Here, hey everyone shall McGuire here with new visiting counseling and we have our very own misty to foul, marriage counselor Edmond. And this is summer Smith. She’s from Nigeria. And today we’re going to be talking about renewing your mind and the guys. We have this amazing place where we have a team of Christian counselors at nuvision counseling that Mary Biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques to join you and your story today are doing that through video every Tuesday around 1230 I say around because our team meetings sometimes runs long and a portion of our team stays and they do these videos because we want to give back to you. We know not everybody can come to our amazing offices and have transformation in our office at this location in Oklahoma City, Edmond, but we know that through video that you can be blessed. So today, Mrs Arduously worked, prayed probably even faster. Look how skinny she is. She fasted to help you learn how to renew your mind through the washing of the word. And also she’s going to give you some very specific steps in the next 15 minutes to change your very life. So no pressure, no stress, just pure life for misty DFO, you’re up, right?

So we all struggle with negative thoughts and it’s what we do with those thoughts that really impact us. Um, if we allow ourselves to maintain those thoughts and then we focus on them, that’s when it really starts having a negative effect on our mental health, our physical health or spiritual health and can actually impact almost every other area of our life. Um, if you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety, negative thoughts, feed those and create a more, a greater manifestation of those symptoms. So we know that scripture tells us not to worry or to be anxious about anything. So when we allow ourselves to be overcome with anxiety, we’re exalting our thoughts above God’s word. A second Corinthians ten five tells us that we can demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. And we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And so it’s highly likely that your negative thoughts or contradict contradicting the truth of God’s word. And God instructs us how to handle it. So it’s important for us to know that Satan is aware of the significance of what goes on in our mind. Our mind is a battlefield. As a marriage counselor Edmond, he knows how much power our thoughts have.

Why are their mind is a battlefield? And you say, how did David Smith,

Hi David, he’s from Hawaii. I think you were stationed in Hawaii when you’re in the rangers.

I was stationed in Hawaii, that sad arranger. So he knows how much power our thoughts can have over our emotions and our behaviors. And so when we start taking our thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ, we’re going to be less likely to be conformed to the patterns of this world and falling into those things that our society and our flesh tell us to do. Um, instead we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind. So many of us wonder, how do you renew your mind? Like many of us heard that scripture, but we don’t really know how to do it. So today I’m going to share some practical steps with you to show you how you can begin renewing your mind today. So from your marriage counselor Edmond, it’s really easy. We all need that, right? We do. It’s really easy. Catch it. Check it, change it, catch it, check it out. I was like, what I do with my babies kitchen. I’m sure it changed as my wife said when my kids are young to catch it. You, well you got like 10 kids so you know it is. Yeah, 10 of them. Nate does 10 kids.

It does. Okay. So the first thing we’re going to do, we’re going to catch it. We want to catch our thoughts. So as I mentioned before, Second Corinthians 10, five tells us to take our thoughts captive. So this is where we start because we can’t change what we don’t know. And so people typically don’t think about what they’re thinking about. And so when we start identifying our thought, it’s which are made up of statements or images, um, we can start catching them, changing them. So, um, I want to really encourage you to start doing this. It can be difficult when you first start doing it because you’re building a new skill, but you can, uh, create a thought log. You can start jotting down those thoughts when you have them. Um, you can use your emotions as kind of an alarm system that says, okay, what am I thinking about right now? So if you find yourself feeling disappointed or angry or sad, just kind of let that have you stop and say, okay, what am I saying to myself in this moment? So once you have been able to catch your thought, then you want to check your thought. What kind of evidence do you have to support this or to dispute this thought? So, all right, you’re not just, hey everybody, just let us know where you’re from. I Know David Smith here from Hawaii, but you’re not just supposed to let whatever thoughts come in, just stay and entertain it and like make it popcorn and watch a movie with that thought and just snuggle up next. No, no, really, no. Wow. Did you guys know that?

Okay. So when you’ve caught the thought and you are gonna check it, look at different evidence that you have. So that could be your experiences that you have. So let’s say your thought says I’m not good at anything. Start looking for things that you are good at. So maybe you’re a good parent, maybe you’re good at cooking. Uh, maybe you’re good at ballet. I don’t know, whatever you’re good at. And so if you can make a list of the things that you’re good at, that shows you that you are good at something. So that alone is some evidence again.

Oh, that’s good. That irrational thought. So sort of validating the good and bringing your, or what does it, your RAS, your reticular activating system to focusing on something that brings life instead of allowing these thoughts to just kind of take you off trail.

Right? So another thing you can use for evidence is scripture. And so we know that scripture is truth. So compare those thoughts to what the Bible says. If your thoughts and marriage counselor Edmond don’t line up, if they contradict what God’s word says, then you know that’s an untrue thought. And so that again, is evidence to dispute that irrational thought that you’re having. So in the next, the next thing you’re going to do is change your thought. So you’ve, you’ve caught it, you’ve checked it, now you’re going to change it. So after you realize that it’s untrue, this is where we make our thoughts obedient to Christ. A scripture tells you that your thought is a lie. Then use whatever scripture says as your truth. So a couple of things you can do is begin speaking that truth out over yourself. You can write that truth down somewhere and your journal somewhere, you’ll see it.

You can put it on a note card and stick it up in places around your house that you’ll see that often. And say that to yourself over and over because you want to make this your new truth. I’m also memorize the scripture and meditate on it. Hebrews four 12 tells us the word of God is alive and active. It’s alive and active y’all. That means would we put God’s word inside of us? It’s not just lying dormant there. It’s actually judging our thoughts and attitudes of our heart and it makes changes within us that we can’t make ourselves. And so by using these three steps consistently, so catch it, check it, change it. You will start seeing changes not only in your thought life, but also in your emotional life and your spiritual life and your behaviors. All those things will start changing. And so that’s where we’re really beginning to renew our mind as we change those things. So it’s going to be a challenge. So I’m not even going to pretend like it’s a super easy thing to do, even as a marriage counselor Edmond. It’s going to be challenging. But if you stick with it, you will see the fruit.

So you know what I’m wondering. Summer, there’s a mastermind at this. I mean, we’re talking highest level possible on planet earth without like just going above close to enlightenment, close to enlightened. I mean she has, she talked to Jesus actually, every time she reads her Bible, she talks to Jesus. So, and I think Kara, her boyfriend, David’s listening to [inaudible], he’s a professional bodybuilder. I think he’s, he’s about as big as my house. So I boyfriend tell, uh, tell the world, summer what, what you’ve discovered about how to help people, like in a personal situation, how you’ve used this, catch it, check it, slap it, change it, change it. Catch a chicken.

So I think one of the most powerful things we can do is learn what our most frequent, negative cognitions are. So that’s kind of a, that’s a term we use, the therapies, the negative cognition. But really what that means is it’s the lie that your mind is telling you at the time. If you’re anxious, if you’re insecure, if you’re fearful, if you’re depressed, if you’re sad, whatever, whatever negative feeling is overtaking you, there’s always a lie that goes with it. And so for me, as a marriage counselor Edmond, I’m doing exactly what what misty is telling us to do pretty frequently is just trying to identify the lie. What’s the lie that’s making me feel afraid right now with the lie that’s making me feel inadequate or overwhelmed or depressed? And once you know what the lie is, you know exactly where to go with it. And Miss, he’s given us some practical steps today as well. But really just identifying that lie and shutting it down. And I think, um, our enemy is notorious for using shame as one of our biggest, you know, one of those big lies that will get us that you’re not good enough, that you’re not doing enough. You know that you’re inadequate, you’re not lovable. And so being very aware, kind of taken it to a little deeper level, but being aware of, you know, maybe some of those shame lies that might creep up.

That’s good. You know, one of the things I was thinking about is you said find out the lie, find out the lie and one of the lies, uh, Hey Sydney, she’s from the lake of the Ozarks. Think that’s Missouri, right? And that Missouri, Arkansas. I was like of the ohs. Cindy is, I’m just wondering, but no, maybe you’re right. One of the things about this is, you know, when I lived in Florida, God bless Florida and we had a terrible cockroaches, man. They’re like as big as little night, my little mice and they fly. Yeah. And they stunk, man. You stink out. They just stick the whole house up for real. And so you always had to find out where they are coming in or they, we continue to infest your whole house and there’d be in her bath. I mean, they’d be everywhere. And your on your kitchen, I mean everywhere, but the fridge because I don’t think they live well in the fridge, but they, they just adapted man.

And so the Satan’s lies at the same way. When you find out the lie that supports the thoughts that you’re having that are making you feel awful about yourself, then you can start dismantling with God’s truth. And like a surgeon, you can go in there and cut it out and then replace it with the new organ of the life, the word of God with the, you know, couraging statements from others with, you know, like summer, your boyfriend, David listening, uh, his love. You know, the people that you bring into your life to help you experience. The goodness starts to rewire the neurology, your brain, the way that you experience and see the world. And then you change it really. Right? It’s your wire, your brain for sure. It’s amazing. When I went to school that was just starting to be questioned because when I went to college to become a marriage counselor Edmond, I don’t know, five years ago, I’m like 25 now.

You guys know what I mean? 25 26 ish ish. They really didn’t even know that you could do this, but God’s word has always said that you renew your mind through the washing of the word. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s good, pleasing and perfect will is. And we want to live out of that perfect world, which is living out of his identity of pure love. No matter what we’re talking about. That’s his goal. That’s his move for us to take in life. Right? So do you guys have anything else? You did a great job. I know you prayed. Fasted. Una probably were at home holding hands this morning for four hours because they, they’re ridiculous with their quiet times far, they go, um, and with your, you don’t, you guys read scripture for an hour every morning with your five kids. Now you have five kids.

You have four kids. That’s right. But you may, that’s prophetic. Maybe there’s one of the way Nate, who knows surprise. So I really think that there’s something to being intentional of daily rewiring our minds and being faithful to just not let whatever thought comes our way. Take residents in or have, you wouldn’t do this. Somebody knocks on your door. They look like crazy. They’ve got a mask on their head, they have a gun and they’re knocking. They say, Hey, I’m here to sell girl scout cookies. You’re not going to open your door. And you’re like, nobody would do that. Like if you’re having those negative thoughts towards yourself, I always say, would you talk to your kid that way? Would you talk to your best friend that way? No Way. Definitely should not speak to yourself that way. So you really, that’s another way to check it.

Oh Man. Hey, we just had, so look at this. So David Smith, I wanted to introduce you to David Kay Smith to David Smith. David Smith is summer forever boyfriends, her husband, and then David Smith is our, is our brother from another mother in Hawaii. Now we need to somehow find a way to get there. I don’t know how that is, but the army, I’ll send you the army. The army would send us their day. I’m not sure I want a one way trip for me once they find out the skills that I have. So, hey guys, I hope this was amazingly helpful. We love serving you through this capacity. We love just sowing into your lives and hearing your feedback as your marriage counselor Edmond. It’s so great. Also, if you haven’t go check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Our handle is news and counseling OKC and we’re getting ready to launch a new website and I don’t know, a week or so soon and it’s actually live and I’m not telling you where it’s at because we’ve got to make a lot of edits on it and we’re just really excited about having, you know, every therapist you see represents 30 to 60 to s to 80 change lives every week.

So every time you see one of these people just know the mission of the New Vision is to help you discover what better looks like for you and that it could be with the tools to create it. Now, every time you see one of these people, you know that they are changing lives here. And if you give them access, if you want to reach out to us and you want us to be a part of your story, you’re part of your somebody your friend’s story, or if you’re married, of course you want your spouse to go to counseling. True Story. Uh, as part of our deal for me, got married and I think this is a great next step. Reach out and contact us. We have a team of Christian counselors that very biblical principles with cutting edge counseling techniques that want to join you in your story today, wherever you’re at. So God bless. We look forward to seeing you guys again next Wednesday or sooner. And until then, merry Christmas. Just kidding. It’s not Christmas. Take care guys. Bye. David’s by college of the Ozarks.