Now how to follow up with my site which is a new patient in counseling and consulting now I fill out my site supervisor. I’ll fill out the phone number for new vision and the best marriage therapist edmond. I always have to look this up I don’t have it memorized yet so let me look at the office phone. It is so I am filling that out now and now I fell out the address is right I think it’s written on one of these pages though let me see. OK yes it is so I feel that out. I’m almost done filling it out just have to read and let’s see now I have to pull up a calendar and look at the dates for this school week the dates for my school weeks are different than normal we continue our calendars. OK how do you look at the whole month so will do Tuesday the 16th to the 23rd and the 10th and the 16th 16th to the 23rd. So this will be the week of 716 to 723 and let’s say the date that I worked was 15 and my beginning time was 8 AM and my time was 5 PM and let’s see any activities were answering funds and email, file or a good night, what else did I do. Scheduling.

The best marriage therapist edmond and I also did blog and Google post writing. Total hours is it. OK there we go that should be done so let’s see here if it is I can probably take some to another page.  OK we have already started a little bit on this blog from the overlap on the words from blog five. So we keep going. I think I have two events in my office so maybe that’s why it is so cold. I hear some of the therapists outside talking. Things may not have 11 o’clock appointments or their lives o’clock appointment today not be here yet. I think Shawn who is the best marriage therapist edmond said one of his appointments canceled so I’m a pull up his calendar and look at that. I am still waiting on a call from a few people OK maybe looks like he still in an appointment then his lunch appointment canceled to be fine. I need to let him know that or rather I will not be answering phones tomorrow so let me pull up Tina sign in and see if she has an appointment she does not have an appointment so she could into the phone or I bet Kathy could answer the phone to Kathy I have not gotten many wife scheduled three with her this week so I have scheduled for and possibly a fifth so hopefully that should help. Oh no I’m looking at pants. I wanna be like OK so for Kathy I scheduled three and four for the best marriage therapist edmond. So this one we’re just going to delete because he’s not coming home because he hung up on me twice so he will be coming in. so just to explain a little bit I will explain below.


This client emailed prepare a piece so I texted him that I was going to call and I called and he basically hung up on me and then texted me and said that I needed to call later. so I’ll call the best marriage therapist edmond later and we talked about setting them up therapist and everything seemed normal and then no when I said that I needed to take a payment from him he said he would call back in 30 minutes for the card information. Then he never called back. Then I called him later yesterday afternoon, and he hung up the phone once I said who it was that was calling the best marriage therapist edmond. I’m not sure if maybe he’s trying to keep this a secret from somebody or maybe he just heard what the cost was and doesn’t want to pay anymore. However, it was a weird situation. I have taken him off Danae list of schedules so it is weird that we have only gotten one called today and I was a fake car it’s going to be a lot of time to work on the plug so I’m to keep going. I think maybe I can get done with best marriage therapist edmond. Within two hours . so I’m going to try. I’m also going to check our calls and check her emails even though I checked like 10 minutes ago and there wasn’t anything so there still actually is anything. But I just wanted to check. I

am going to finish the spot keywords and maybe hit one more before my time is up. I might be able to do this we will see how fast I can get this one done. I’m going to try and get this one time as fast as I can. And then we will move on from there. I am spending. I really like this pop socket thing that helps my hands. See if I can pull up see how many words I have. OK so best marriage therapist edmond says we have a little bit more to go where almost there probably about 300 more words to keep discussing different things I just realized was here yesterday.. That’s so weird it showed up last weekend so I have one this plant is I think some kind of a cactus. And is buried in Rocky sand and it is in a turquoise face. It is five south now I had a friend yesterday but now they’re not here. After I get done with this finds I’m going to file for Sean I also have one of my homework assignments out for him to sign  this week like I did last week. I think I will be on track for my hours now. Interesting I don’t know if her week for I have to do something extra. Oh I think I have valuation actually. Already been four weeks since I started a house. Calendar I get the job? It was 24 I believe so yeah it’s been about a month I guess that’s crazy. But really I’ve been at this job for time forFor two weeks now.