Testing testing hello. OK here we go this thing is working and best marriage therapist OKC. When I started to speak the first couple times it was not working at all. This is strange because it was working earlier today. I thought for a moment that I was going to have to type everything. But, thankfully I will not have to do that. I am going to be speaking and doing the second part of the day. I will need to do this quickly because Katie ’s Friend Rachele is coming in soon. It might be a little awkward to talk while she is in the office. This is why I am going to try and get done as much as I can for now. So I will start describing things in the office currently I am looking out the window at the parking lot in the cars parked in the parking lot. Across the street they’re in our apartment buildings and coverings for cars to park in their parking lot. The best marriage therapist OKC, and the left of the building there is also some trees and the beginning of the neighborhood. To the right we have the road in the stop light. Across the Street is Braums. This is a really popular fast food chain in Oklahoma. They also double as a grocery store. They have good burgers, fries, and ice cream. They are really well-known for their ice cream and the best marriage therapist OKC.

Ice cream sounds really good now that I am talking about it. It is a hot day today and some cold ice cream would be nice. I am lactose intolerant and I am allergic to dairy so ice cream is not the best decision for me. This so times does not matter to me. Sometimes I will eat ice cream just because I want to eat ice cream. Although it hurts my stomach afterwards. I am learning new things about the blogs. I cannot change up the words. The words I’m talking about are the keywords that I put in. Changing them letters with the search engine results. I am learning more things every day, and I am trying to apply these things moving forward. There are a lot of little details that I was not aware of. However I am getting the hang of things and Shawn Maguire is the best marriage therapist OKC. Today for lunch I had chicken, Peppers, and sweet potatoes. My favorite thing out of the three of those were sweet potatoes. I put barbecue sauce on the chicken and it made it more flavorful. I stopped on the way home to get the barbecue sauce because I knew I would need something to put on the chicken. I got the barbecue sauce add to natural grocers for about five dollars. While I was at home for lunch I packed a bag to take to youth America with me tonight. I am leaving straight from work to go to youth America because I have to be there at 6 PM to run through Change work. I will be here until about 10 or 1030 tonight. When I say here I meant there because I was speaking about youth America.

The different things I do for camp consist of stage work including announcements. I also host the college party on Wednesday nights. My hosting consists of several different elements. The first element is me going on stage and welcoming everybody. Then I tell a little bit about myself and best marriage therapist OKC. Then I introduce what is called table time which is when the table hosts tell whoever is sitting at the table they are story of how Newcomb Erika affected them. After five minutes is up I go back on stage and I announce that people are coming bye to pick up interest cards that the students have filled out. These interest cards will go in a drawing for free merchandise. After I had announced this I also talk about social media. Just to fill time I also do a poll and best marriage therapist OKC. The pool consists of the question which is better pancakes or waffles. This is relevant to the evening because we make pancakes for the kids to eat while they are there. Will you make about 200 or so pancakes from a mix batter. After I do that on stage I introduce a video by saying that Danae is going to be again begin and if everyone would turn to their attention to the screens and watch this. After the video plays Joe, are used America college director, got up on stage and explained the basics of you to America college. This includes academics, and different things of that nature.

The best marriage therapist OKC and Joe hairdressers me back on stage to do the merchandise drawing I do in the drawing and giveaway three different items. Then I introduce another video. This video is about preview day. To introduce this video I say something like earlier talked about social media and how it’s a good way to keep up with us throughout the year. However, the very best way to learn with the college is all about is to come hang out with us for a day or a weekend. Then I say here is where our weekend might look like for you. That line cues the video and I exit stage. After that video Pastor Grant and some students go on stage for a question and answer panel and best marriage therapist OKC. They do that, Pastor Grant gives a call to action, and then Cole closes the event with instructions on how to apply. at that point the evening is about over they dismissed and then they send people to go apply or to go on whether evening as they would like. After the college party there is a variety show on Laura campus. This is kind of like a talent show, however people have already gone through different rounds to see who makes it to the final show. Sometimes this show is very entertaining in different ways. So this is what is going to happen tonight, this is happening at the car College party and after the college party. Before the college party is service. During the service a guest speaker is going to get the message.