Hi everyone. Welcome to the New Vision counselling podcast, episode number two. You know, today I’m excited because I’m going to share the story of New Vision counseling. See The story of divas and counseling began when I was in college, my undergrad trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I was in my intro to psych class and the teacher was going on and on about life and this and she was so born. I’m sure a lot of you, people that have been to school at all in any level can relate to this. But when I read the book and I usually just read the book for the first week or two of class and then you get so busy with assignments, he stopped. But it was fascinating to me because it, it seemed like there was a chance to make my life better. And I thought it was incredible that through walking some steps or doing some techniques or taking a journey with the OKC Christian marriage counseling counselor that I could deal with these issues like anger, loneliness, low self confidence that I’ve struggled with my entire life and it could get better.

How amazing. So that began a journey of me switching my major from business to OKC Christian marriage counseling. And that was that a very secular school. I had to go to new age bookstores where people were wearing big crystals and all this stuff, and I had to buy my books there and my professors were really weird and new agey and they would throw dice to make decisions and it was just nuts. And so I was constantly defending my faith, but I was learning a little bit about psychology and a guy came to our church one Sunday morning or Sunday evening, and he talks about this Christian college that you could go to for graduate school because if you want to go on to counsel people and Psychology, you’ve got to get at least a master’s degree. So I decided to try this college called new or oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma out being a guy being raised in Florida, going to a school that was really close to the beach, I had no idea this oral Roberts would be in the middle of a landlocked state where there really wasn’t much water to speak of.

But what I discovered when I came to old Roberts was a culture of life. And in that culture, God really used that to shape my heart in the way that I see people and the world. And he also gave me an understanding of how to incorporate biblical principles with cutting edge counts and techniques as a foundation of how I still counsel today. And you know, while at old Roberts I still didn’t know what I was going to do with this degree and I was driving to this place I worked at called Tulsa Boys’ home. Man, it was a hard, hard place to work. We had to, I mean I’m talking, it was crazy. My experience there, cause you know, they tell you to get a job related to your field and I can assure you if that’s what my field looked like, I would not be OKC Christian marriage counseling still 25 plus years later today.

No Way. No how I couldn’t. And you’ll find out why. I remember the first when I just got done with the trainee and I go to the first day actually working with the kids. It gets about six o’clock we make, we made dinner for these kids and there’s, you know, about seven or eight of them and they had committed crimes. And so they were at this 24 hour facility that, you know, the counselor spent the Nice, and my thought was that we, myself and the senior staff was going to spend the night and together and he’s going to walk me through what to do. But after dinner he looks at me, says, here you go. And he threw me the keys. Can you imagine at 23 years old what I was thinking, I have these eight boys, eight to nine something like that. Boys who have been put here because they’ve stolen cars because they were in gangs because they’ve been in a fight.

And so it was a wild experience of exactly what I don’t want to do. And while I was driving home the next day, cause I did survive barely, but I survived. I was struggling. I was like, God, is this really what you want me to do? And he gave me this scripture. Isaiah 61 verse one it says through three I’ll just start it out and said, spirit of the sovereign Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor. He sent me to bind up the broken hearted and to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, and to comfort all who mourn and provide for those who grieve in Zion, to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

And you know what? God spoke to me a very deep message. That’s that that really resonates and even to this day that his calling superseded in my current circumstances, that the anointing the placed on my life was not just for that season, but it was something that needed to be developed out. And so I held onto that scripture the times when I got moved to this other place called Raider Institute, and these guys were heavy level criminals. You got to be checked yet pat it down before you went in. And I got put with the sex offenders because they said that I was my, my, my mental constitution was tough and that they are confident that somebody with my cab or skills and all these things was great with sex offenders because I wouldn’t be daunted by what they did or what they said. Now, I didn’t want to do this.

I was kind of forced into it. And, and this scripture held me captive when I saw people that just the things that they had done were so horrific that I, I would have to break free of soul ties and ask God to just cleanse my mind and my heart every day. I held onto the fact that one day I would progressively get a chance to work with people that wanted to change, not people that were forced there because they committed crimes. And we’re caught it out of this. When I came to Oklahoma City, I felt God calling me here, Oklahoma City, Edmond area. I started to work for different places and you know, over the years God created a vision and then he gave me this name, New Vision OKC Christian marriage counseling, and it goes back to this, the scripture in proverbs, it talks about without a vision, my people perish.

And going back to that God anointed me to start moving forward and setting people free and replacing the morning with joy and the ashes of the burn life that they’ve experienced with the life that he has in store for them to move forward now so that you don’t think this was all roses and enjoy and flowers. This is a hard road, which required a lot of faith because for many years I practiced by myself and every time the Lord nudged me wanting me to scale and grow and bring more people on, I, I mean I really said I don’t think it’s the right time and had all these reasons, but one of the elements that really moved the needle as I, within a really short period of time, I think when weeks a guy that’s in my space, Donny Vein Cure, and this guy a fantastic OKC Christian marriage counseling counselor, he’s at new path 12 too.

He’s a great guy. Hi Cat character caliber guy. He told me that he had an experience with another organization in town, somebody that was leading it, Christian counseling. They promoted themselves as Christian and it just wasn’t Christian at all. And he said it broke his heart and it, and it really broke mine too. And so God’s like Sean, he needed to move out and bring people on to mentor and to train them up to counter rattling. And then I heard another story from another place in town that they were just counseling people, really the antithetical way of the Bible, but they were promoting themselves as Christians and I just felt God saying, Sean, you’ve got to mentor more people because I’ve had a waiting list that goes out typically months in advance where people are wanting to see me. I just could not see all the people and my heart was burdened because I wanted to help.

And so that began in the vision expanding of bringing on people, but not just anybody. I was really vetting people out, making sure that they have a love for God that really moved into the way they loved and cared for the people that got entrusted with us, that they brought, that God brought to us, the people that we serve, the people that we care for, that they didn’t just want to come because they thought I could help them make money, but they didn’t want to just sit on the couch or a chair with the lights dimmed and listen and say a few words. They wanted to be a part of changing a family, changing a life changing and generation. And not just this generation, not just the people that are in front of them, but in generation that will come after them. They want it to be a part of something bigger than any one of us could really accomplish ourselves.

There’d be a part of God’s New Vision for Oklahoma City, for Edmonton, and really beyond as God continues to grow us. And so this vision that started when I was in a school, you know, a class, a psychology class with this teacher, I remember she just talked about tattoos and read directly from the book and she was awful. God started my journey there until today where I am surrounded by this amazing group of counselors who love God and love people. And so when you come to New Vision, what you’ll discover is it’s unlike any place you’ve ever been. Even if your therapist is not the one that greets you first, they’ll say hi, making it a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. An atmosphere where judgment has no place but transformation has given free reign. And every room and every space and in every counseling session. So this is part of my journey of how I became a counselor, how New Vision came into existence.

There are so many different iterations and stories and narratives along the way. I remember this one lady that I saw, he said, I think you should be a pastor. Why are you in this space? Used to be preaching in front of thousands of people. She’s like, it’s not fair that you’re just confined to this little office and I’m the only one that whoever you can see in a day. I logged that. I remembered that I thought this, this grandmother who was seeing me and I just really valued and really treasured her words. And uh, that lady also wrote me a really kind letter to of how much God, it changed her life through her counseling, joining with me. I remember somebody else said that I needed to grow. He said, you, you’re really doing your city a disservice if you’re not training other people up to council.

And I love people the way you care and love people when they come to see you. You know, I think we’re so taught in school that we have to be sterile. We have to be like this white room and people just are, are, are coming in. And we really can’t effectively emotionally engage them in any area. But, but that’s so antithetical to what God called us to do through the great commandment is go make disciples, go love. And people will know us by our love it. And so I believe that we have a colon to value people at the highest level. We have a calling to honor them to two with ethical and healthy standards. Show them that they matter. And the way that we mentor, the way that we guide the way that we teach, the way that we encourage and coach the people that come to see us.

And so be assured that if you come to a new vision counseling, you’re not just coming to a place to complain or another counseling center. You’re coming to an experience of people who love God, who believe that you are here for a purpose because God wants to change your life through your journey here. So if you have any questions, if you have any comments, man, we’d love to hear from you. Go to our Facebook page or it’s nutrition counseling. Okay? It’s the same thing as Instagram, New Vision Casting Okc. You know what, if you want more information about, you know, shut up, I need that, I need that. I don’t live in the state, or maybe you live in a different county in the state. Well, just reach out to us through one of our contact forms online and we’d love to hear from you. It’s called New Vision counseling.org that’s our website. Go there, watch some of the testimonials. Go to Google if you’ve liked this man, radius us. We love the ratings. It helps other people discover that change is possible, that not everybody’s the same and our space and that people can be cared for and invited to something better through this process of OKC Christian marriage counseling with us, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reaching out. I hope this was really helpful. And again, this is episode number two, division castling. Have a great day and until we see you again having an amazing life, God bless.