Hi everyone. Shawn Mcguire, marriage counselor Edmond, here from New Vision Counseling and Consulting. And this is my beautiful wife Tanta and this is my amazing daughter and Berkeley k with our new animals. Now if you’re joining us from the other page, welcome back. We are going to be talking today a little bit about our animals. Can’t continue the conversation but a lot about how to overcome fear and anxiety. Cats, me, Alan, maybe some allergies and anger and live in God’s peace and joy. But first we want to carry on a conversation that started, we have a cat named Sophie states. We are not sure which one we’re going to keep. Keep. Yeah. So let us know where you’re from and then keep voting on which one you liked the best. Which one do you like the best? So keep going. All right, so go share that other platform. Thank you. Are sharing it to one of our buddies pages too. So I just want to say that it’s great to have animals because they help relax and help you calm down. And they also can be such a joy in life, but aim life. There’s so many circumstances, right Burke, that we can get really stressed out, overwhelmed, and we can allow our feelings to determine how we live, how we treat people. Now, I never do that in your dad.

Never. And you have not as a dollar, right? Perfect. But, but not really. We’re just totally joking. Aloha, David. That’s our boy. Remember one time we’re going to visit David in Hawaii. Do you agree? Yes. That’s like a bucket list. Dream trip. So think about this. First you’ve got to decide if you want to overcome fear, anxiety, overwhelm. If you’re willing to commit to doing it God’s way, if you are, then you’re going to be ready to deal with some hard work and some consistent focus in different areas. So the first thing, once you commit and decide, hey, I want to change the channel on the way that I respond to life. I don’t want to keep feeling this way and living this way, I want it to be different. What you’ll do is you’ll determine which, marriage counselor Edmond is the best, which of the things do you suffer from, which is attacking you as it overwhelmed? Is that anxiety? Is it loneliness? Is it fear? Is it getting overwhelmingly angry? I never get angry, but I’ve heard, I’ve heard some dads do. We were just joking it. Is it something else? Is that people play the what? What’s the feeling that you may have? What is it? What do you think? What’s yours? When you get upset, what feelings do you have?

Anger, track people that you shouldn’t be angry at. White people. It’s not your fault. So yours is anger. Mine is overwhelmed. When I started to feel overwhelmed, I start to get stressed. I start to then I, the anger comes out of that one. I don’t feel like I’m doing well. I might as probably messiness in my room and orchid. I get super stressed out if my room is it and that makes me go bonkers. And yeah, so I know that for me, overwhelm is a big deal. So think about for you, which one is it? And then get it in your mind and realize that you have a a chance to do something fantastic about it. What, what does that, that you can do? Well, the great thing by Berkeley, you’re leaving say goodbye everybody stuff.

She just disappeared like a squirrel in a tree. So one of the things that you can do is after you identify the feeling, start to consider how you experienced it in your body, how you experienced it. And when you do realize that in life there is a principle principle of sowing and reaping, sowing and reaping, Nicole and in life with God, every winter is followed by a spring. Every spring is followed by a summer. Every summer is followed by a fall and a winter again. And life in life we got made. This thankfully is that everything passes through. So what I want you to do is let’s say for mines over, well when I started to feel overwhelmed, I want to see those thoughts just passing through and those feelings, I just want to acknowledge that they’re there and that they’re, they’re impacting my body and packing my mind. And then as like knowledge that what I can then do moving forward is I can say, okay, I’m going to let these go, even as a marriage counselor Edmond.

I’m going to allow these to pass through. I’m not going to hold onto them. I’m not going to say that their mind, I’m not going to keep them like the waves. I’m just going to let them go. I’m just gonna let them go out here. There’s a lot of jumping around back there, get my cat and my dog are chasing each other. So think about of a way that you can do that. So the next time it starts to come, just let it go. And now you can get this down to about 90 seconds if you practice. So for example, let’s say that yours like is overwhelmed. So the next time I’m shooting a video or I have 10 different people asking me to do something and I know I’m going to finish my notes for the day because I’m a counselor and I’ve got to call people back and I’ve just got too many things.

I can see the frustration. I can see the overwhelm, that kind of fear of letting people down and I can just kind of stand and like a guide on bet riverbank. Watch them pass me by and just say, okay, that’s what I’m feeling. That’s a temptation and let it go and not not give into it, not act out on that because here’s what happens. If we are successful as a marriage counselor Edmond and consistently doing this, then what will happen to our lives? It will begin to take control of our thoughts, but you didn’t take control of our feelings and then begin taking control of our lives and behaviors. This is amazing because what happens to most people in life is they just think that they are whatever happens to them and they allow the circumstances. They allow whatever’s on TV, people around them to determine their lives. When in reality God says we’re still live by faith, not by sight.

And so this is us really implementing our faith, David, and really integrating some of these practical tools that God gave us with our mind. Cause it’s super powerful to reshape the way we feel, the images we hold in their brain and let them go towards God instead of this way. Because if you’re a marriage counselor Edmond or a billionaire but you don’t know how to deal with stress, or let’s say that you’re a famous movie star or a famous basketball or soccer player and you don’t know how to deal with people not agreeing with you or people around you failing on your team, well then you’re consistently going to get angry at overwhelmed. And no matter how popular, no matter how much money you have, no matter how many people like you, you’re going to stay miserable. You’re going to stay angry or you can be alone when you’re in a crowd full of people that want to be around here.

So these are ways to practically do that. I know that for me, realizing that I have a choice, that God said, I am not to be a victim of my circumstance, but I’m going to be a victor, that he didn’t allow me to be set up for failure, but to be set apart for his purposes in my life. And so think about in your life, how can you practically begin to implement these strategies of this 90 seconds of standing on the bank? And now you may have to do the 90 seconds at first for 200 times a day, but addicted depending on what you’re talking about or what the needs you have are. Let me just sit with the needs and I can speak directly to that and see what we can do. But what I will say is, is this exercise is like any exercise.

The more you do it, Nicole, the stronger you’ll get, the more impact it will have on your life, the more it will verb reverberate into other areas as well. And here’s the great thing about what I normally talk about. It’s not just for us. God wants us to share his love and anything good that he doesn’t us with other people, even our marriage counselor Edmond. And this is the amazing thing about being a Christ follower is that the gifts we get are always meant to give away. And when we give them away, the great thing about God is he sets an awesome dad, is that it gives us more and they go deeper and we experienced it more richly and profoundly. I’m going to give them away. I’m not sure there’s anything else in the in life, it’s like that. But the more we give, the more we get in godly and eternal ways.

But in our Christian walk, this is what it’s like. So I just want to encourage you guys that this works no matter what circumstances you’re in. So for example, let’s say you’re living in poverty and you’re so afraid of money and you constantly bombarded by fear because you don’t have enough to buy dinner tonight or you don’t have, have to pay the bills and keep that, um, electricity on. Well, think about this. You can live with God right now and say, you know, I’m going to let that pass because that’s a fear and so far by you, very, very nature of you being alive, God has provided and, and he’s made it. And if you’re starving or for something like that, you know, one of my friends, uh, and my friends, I meet someone I really like, Francis Chan. He said, you know, people get onto him a lot because he doesn’t save any money.

He doesn’t have a 401k. He’s not keeping millions back from his book proceeds. What he does is he says, you know, let’s say that I start, let’s say my whole family starves to death. Let’s say that all the food kitchens in America shutdown and nobody’s giving out free food and I’m out of a job and I don’t have a house. Well, the worst thing is I trust God with my family until our dying breath. And then we live forever in paradise with him. He says, or I could live a life of however many years Leah and worry about all these things that are temporary clothes, shelter, food, things that we need. But but there they are temporary. And so you have an opportunity today to begin doing life differently and better and seeing a marriage counselor Edmond. And I think God will profoundly begin to bless you if you’re poor, you start, start developing a rich and wealthy mentality because your father got as the cattle on a thousand hills, Jessica, if you feel like you’re not good enough, then start living out of the value that got assigned to you when Jesus gave his life in your place.

So Jim, think about that. Think about what that looks like for you and before we’re done, before you’re done, after the video’s done, I want you to sit down and write type, do something with what you just learned to make a plan. So for me that would be, I’m going to sit down, I’m going to write out the next time I’m overwhelmed. I’m going to watch it pass by. I’m going to realize that I have a choice that I’m not going to live in less than and nevers and in fear that I’m going to live in trusting God, love and fake, remove all the negatives that you can out of the way you think and you’ll realize that the spiritual seeds that you’re sowing for the next season of life and the harvest is going to be restoration. It’s going to be more self confidence and more self value because you’re living out God’s value.

Elaine and not just your own. Well guys, I hope this really helped and you know we have a team of Christian counselors, Serena at New Vision counseling and consulting that if these videos have been great but you feel like you want to take the next step and actually get real marriage counselor Edmond with a person, then give us a call. Our website is New Vision counseling.org and our phone numbers on there and if you want to watch more videos you can also, we have those on the website and if you’ve enjoyed this then please write us on Facebook. But you’re on or go to our Instagram account nuvision counseling OKC cause we want to build a community that supports and encourages each other. We want to develop resources that really speak to your heart and that really help out and David and it’s always good to see you. David is one of our first I think followers and maybe just cause he’s from one of my favorite places in the world, Hawaii because I’d been there, I haven’t been to New Zealand or Ireland or South Africa that he’s such a great guy and supporter. So guys, I want to get to know as many of you as I possibly can. Fabian, you are very welcome and I’m so glad Sabrina that this bless you today. You guys have a great day. Thank you for rating and following and share these if they’ve been helpful. And, uh, we’ll keep you guys posted and look forward to seeing you again really soon. God bless.