OK here we go. This is the third part of the day. The last blog I was able to do in 15 minutes. That is going to be my goal for this one as well. I am trying to get them done as quickly as possible while the phone seems slow. I also I’m trying to get them done as quickly as possible before Rachele’s friend comes in to help her finish some work. I don’t want to have to speak out loud why she is in the office and seeing the best marriage therapist OKC. This might be funny and awkward. I am going to continue talking about things that I do at youth America summer camp. So tonight I am going to leave right after work. This will probably be around 515. I will head there directly to the church. The church that Ethan Erika is held at his concert at the harvest. This is where I go to church as well. This is also where are used to work. I worked in children’s ministry, pastoral assisting, and college. Tonight when I get to the church I will change, get ready, and go to render and  best marriage therapist OKC. Run-through is for announcements. I will practice doing the announcements with my co-MC.

This is just to double check that we are prepared and know what we’re supposed to do. It’s also to make sure there are no changes in the announcements or service. Before we go up there and do that they have other run-throughs as well. They also have band rehearsal. This is usually just called Soundcheck. After the band sound check sound checks they will go into the office for a dinner. We have a team of ladies who puts together a dinner for them and the staff. Shawn Maguire is the best marriage therapist OKC  Braum’s is where I will get to eat. Tonight I think they are having lasagna. are usually cannot eat this because I am lactose intolerant and I try not to eat gluten. There is dairy in tease, excuse me there is dairy and gluten and lasagna so one of the ladies makes me some gluten-free pasta and dairy free sauce. This meal that she makes me is actually very delicious. The best marriage therapist OKC alongside the mail I also eat vegetables. After I eat dinner I go help set up the college party. Different things That I do to help set up involve making pancakes, setting out placements, and toppings. Sometimes this also involves hanging posters. There are many different things to do to get ready for the college party. One of the most important things is making pancakes for the party. We have to make over 200 pancakes. This is fun when you first start and then it gets really exhausting. However I sampled the pancakes while I make them just to make sure that they taste good. Usually  They do. Actually all the time they do. I just sampled them as an excuse to eat them. These paintings do you have gluten in them, but I don’t care. Sometimes things are worth it. 

Today ice cream would probably be worth it because it is such a hot day outside. Right now it looks like it’s a little windy, but I know that is hot and humid outside because I was outside earlier and  best marriage therapist OKC. Earlier I went outside to go get lunch at my house. I also packed a bag at my house to take to America tonight to get ready. On my way to and from my house I called my husband and spoke with him. On the way to the house I stopped to get some sauce for my lunch. On the way back from my house there was a really bad wreck across N. May Ave.. It looks like this wreck had just happened, and I had just missed it. I believe this wreck may have occurred because some money pulled out when they weren’t supposed to and got hit by an oncoming vehicle. The  best marriage therapist OKC and I hope everyone is OK. I have not heard any sirens though so I think everyone is probably fine. It didn’t cause traffic though. OK we are almost there and I am wearing black shoes. They are open toed. I have red toenail polish. I have a bruise under one of my toenails.

Unfortunately this shows a little bit to the polish. However it’s not that bad. I am wearing black slacks and a gray knitted blouse. I accidentally got a make up on my bus last night, however, when my friends gave me a tighter wipe and most of the makeup has come out because best marriage therapist OKC is here. You can only really tell if you’re looking hard. The makeup that I got on it was lipstick. This lipstick Was pink. It was actually bright pink so it showed up really well hon T-shirt. It was the first time I wore that shirt. For some reason whenever I wear clothing for the first time I always spell something on it. This is frustrating. I can think of another shirt that I did this with and it was green. I spilled some kind of salad dressing or something with oil in it, because it has an oil stain now. Sometimes I wear anyways, however it is pretty noticeable. Somebody is pulling into the apartment buildings across the street. These apartment buildings look nice. They are a whitish gray brick color and have a gray roof and a best marriage therapist OKC. They are tall and narrow. I don’t ever remember living in an apartment building. I only ever remember living in the house. I live in a house right now. And I don’t plan to move into an apartment after this. Our goal is to buy a house and then buy land and build our own house later on. I like to be out where it feels like country but close enough to the city where we’re not too far if we need to be somewhere. I am going to step out of the office here in a little bit to use the restroom. I have met my goal so I am going to stop now.