Division counseling is different from the rest. I say that not out of pride or boastfulness, but I say that because we have something that makes us different. We operate from a Christian worldview and apply this worldview it to the cutting edge techniques that we use with our clients. That makes us the best counselor near me Edmond.

We don’t just take the normal approach of sitting on the couch and listening to you struggle across the room from us. No way! We introduce our own spin on counseling and we have seen so many different success stories from doing this. The biggest thing that sets us apart is faith and prayer and we believe this makes us the best counselor near me Edmond. No, we are just going to pray for an hour. However, we do start off every session with prayer and end every session with prayer. We believe that prayer is a powerful tool that we as Christians have to connect with God and invite him in to our situations. When we do this we believe that he can do things For us and in our lives that we can never do.

I wanted to highlight prayer in the way we counsel first, because it is the inspiration for this blog. Much of what is written in less blog has also inspired by the author Paul and Miller. One of his outstanding books is called a praying life. In this book he discusses the power of prayer and the effect of prayer list Ness in our lives. One thing that he says is because of prayer list Ness our lives are often marked by fear, anxiety, joylessness, and spiritual authority. This was a huge awakening for me personally. What about you? Do you just pray when you need something or when you’re in a bind? Whether we like to admit it or not sometimes we don’t walk through our day following teen Bibles advice i’ve always keeping prayer on our tongues. No I think, what is it that you’re saying every day? What is it that you are choosing to and part into the world by word-of-mouth? is it uplifting? Is it Joyeuse? Is it distractive? Is it pointless? The Bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death. So why are we neglecting to pray things that we wish to and need to happen in our lives? Why do we neglected to pray to our creator and the one who can move mountains for us?

I don’t say this to Camden or to make anyone feel bad but to open our eyes to the power of prayer and what I can do for us. I could transform our lives and our world. That one small connection to God actually makes a huge impact on our daily living. That one small act makes us the best counselor near me Edmond.

Like I previously mentioned a lot of what I’m going to be writing about is based out of the book a praying life and my own interpretation of it. The beginning of the book discusses the purpose of prayer. The question brought forth here is what good does it do? Through prayer we learned many valuable lessons. The key point here is that a praying life can do the following And is like a dinner with good friends, is interconnected with all the fly, becomes aware of the story, gives birth to Hope, but comes in a graded, reveals the heart, and more. One of my favorite quotes from the book says “ Learning to pray doesn’t offer you a less busy life it offers you a less busy heart.“ this is so true. I noticed that when I start off my day in prayer my heart feels more at peace throughout the rest of the day and everything else follows this. However I could not start my day in prayer and even though it’s just a normal day everything feels off my heart and head feel more busy with worry and I don’t feel like I make the most out of my day best counselor near me Edmond. Or at least I don’t feel like I’m getting the most out of my day.

So here’s what we need to do to begin living a prayerful life. We need to learn how to pray like a child. Have you ever listened to a child pray? Their prayers are powerful. They believe that God can do anything. Even if it seems impossible. Why do we not believe that as adults? Why are we putting a box and parameters around the things that God can do? It’s simply the fact that our jaded and human minds don’t understand. And that is OK. However we need to re-train our minds to have this child like faith and childlike prayer. One time when I was helping in our elementary class at church I was leaving a small group and I went to close out the Small Group in prayer best counselor near me Edmond. From time to time I will ask if a child wants to pray instead of me. This particular time this child’s name was Jonah and throughout the week so I noticed his prayer request always involved him asking God to take away his bad dreams. This time he sprayed something different that grabbed my attention. Jonah prayed that God would take away all the bad dreams from everybody in the world. I sat there or stand for a second or two before saying amen because I was floored by his prayer. He prayed a prayer that was outside of himself. A prayer that was thinking of the whole world and not just him as an individual child. He prayed a prayer believing that God can do anything that he wanted. And this is how I want to pray all the time.

Part two of this book is titled learning to trust again. Gently and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I have to remind myself that God is trustworthy. God it will do what he says he will do. Period. We have to learn and re-train ourselves to trust that God knows what’s best for us. Even when we pray and something doesn’t come to pass God knows what’s best for us even when we don’t.

The third portion of this book discusses living in your father’s story and the fourth discusses praying in real life. If you want to really dive in to the power of prayer in your we encourage you to get this book. We utilize prayer in each and every counseling sessions, and this sets up apart from the rest and makes us the best counselor near me Edmond.