Hi, I’m Shawn Maguire OKC Christian marriage counseling extraordinaire, and welcome to the New Vision counseling.live podcast, episode number 31 a place where we help you discover where better, what better looks like for you, and then equip you with the tools to create it. Now, in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about procrastination. Really the secret to overcoming procrastination in six steps. Now to determine how much this episode of our podcast will affect you. Let’s let’s determine what procrastination is. Procrastination is somehow putting off till later what you need to do now, so later. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, and you know this podcast will help you if you’ve ever been a person where things start to stack up on you because you push off those unpleasant conversations where you push off the financial records or it’s your statements are writing checks or you push off going through your emails and figuring out what you need to do with the emails you keep clicking and then forwarding to yourself again because you’re like, I’ll deal with that later.

Well, or if you’ve just heard the word procrastination, and I think this might help you or have a friend that procrastinates. Now, I don’t know that I procrastinate as much as I run out of time and, and so I don’t know that I procrastinate personally as much as I don’t have a clarity of focus of what I need to do. And if that is who you are, then you’ll also find value from this podcast as well, because we’re going to be finding ways to get really clear on how to identify goals on how to overcome procrastination through some really key techniques that we’re going to attach specific behaviors to, to move you forward today. So the first one I’d like to talk about is if you’ve got something, let’s say that you want to start a business. Let’s say you’ve got a job that you don’t like and you’re like, man, this job stinks.

You’re struggling with it. You don’t know what to do. What are your next steps? Maybe you don’t have enough money, maybe you don’t have enough time. Here’s your move. So if you’re married or you’re in a relationship or maybe you have a great friend or a businessperson, take some time and brainstorm with them. Set a time to go to coffee to go to a restaurant. I really like restaurants. It’s a great place to kind of go sit and go to a restaurant where we’re sitting. It’s kind of a norm where people go there and brainstorm. Go to one that’s not super loud, that you can talk and maybe sit at a booth and really go back and forth on ideas of let’s say this, we’re going to, we’re going to take one thing and that’s start a business. So what are the ideas that you have?

Go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and have fun doing this. Make sure that it’s something that you want to do, that you want to be a part of. So don’t pick something boring and dull, but really go to time when you’re able to start just talking about it. Bring a notebook and there are no dumb ideas. So do not do not, what did I say? Do not judge or criticize. Allow anybody to criticize your ideas. You are simply brains storming, which means you allow your brain to create all these fantastic opportunities, most of which are just fun to say some or maybe one of which maybe something that you could actually create and do. For example, my daughter wants to create a theme park after Marvel superheroes, so it’s called infinity land. There’s a superhero movie called infinity wars with the Avengers, and we have captain America’s lollipops.

We have hulk smash Burgers, we have all these different things and, and what are we doing? I’m helping her create a theme park by brainstorming. Now, we likely won’t ever do this, but guess what she has? He has a real estate that she’s pushed back in her mind that, you know, if I sit down and collaborate with somebody, the idea that I have can grow way bigger if I find the right people to bring in. And so her creative juices are going, we’re writing it down and we’re having a great time doing it. So that’s one brainstorm to select your goals. You know, a lot of times we overestimate what we can do. In a week or a month. But we really underestimate what we can accomplish in a year, five years, 10 years, and really over the course of our life. So if we, if we keep this in mind and we remember, I love to use the compound interest effect because if you save money for a year, five years, that it really doesn’t hit that compound interest, 10 years, something, six or seven, really something significant begins to happen.

10 something even more profound in. And as you go, the compound interest effect mushrooms out till you’re doubling your money every year. So this is what happens when you activate on your goals as well. So select to go. And one of the ones that we did last time was, hey, let’s start a new business. Now some of you may say, Sean, Oh, I really can’t relate to that. Okay, let’s say a goal for you is to get up early. That’s something we just talked about. So the goal is to get up early. Well, how do you get to the point we’re going to do that? Well, getting up early is something that is fantastic for your life. So the goal is get up early and I’d say another one I guess I’ll give a few is lose 10 pounds, lose 20 pounds. Or maybe yours is, I want to be a better parent.

So anyone of those goals or maybe I want you to really take time. What goal do you have that you want to work on that you want to brainstorm? Think about it right now. All right, you got it. All right, so get that goal. Write it down, write it down. Write it. Yup. I heard you say it. Write it down because when you’re writing down, it has an exponentially higher probability of being accomplished because when we write something down and get it out of the ethereal, imaginative world, Doodoo Doodoo we put OKC Christian marriage counseling steps on paper and it’s an actionable item that we can do. So after we’ve done that, we want to move to identifying your why. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? You know there’s there, there is a research study done I think, I think it’s a little bit suspect, but the number they gave was it’s 70,000 times, not 70 but they said 70,000 times more powerful where you have the why of accomplishing a task or doing some kind of a goal behind it rather than just the how.

Like how do you accomplish it? Well, I get up early. I spent 30 minutes a day. That’s how I write my book. So when you have the Y, while I’m writing this book, because I’ve been through a lot of tough things as a, as a, as a child raised without a dad, and I think that my story can profoundly impact this generation and the generations to come after with hope and healing and really specific tools. Well that’s a really, really significant why that just the, how will I get up 30 minutes a day? That’s what the book tells me to do. So that’s what I’ll do to write a book and get published. The why really we’re giving them momentum to press through adversity. So how do you write a why that’s effective? Well, first you start with emotional. How do you emotionally kick connect to this?

Now the example I gave was writing a book. You know, that’s one of my goals is to write a book. Now it’s not a goal will probably this year, but it is a goal that I will accomplish at some point. So I’m going to write a book. How do I connect to that? Well, emotionally I connect because my story was I was raised without a dad and I have all of these experiences that I went through when I didn’t feel like I fit in. When other kids, dads took them on camping trips, talk to him how to throw a ball, coach their teams. I never had any of that. And so that connects me to wow, this is emotionally charged. It’s emotionally charged experience for me. That is my story. And to get it out will be even progressively more healing. And it will also give me a platform to impact people’s lives, which the other one is spiritual.

How do I spiritual connect connect to this? Well as a Christ follower, a Christian, I want to impact the world around me. I don’t want to just live a life where I make money and I go home and I am entertained and I do things that serve me, serve me, serve me. I do enjoy all that for sure, but spiritually, I feel like God has called me to more to do more, to be more than just what I want from life, and so this is part of a give back to me of connecting to God and trust him that he’s going to give me the words, the power, and the platform to be successful in this mission. Now the third is under this identifying your why is significance. How is this significant to me? What about this makes this experience significant? Well, writing a book will really put into perspective in a linear format.

All that I’ve ever been through it. We’ll have an opportunity for my family to have something in writing of what I did through my life story, what God did. And more importantly, through him taking me out of this just really tough situations of emotionally feeling alone, feeling like I was unloved, really like a bastard. My mom loved me and people did. But there was this part of me that felt like, you know, bastards, uh, um, uh, son of a that doesn’t have a father that’s born out of wedlock. And that’s what I was raised. That’s what I believed I was and who I was and identified with that before I ever knew what the word meant. It’s a part of that significance is I have in my forties a father heart to give back, to give back to people that loved me, but really to give back to the people that need a father to so many people that were not raised with a father.

This is an opportunity for me to give back significance, to help them not make the mistakes that I made, to not walk down the path that I have walked down, but to do better than I’ve done and to do it faster with a lot more tools and resources to be accessible, successful OKC Christian marriage counseling, moving forward along the way. So these are three. Now I’m looking at all the other ones I have. I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m going to wait until next time to do the four, five and six. That will be part two of the secret to overcoming procrastination. So let’s, let’s go over them. So the first is brainstorm brain. So many texts the limits off of what you can, what you’re capable of accomplishing. It’s great. It’s fantastic. The second hole, we don’t know, we went over with, select your goals.

Select your Kohl’s. I get so excited when I talk. Select your goals and do not do not stress out about having the perfect, I mean, perfect goes to accomplished world change in domination. No. Don’t let that be a part of the process that will just paralyze you, stress you out. And this is the anti stress zone. No stress allowed, no stress allowed, only love, acceptance, accomplishment and God’s power moving through me to you in a empowering, encouraging, inspiring way. That’s what’s available for you. And the third is the why. Remember I told you that quote, I read some research, they said 70,000 Times your why 70,000 times more powerful than the how to do something is the why that you do it. Simon Sinek would agree and he wrote a whole book about the y. So I would say it’s probably five times more powerful, maybe 70 times more powerful.

If you could find the Y, it will empower you to be successful and sustain you emotionally connect, emotional connection, the spiritual connection. And then what’s the significance of your why. It will empower you to go through adversities. Like when I talked about writing a book, and you’ve got to put a a lot of time in. One of my friends were Sean Copeland. He is big time into writing a book. He’s in Edmond. And or he’s in Oklahoma City hoping you’re moved to Edmond. He’s a big proponent of our OKC Christian marriage counseling and premarital counseling. He loves what we do and he’s writing a book. He’s, he’s authored a few books. Probably by the time you listen to this, maybe another book will be published and he’s always encouraged me to jump into it daily, daily daily’s courage in me emotionally, spiritually, and telling me how significant and my contribution will be to the world, not just as a marriage counselor and had been Oklahoma City where we live and work but around the world with anybody like this podcast who would have access to the information.

Now I want to end with you thinking about how you can implement this to your life. What, what? When can you go brainstorm or somebody and he was at somebody to select goals, brainstorm and select some goals. Maybe not that night but maybe a different night and then three, find your why. Schedule this in to your day timer to your phone, Google calendar, however you put things that are important down, do that you are worth it. You are worth it. You are what you are so worth this investment to take the time to do this. So as soon as you’re done listening to this podcast, I would like for you to write down a time and some people and even send a text out to a few different people. If you’ve got one that you know will come of a time that you can go meet at a restaurant or made it a house, coffee shop and beginning of going over these different things together.

Hey, I hope this was really helpful. I hope that you find value in what we do. If so, listen to this. Again, share with friends that you know will benefit from how to overcome procrastination. And also it means a lot to me that you share this with others and rate us on Google because you know, a new vision counseling not live. We, our mission is to help you discover what better looks like for you and then equip you with the tools to create it. And you know, I know everybody can’t make it in to Edmond, Oklahoma or Oklahoma City for OKC Christian marriage counseling for anxiety or stress counseling, or even for business coaching. But I know that we can do marriage education, not necessarily marriage counseling, but we can do marriage education. We can do coaching or consulting over the phone or over this podcast like we’re doing now.

So when you do that, it broadcast an opportunity for so many other people to realize they don’t have to stay stuck. And I think you are starting to realize that because you’re listening, I just would encourage you to share with your friends that change is possible because we serve a God that brought Christ to the world so that we don’t have to live out of our own capabilities. That there is freedom available for you if you take his hand. And sometimes that hand, it looks like a friend, a pastor, it could look like maybe this podcast was a great start, but the next step for you is reaching out to us. So if that’s you or a friend and you go to our website and New Vision counseling.live for OKC Christian marriage counseling and just contact us, whether it’s text, whether it’s email or through the phone. Let us join you in your store today to discover what better looks like for you. God bless, and until we talk again, have an amazing day by creating it one step and decision at a time.