OK this is the third key were blog of the day. I am going to try to get this one done quickly so that I can get up and use the restroom. Currently I’m sitting down at my desk but I want to stand up because I feel like at this time to stand up. I’m going to pull the lever and lift up Steve Vesley. I have done less. That reminds me of that line in the movie emperors new groove where the evil queen size pull the lever Cronk. I just put my used drink in my lunch bag and send it along with my other stuff in marriage crisis edmond. Three there are a little under three hours left in the workday. After I leave here I will have family night at my mother-in-law’s house. I also plan to work on an Arbonne this evening, to invoice for my hours worked from last week, and to work on some homework. I plan on being very productive you are so relaxing. Earlier I left off on some notes that I was reading from a retreat that I went to this weekend so I will start reading those notes again and see what else there was that I can’t talk about I’m also going to look at this blog and pull it up on my computer so that I can keep up with how many words I am using about marriage crisis edmond. I am waiting for my computer to load this blog because it has not Hold up yet.

It is in my drive but it is not pulling up on my computer. Here I guess it is pulling up now. Now it is updating the words that I’m speaking into the phone on my computer screen. It is pretty fast at doing this. It just is a short delay. So I am going to read the notes that I have I have 234 pages of notes left front and back so I guess that is eight pages.  Marriage crisis edmond and I’ve already read one page so I guess I had 10 pages total. OKC has this next section was done by Alyssa in my notes are expect that they’re going to be dubs and rises in your business. Absorbent store up for Dry seasons. Her reference for this was a cactus because it absorbs water in the store is it for a long time it does not need a lot of water just a little bit and I can go a long time. He often feel tired, not because you have done too much about because you have done to little pot lights the spark in you. You have to keep going to keep growing. Sometimes the place you used you are used to is not the place you belong in marriage crisis edmond. This point really hit me because I was really used to and comfortable to the church that I was working out before this previously moving to this job was not comfortable at all. It is still not very comfortable and I am learning and growing and being stretched.  

We all know that growing pains can hurt however they are a sensual to health because to be healthy you have to be growing. And if you’re growing you should be healthy and less you’re growing in a home not sure way. Anyways moving on, your team brings the strings that you don’t have. That was the last night that I had from that section. The next section was stung by a girl named Sarah she spells it sara without an “a.” marriage crisis edmond. My notes from her session were we all have purpose. If he calls you to it he’s in trusting you with it. What is the thing that makes you slap your hand on the table table and say somebody should do something about this? Mine would be the divorce rates in our country, the health standards, and just overall feeling of people being loved and feeling like they belong and marriage crisis edmond. I think a lot of people feel like they’re missing something and they are. Christians have the answer for this. It is Jesus. I could do anything it would be to travel with my spouse. And to help people. The book that she references in this session is called chase the lion. You have to go after a dream that is destined to fail without supernatural intervention. You’re going to feel lonely if you were doing this right. If you could share your biggest passion what would it be? Maybe your passions are keys to your purpose. You have to have faith and know to believe there is a bigger picture even if you don’t see it.

Discovering and unveiling will take a lifetime and 18 in marriage crisis edmond. Are you faithful while you wait are you working while you wait are you willing to do the Monday? This is a quote that says we die when our heart stops giving a B in pursuit of my passions when I heart stop breaking for things that break the heart of God. I believe this is a quote from the book that she referenced earlier this business has not had to be a passion but it should be the vehicle that drives in the pursuit and success of it your passions to for fill your purpose. Are you willing to work while you wait? We honor 15 minutes of fame the car. Stairway from what is right honorable and Noble. He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion. What am I doing today to be obedient about marriage counseling crisis edmond? You don’t start over every day and build on the day before. What has given you the most success in your business so far? My RV in person parties. Perspective, long obedience, and getting greedy is what is going to move you forward. Games are at one on game day. Two to the high several success in any field if you need a high pain threshold when it comes to failure. This is also a quote.