Hi everyone. This is Sean McGuire with the New Vision casting podcast. This is our very first, first episode and I’m so excited that you could join us because today we’re going to jump right in and talk about what counseling is like. Now, this is a question that I so often get asked by people. They want to know what’s going on when I come to counseling. Is it weird? Is it awkward? There’s so many stigmas still left in our society that only crazy people need counseling. We’re only people that have a crisis in their life or from the past need counseling. We’re going to, everybody in my town is going to see me there in Oklahoma City. You’re Edmond, Oklahoma, and they’re going to think, I mean that guy has got so many problems because they’re in what Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City? But I’ve just got to say, it could not be further from the truth than what really happens in your counseling experience.

So no matter if you come in afraid or if you come in with anxiety or marital problems, depression, postpartum, or some trauma from your past. The great thing about how New Vision counseling and how we practice as a team is that we welcome you exactly where you’re at. So instead of trying to fit you in a box of what a lot of other places do or what we’re taught in school, we actually get to know the real you, the you, that you don’t show most people because you’re afraid to be judged because you’re afraid that they’ll think less of you because you’re human, because you have problems. Well, the reality is we come from a place where we understand we all have issues. You know, the Bible says, all have fallen short, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And we take the Bible seriously and we take the love of God and applying it through exceptional and cutting it’s counseling techniques to join you in your story.

So when you come in and we welcome you with compassion, with warmth, and a real nonjudgmental, accepting environment, but we’re not accepting that you have to stay or you will stay the same at all. We except that you’re coming to us because you want to make changes that will impact the way you live everyday life. The way you experience relationships and how you develop relationships in the future will be impacted by the changes that you make during your time and your vision counseling. So we have a team of highly trained, exceptionally amazing individuals that are geared and designed the whole practice around you, how to best serve and care for you. Well now, which each person specializes in a different area so that if you want to have a child you want to bring your child in, or if you have parenting issues or questions or struggles, well then you’re going to go to this person.

If you have marriage, Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City, issues and you want to work on your mayor, it’s build a stronger relationship, overcome adultery or infidelity, well then you’re going to be, you know, go to this person and in really counseling done well should be the most impactful experience, one of them and your life. It should not be anxiety ridden. Now. That’s not to say it won’t be difficult because during your time you’ll be walking through some of the most painful agonizing experiences you’ve ever had. You’ll be facing issues for most of your life. You spent time avoiding as best you could because for many of us, we didn’t know how to get through. We didn’t know how to break free of these issues, and so we found ourselves stuck, paralyzed, if you will, in these situations and these patterns that just keep happening again and again and again, and that’s why you’re here.

So we’ve walked you through those difficult pains and we start to uncover the issues, the limiting beliefs that you have, that God wants to break you free from those and open up a whole New Vision for your counseling experience. Now, one of the issues that a lot of people come in with is they want to know, well, what exactly are you going to do for me? What role will you play in my life? It’s a great question. You know, some people feel like counselors are a guide that take you and they lead you down a specific path, a path from where you’re at to some other place that you want to get to. Others feel like, you know, I feel like my patent, my, my counselor could be my mentor, somebody who has had life experiences in these areas and is trained to help me navigate, break free and go forward further than I ever have.

Now some of you say, you know what, I really want a counselor who’s more of a coach. Somebody that motivates me and encourages me, helps me move to that next level. That’s the kind of counselor that’s the kind of therapist that I really feel like I would connect with. And you know, some people, maybe you’re one of them are lonely and they just want somebody to be a friend, somebody to come walk alongside of them because other than an animal, a dog or a cat, you feel all alone in your life. And then there’s those of you that feel like, you know, I don’t have any family or my family’s crazy, or my family is toxic. I I, I would go into counseling because I want to be part of something. I want to feel like somebody cares. And I would say at some point in your journey, you will luckily experience your counselor is one of these and maybe even a pastor, somebody that that leads you, that shepherds you, that that is a Christian that believes in God, that has experienced to introduce God’s wisdom to the specific problems you face in life.

So the counselor can really function. And a lot of these areas, you know, so much so of our ethics has focused on really in a lot of ways, sterilizing and in causing so much fear among counselors that many are afraid to engage personally with you. But at New Vision, we believe that you matter. We believe that God loves you and you, you are here because he has a purpose for your life. It’s greater and more significant than what you’d been living out of thus far that he wants to set you free to experience better relationships, better career opportunities moving forward and maybe some dreams that you’re stuck because you’re afraid of taking the risk to get there and take the first step, whatever they are. So whether you’re looking for a guy to pastor, a mentor, coach, friend and family at some capacity, even if it’s just the 45 minutes once a week, you’ll experience a lot of these because I’ve had clients come in and, and you know towards the end of our journey that like, you know, you really, you really have, show me what a godly father looks like because my father was abusive and just you as a, as a man, you know, who is a dad.

That’s been a really healing experience for me. Or other people have said, you know, my pastor was really manipulative or really hurtful and you know, just you sharing scripture and hearing it from you really felt like that God didn’t intend for me to be shepherded. Well through counseling and this journey has been so much more than just paying you to solve a few problems. It’s, it’s been a transforming experience and then a coach, somebody that is in your corner spurring you on to move forward. A counselor who’s also a coach is somebody who will help you identify goals and, and you guys will create an opportunity. What is the Wayne in counseling? What does it for you? I know that for me when I went to counseling is part of my training. It was really impactful. Part of my wind was I was single and I want it to be become the one, you know, the healthiest version of Shawn Maguire that I could be so that I would be prepared when God brought me the person I was to marry.

And I feel like my counselor oftentimes filled the role of a coach encouraged me to go on when I was like, there’s no girl ever find that meets this need or then I’ll love and that it’ll work out. I’ll just so struggled with that. So what’s your hearing is great counselors are more than somebody who sits on a couch, takes your money and listens. No, my friends, great counselors are the people that see this is more than a job, but a calling, a calling to invest to partner with and build a strong relationship that they can fulfill these roles in different and healthy ways. A great counselor, somebody that will not just tell you what you need, but in a lot of ways become in your counseling space of what you need. Whether a coach, a friend, Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City, somebody to guide you, not to be misunderstanding that you’re going to be going on ships to The Bahamas with your counselor or your are going to be going to the bar, getting a drink.

That’s not what I mean. But somebody, a real friend cares, a real friend listens. A real friend is somebody that you can count on. And all of these elements comprise a healthy life because of the way that we do counseling at New Vision counseling is we want to be a microcosm of the life that you want to be a part of. We want to be a healthy individual to practice building healthy relationships and here that will translate in you developing healthy relationships with yourself and with others outside of our office. Now the the techniques, the strategies, the different ways of counseling. Man there are so many that was used and with our big team like we have at New Vision counseling, we have so many people that specialize in different areas but every one before we onboard them as part of the hiring process and vetting people out to make sure there are a great fit is that there are people of faith that have a strong faith that believe and live a life unto God.

There are people that value and see this more than just to earn a paycheck but they see it as a, as a, as something that we are have a sacred calling to love, to serve, to honor the community and specifically the people that we believe God has brought to us and the most practical, strategic caring ways possible. And so that’s what we do. That’s how we begin the process. Beyond any techniques. We make sure that people are team minded, that they want they, they’re coming to me. I have team members all the time in front of the counselors come and ask questions. Hey, what do you think about this? What do you think about that? And we’re constantly looking for the best solution strategies and ways to care for the people that God sends us. And also our environment that we work in is an environment of love where we are for each other that we are pro everyone on our team.

We want them to succeed. And so we pray together. We do this Facebook live once a week at 1230 1230 ish on our, on our Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City New Vision Counseling Okc page and what we do that forest too, we just want to share with you guys and anybody that watches the freedom that God has, the opportunities that God has for us, if we will, but gravel if somebody’s hand and walk with them through the next season of life that we’re stuck in. What you guys will discover is you will go so much farther with a counselor who is equipped and skilled to help you move the needle of where you’re at to where you want to be. Because in this space of time, the counselor is focused solely on you. You know, even with a friend, a pastor, a coach, family members, mentors, they have their own issues. But a great counselor is going to be isolated and really nailed and hammer and narrowed in on what you need.

And Man, I could just tell you from my experience in counseling and from what I’ve heard from the thousands of patients we’ve seen, is this an amazing, incredible experience to feel that valued and new experiences, that kind of attention on a weekly basis while you’re in the season of counseling. So whether you’re an Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater, Norman Southmore, Florida, anywhere we welcome you go get help today. Don’t wait till you’re in a crisis for Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City. Don’t wait till your marriage is falling apart or your kids are on drugs or your kids are doing things that totally are unraveling all that you’ve taught them. As children come to counseling now beginning while the issues are smaller, if they are big, the best time to call to contact is right now. So what are you waiting for? You can call us at (405) 921-7776 and one of our team members would love the chance to hear what you need and see if we can meet that and walk with you through this season of life.

Maybe you’d like to email, you can go to New Vision counseling.org and we would love to hear from you there. Hit the contact for you kids before and you can see some of our website information. We’d have some videos on there and testimonies. Also, you may want to check out our Facebook page, nuvision counseling Okc and it’s also the same division. Counseling Okc is our Instagram page. I hope this was amazingly helpful to lower some of the barriers that are keeping you from getting the help that you need or encouraging somebody you love or care for to get the help that they need. God bless and I look forward to doing podcast number two on Christian marriage counseling Oklahoma City. You think I’m going to do it on marriage? What is marriage counseling like? Or what are some issues on marriage? And also let me know your feedback. If you want to hear different topics that would love to hear what those would be. God bless and until I see you again, take care.