Hey everyone, welcome. Just let us know where you’re from. It’s so good to be back Tuesday. What is it? 2018 19 years at 2009 2019. And what’s the date? I’m just kidding. Hey guys, we are going to share about two quick ways to relax today. You ever been stressed out? You ever run stress? Gina? Never see. Gina just works out all the time. So as soon as the stress come, she just does some curls, some pull ups, just whatever. But we are just normal humans, not super humans. Yup. And so we experienced just in our body and you’re going to talk to people and tell everybody how to deal with this stress and why is it we’re really change your life. Now, why I encourage you guys, Katie’s been reading and studying for about two weeks to present this today. So really tuned in. Ever since she’s got back from a missions trip to Hawaii, the Lord has really been speaking to her. So listen in and she’s going to tell you to change your Marriage Counselor Edmond life.

Okay? All right. Well, um, you know, like Sean mentioned, um, things like exercise are a great way to relieve stress, but today I’m going to talk about ways that, um, you can kind of do it in a pinch. And so when you’re feeling that stress, um, for us it might be between clients. So just a couple minutes or um, for someone else that might be, you know, I’m just walking between meetings or whatever it is throughout your day. Um, just to really just some quick ways to relieve stress. So the first one is scripture memory. Oh, so yes, so memorizing scripture. So, um, I, there’s this really great app, um, that I will unashamedly endorse, but it’s called scripture typer. And yes, and so what you do is you actually, you can pick a verses and it has all different versions and you can pick whatever versus, you know, like the Lord speaks to you to your quiet time and you can go ahead and add them in the app and then what you do to memorize, then you’ll actually type out on your phone and then it’ll buzz when you get the word wrong. And so, so you don’t have to, so you no longer have to necessarily have like a buddy to recite the scripture with. Yeah. You can type it out and I’ll phone, um, Aloha David. [inaudible].

Yeah. So, um, so it’s a really good way and there are lots of other, you know, apps and tools like that, um, to memorize scripture. But I find that when I’m really intentionally memorizing scripture between things that my heart and mind just relax and that I am thinking about the Lord and then I’m thinking about, um, things that are bigger than me and I’m putting things in perspective and so it’s a really good way to do it. Quick perspective. Yeah. And you know, if you’re memorizing a verse, even if it’s like, uh, you know, two or three sentence long verse, um, most of us are having to shoot a text or an email, um, you know, between meetings or whatever. Yeah. Really, it takes just as much time to try to, or less time really even to just like look at a verse quickly and try to remember that.

And that just really active process of trying to remember I think is a great way of really just focusing your Marriage Counselor Edmond mind for me. I have to review versus regularly or I forget them pretty quickly. But I found that even the act of trying to memorize them, even if I may not have them memorized, you know, the next day or the next week, that act of trying to remember them is some forced meditation that’s a little more active for me. Um, I really struggle with meditation. Um, I think, I think Kayla is probably our guy who’s the best at that in our office. Um, but I yeah, yes. For me that’s probably about what happens. So I really struggle focusing without some sort of action. And so something like scripture type or like actively mimic memorizing scriptures are really good active way for me to relax quickly.

Do you know what I used to do? I used to memorize scripture before a podcast and these cool phones, given I am on a three by five card and I have it on my way to different places and I had it like a 25 minute drive to work for a lot of my life in different places I’ve lived. And on the way I would memorize scripture today I call friends and I listen to podcasts audibles but I really think there’s a lost art of committing the word of God to memory because we can so easily get it. But there’s a difference. It’s just, I think it’s the difference between taking a pill and having a coping skill. So if I have a coping skill, that coping skill is available to me wherever I’m at, whenever, like if I debrief or if I tap or if I think through things effectively, but if I need a pill, then it’s going to always have to have something else to make me feel better. So I think when you memorize scripture, you have that word of God, which is living in active. It’s actually breeze life and tune in and coming out. You agreed, you know, scripture just came to my mind. Isaiah, I think it’s Isaiah 26 three that I will keep him in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on the, you know, so that’s what we’re keeping in mind. That putting our mind back on the lower back and the Lord.

Really? Yeah. Yeah. It’s so good. And I um, and I think the, you know, the more we memorize scripture, even when sometimes I can’t necessarily like recite it word for word, like I can’t, um, we’ve joked about how I’m baptist and so, you know, our program is like, we recite the um, reference then the verse, then the reference. And um, but even when I can’t necessarily do that, when I can, even when I’ve been memorizing scripture, I can at least get a just of more scripture, um, that, um, that is just really helpful to me and that getting, and then even in session or wherever I am throughout the day, I’m more inclined to be thinking about those concepts even if I can’t necessarily recite the entirety of the verse.

Hey, David says he gets a book, he can get the book, right. What book the Oh, the books of the Bible. I feel your Marriage Counselor Edmond brother. I feel Ya.

Yeah. And I’m honestly, I really don’t have that. Like I struggled with people’s names all the time. My friends joke that, you know, I’ll even like list out friends, dogs and I go through like the list of everybody’s dog’s name. Like I’m, it’s hard for me to memorize things word for word.

You know, they tell you, they say when I was little, I say, well, if you don’t memorize where it’s at, it’s like having a trip to Florida and you don’t have the map to get there. Then the destination. I said, well, that’s why Google came along. You look a little, tell me how to get there. Right. David, this is true.

That’s it. This is true. So yeah, but I think that’s a really powerful way to quickly relax. Um, and then the second tool that’s also really easy and, um, I hope can help you relax quickly is, um, prayer walks. So when we think about prayer walks, we might think about, we have this really nice neighborhood that we’re adjacent to. And so Shawn is notorious for going on little walks and things, um, down in that neighborhood. Um, but sometimes, and I know Shawn can attest to this, that he can’t always go on that prayer walk in the neighborhood and yeah, it’d be great, right? Especially on a day where the sunshine’s just blocking us a little bit as we’re in an office, but yeah. Yeah. But, um, you know, even when I’m walking to the bathroom, that could actually be a prayer walk. And so, um, you could actually make those little moments, um, a prayer walk and something that I encourage people to do, which, um, you know, could kind of seem crazy to the world, but to actually pray out loud when you’re in a prayer walk, um, you know, Caleb talks all the time about how words speak life and death.

And I think when we’re actually speaking out loud, words are that are life and, um, that are prayer. Even if you’re walking to the bathroom and you look a little crazy, there’s something that I think is really powerful and that can help you relax more than when we’re just like, you know, saying something in her head. Um,

there’s something about this spoken word that either gives life well silver, Shaun Copeland or takes life. And I think when even in prayer, when we speak it out loud, we’re confessing a lot of times what we’re believing and wanting God to do on our behalf for speaking it into existence. You know, when God created the world, he spoken into existence because spirit always creates matter. Oh, it never happens in the opposite way. Love you too brother.

Yeah, and I think in addition to the pre, like the praying out loud part of a prayer walk, I think something that is also an important piece of a prayer walk is actually just imagining the Lord there with you. Um, when I was in college, something that I used to do all the time, I had to drive a lot for the job that I was in. I was the intern in college. And so I was kinda like, go for girl, you know, and I always had to drive around. And so I was trying to be more intentional about prayer in that season of my life. And I remember actually just picturing like I would hold out my hand and just picture the Lord holding my hand and just try to like visualize him there with me. And obviously the Lord’s in us if we’ve, you know, professed that Jesus is Lord and he saved us, he’s in us. But that like visual of picturing the Lord with me as I was praying was a powerful one. And I think it’s just a good reminder. It reminds me of like the garden of Eden when God actually walked with them and they actually heard God walking in the garden. And I think those, you know, Caleb also talks about the, how powerful the imagination is. And I think imagining those things and picturing those things can make who make that more relaxing. Yeah.

I know that for me, I do a lot of imagination and I know when I’m out with, um, like we live on land a little bit and it’s real pretty where we live, especially for Oklahoma. And I know when I’m out there I can, I can actually take that picture when I’m in an office and I can even like even here, cause there’s sun is so great coming in through this window. So good. And I uh, can imagine myself being there because you know, God’s a God that’s not attack, got a time and space. He’s outside of time. He’s outside of space and so he can go back and forth and we were created as eternal creatures. And so I think so oftentimes we allow the devil access because we don’t plan in advance to determine how we think, how we feel in life moves so fast, at least in America.

Like it is just at the speed of light. And I think when we’re taking time to intentionally step back and be focused on where we want to be, I can close my eyes. I can’t go to Hawaii. I can’t go to these places and I can’t see God with me on the beach walking or in my hammock relaxing and experiencing a breeze, which is a picture that I took like, I don’t know, 18 years ago I was in Hawaii with my mom and I was on a hammock and I remember thinking, I’m going to take a snapshot of this cause I’m really experiencing just the pleasure of God and his amazing creation and I still, I still have that and I still go there. And then you can do that. You can do it at work, you could do it with your Marriage Counselor Edmond kids, you can do it in any situation that you’re in

[inaudible] and that’s really good. Yeah, that’s really good. I think the last part of the prayer walk that is really important is that you’re praying for others also because you know, like having, when you’re picturing God beside you, then you picture someone that’s bigger than yourself and so then your Marriage Counselor Edmond problems seem a lot smaller. Similarly, when you’re praying for others, you’re thinking of something other than yourself. And so it puts things into perspective and it helps you to, um, remember others, you know, scripture is so clear how we’re not supposed to just be thinking about ourselves. We’re supposed to be thinking about others. We’re supposed to be reaching out to others. And so, um, you know, when I take time to really pray for others in between things that I’m doing throughout the day, I immediately feel more relaxed. A lot of times those are the burdens on my heart too. A lot of times, you know, I’m worrying about other people. I’m worrying about a doctor’s appointment that’s going on or something that’s going on in the world or whatever, or family or just whatever. And so if you can actually take time to pray for those things and give them to God and trust them, um, trust him with those that can

bring a lot of peace and they know what else. I think that’s, that’s good that you were talking. I was thinking about if we only pray about ourselves, then the devil gets, he gets access to constantly getting us to become self focused, which I think we’re all about helping people to discover who they really have been created by God to be. But we help you move beyond that and stepping into that because it always includes loving others ministering and you know, the way that we are, the hands and feet of Christ is that it starts with us, but then it goes to others. And I think when we go outside of ourselves, then we don’t just become a vessel that holds it. We become a conduit that allows new life to come through us, new life to come through us, new life to come through us.

And I think I just feel better when I feel like I’m helping other people. I’m sure you guys feel the same way, Sam, that you can encourage yourself through being a conduit of God’s love to others. And you know, I just encourage you guys to see that prayer is as powerful, if not more powerful than our words because prayer is a super highway that we have access to the heart of God and he can change a life in a moment. And so I just think that’s amazing. Oh, so I’ll share a testimony. Say I share this with the team and our meeting before this. So a lady came in yesterday, it’s amazing lady for counseling. She’s single, she’s struggling, she has all these kids, she’s doing her very best. She hurt her back. She doesn’t have a lot of money. And I had actually helped her get up off the couch cause she was sitting and I was like, oh, I forgot to pray for your Marriage Counselor Edmond back.

I’m sorry. So she standing up and I said, well can I pray for your Marriage Counselor Edmond back? She said, yeah, I love you too. So I just put my hand by her, not on her, but by her, like see where Katie’s at, probably like right here. And it was her lower back. And so I put my hand right here and I said, I don’t have to touch you for God to touch you. And so I prayed for her and she’s like, she’s like my, my back is being adjusted now. My hands right here, I’m not touching her, but guess who’s touching her? So even in that, in the, in the moment of my day, something that would, a lot of people would see would be an interruption cause I ran, ran over like 10 minutes to my next session. I took the time and I just let God move.

And then I have a, I was super encouraged by this, this woman who just going forward with God, but it has all these kids and it’s just struggling doing her best. God touched her in my office. And so for that whole day and today I’m just been blessed because I got to be part of God changing somebody’s life and really adjusting their back. We were talking about my life. She wanted to know what chiropractor to go to to him to adjust your Marriage Counselor Edmond pack and God just stayed at four and that amazing. That’s awesome. Awesome. It’s biblical counseling. So do you have, is that, was that your last  Marriage Counselor Edmond one? Memorizing scripture and prayer walks are two ways to relax really quickly too. And well guys, I just want to say thank you for joining us. We have a team of biblical counselors that may read cutting edge truths of counseling with the biblical principles to help you enjoy your in your story.

Katie Sherry t shit. Katie Katie shared too. I was gonna say Katie Perry. Katie shared kind of the same. She sings, she were, she didn’t tell you. She walks around here saying like Kagan ferry all the time, but she’s singing hymns instead of, you know, whatever she sings. But we just want to say if you want more of a friend that wants more, we have a team of Christian counselors that marry the biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques. And we really do see people’s lives changed daily by what we give them in the office and what God does through their lives. And so if that’s you, we have a link to our website, have as in counseling that live, that’s news in counseling dot. Liv. If nothing else, go there. Watch some of the videos. You’ll be inspired by what God has done through counseling and the lives of the people that we’ve served. As some of those videos and testimonies are online and you can check them out on our website. We do this every Tuesday at 1230 ish. You know, we make an effort, but this is right after our team meeting, so we try to be on time and we love when you guys tune in to our Facebook and Instagram. It’s the same handle. It’s news in counseling OKC and let us know what you think by rating and reviewing us. It helps get the word out. God bless and we’ll see you again next Tuesday, 1230.