. We want to equip you with tours like different books to make sure you and your partner are ready for marriage and have the best marriage possible. One of these books is called saving your marriage before it starts. We would love to begin your marriage journey with you in order that you have a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Do you need parenting support? Or support writing on the lessons? Many of our counselors here at new vision counseling no the struggle of raising children. We are the best counselor near me Edmond and have been there. We are there. We understand the difficulties. We would love to give you the tools to help you become a better parent and to help you raise the best kids.

Do you need stress management or anxiety counseling? Our counselors are extremely passionate about walking people through their stressors and the causes of their anxiety to get to the root of what is causing these feelings. We understand that these feelings take away from the well-being of your every day life. They can steal your joy. They can affect your relationships. We want to help you overcome these and learn how to manage stress in a way that is beneficial to you.

Do you need depression counseling? Depression can be very overwhelming and lonely. Our counselors want to come along side to you and help you walk through your depression and come out on the other side. We have seen many clients overcome their depression and live the life that they’ve always imagined. We know that depression doesn’t just affect you, it affects your friends and family. We know that it affects your job and relationships and quality of life. We want to see you thrive. With that being the case we are going to do everything we can to help you break free of the bondage of depression. Let the best counselor near me Edmond help you.

Do you need help with individual man or women’s issues? Are you struggling with your faith? Do you need business consulting or family counseling? We can help with all of these things. Like mentioned before, we have a growing team of some of the best therapists in the states. We also have years of experience and are trained in cutting edge therapeutic techniques. The best part is is we incorporate up a biblical truth into our counseling. We know that it is not just physical or emotional or even mental. We believe that our spirit is involved in all of it. We incorporate our faith in a way that is transformational to the counseling experience. That is why we are the best counselors near me Edmond.

We are very excited to bring these counseling techniques to the admin area next month. We are currently working out of our Oklahoma City office. However our team is growing so much that we need a new location. This is exciting because it gives us the opportunity to reach more people by the best counselor near me Edmond. We are dreaming of expanding even further in the future. To learn more about us you can go to any one of our websites. You can go to

And check out further all of the different services that we offer. You Also have the opportunity to look at each of our therapists. Each of them have a bio on the website where you can learn more about them personally and what kind of counseling they specialize in.

Summer accounts are specialize in things like trauma, or a family therapy, or depression and Exide he therapy. We are proud to represent a wide range of specialties that are all administered under the Christian faith. We believe that his status apart and makes us the best counselor near me Edmond.

We cannot meet wait to meet you and to walk alongside you in your life’s journey. We want to get to know the real you and get to know your struggles so that we can help you and provide you with the tools to live the best life. So what are you waiting for call us today or visit one of our website and fill out the contact us form. We can’t wait to meet you today!