Here we go. This is the first tee word of the day. Correction, it is the fourth you were part of the day. I’m not sure why I said first. It is almost 5 o’clock. It is deadly 91st. I am trying to catch up because it seems I am a little behind on tasks today. I have made three balls and done and one Google post and  best marriage therapist OKC.  I am currently on my fourth blog of the day. Katie‘s friend Rachel is here however she is using Rachel‘s office so I can keep I can continue to record these voice pogs. I am sitting at my desk and somebody is pulling out outside. They look like they just left to marriage counseling and are leaving the office now. They are leaving in separate cars. I am not sure who they met for counseling. And I am getting a phone call. Well I answered the call and they hung up immediately so I was unable to speak with them.

The best marriage therapist OKC and I am not going to wait and see if they call back. I am sitting at my desk and I’m getting a little sleepy but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ve been sitting for a while so I’m going to try and sit for a little bit I am in heels so standing 10 will be difficult. I am looking at my computer, and am watching the words appear as I speak and the  best marriage therapist OKC.  Actually they first appear on my phone because I have the microphone plugged into my phone. then they are appearing on the computer screen. It is a little delayed but it shows up just fine. I cannot plug in my microphone to my laptop because it does not have the correct Jack. Actually I think I just realize it might have the correct word. Because it has a dongle to plug into my phone. Who is one of the  best marriage therapist OKC?  This is a device that can convert one jack to another deck and make it to where your headphones can plug into your phone. They did this because the newer iPhones have a different jack. I’m not sure why they made different ones. Maybe so that people would have To buy more merchandise. It is kind of have noxious. Sometimes when you don’t have the right headphone jack you can’t listen to things. Apple also made AirPods wireless and you don’t need to plug them in. This is also more merchandise that you can buy to bypass this problem. I think they have strategically done less in order to make more money. I don’t know. That is just a guess. John went to the doctor today because he thinks he might have a staff infection in his hand. I don’t think he came back afterwards. He might have had to cancel some of his appointments. I Had to pick something up off the floor because I accidentally threw it over on the floor. I am stretching. I really need to get this Hayward blog done because yesterday I got five done and I answered 20 calls. 

And today I’ve only gotten four done and have answered less calls. I’m not sure if the calls have just taken longer today or what the issue is and  best marriage therapist OKC.  I feel like I am being productive. I also still need to do some other things. On my task list. I am going to try and get through this last half. Actually no, I am going to get her this last half rather quickly. I just need to make up my mind to do it. And continue talking. Sometimes you just have to push past our mindset. Yesterday was one of those days. I just had to keep going and keep reminding myself that God has put me in this position for a reason and he has brought his opportunities and people into my life for a reason.  yesterday was a really long day. I was at work all day and then immediately after work I went to work my side hustle. And then after that I had homework. She is not the best marriage therapist OKC.  And then after that I needed to give my husband some attention. It was a long day. However at the end of the day I was thankful that I have a full life and I’m living a full life.

I just need to make sure I am taking care of myself and taking care of my husband. And I think everything else is fine. I’ve made up my mind that it’s OK to have a full and busy schedule as long as you are healthy and your family is healthy. I do not want to look back and regret not doing things that I wish I would’ve done because of laziness or fear. Shawn Maguire is the best marriage therapist OKC and I also don’t want to look back and regret working so much. I am trying to figure out the balance of it all. Me and Karyn are thinking about taking a little getaway weekend. Maybe I will surprise him with something. It would be cool to go to Nashville for the weekend. I might look into that. Also, we are wanting to go on a vacation. We want to go to the beach. However, I think Wyatt might happen is that we go on a little getaway for now and then later when I graduate college we go on a cruise and  best marriage therapist OKC.  That is probably what I am leaning towards most. I have never been on a cruise. However, Cameron says it is really fun. Apparently they have food 24 seven. This includes ice cream. This sounds like a match made in heaven for me.  Well this is irritating I had this blog finished and then for some reason my words were deleted. I’m not sure how this happened. I do have everything set up on my phone and them and watching it on the computer. For some reason I saw the words disappear on the computer. Then I checked my phone and I had disappeared on my phone. So I am redoing this last have to see if I can get it finished. Let’s see.