Then that will free up this afternoon for other tasks on the task list for christian counseling edmond. I think I want to dye my hair again and make it all one color. Right now it is kind of two colors it is my natural color at the bottom and a lighter color at the Rootz. What I think I want to do is diet all a chocolatey brown. This would be like my natural color about Richard. It is 1136 hand in a little bite while we will go to lunch. I’m going to see go to lunch and if not I will just pick up my lunch for myself. We had lunch a couple days ago and it was nice. Nice being semi-close to him so that we can get lunch together when I want to. I have also had a lot more free time since the camp ended last week. Tomorrow I might go to the christian counseling edmond and college awards. I just depends on what time it is. I need to check with Tess to see what time it is. I also need to check and see what vacations we are going on so that I can ask the husband and Sean if I can have a couple days off to go with Monica to Dallas for a speaking engagement. I would love to be able to do this because I enjoy spending time with her and serving her as my pastor. I can’t wait to go to church this weekend. Usually I’m dreading church bro now I can’t wait to go. This is something that I like being able to say. I also need to check in to see if they need any help with things. I also need to text Kalen and see how Camp was. I am Monica that I can come in Friday and help with anything that they need. Maybe we can put together his phone to appreciation bags. I will text her today and ask her. I’m not sure what all they’re doing throughout the week now. She probably has a lot more time to do things no. I also need to check and see how close they are to finding someone for the kids position. This would be really excited if they have found someone. I get excited about christian counseling edmond. I miss working for the church also I know I am in the right place here. I know that I am already learning and growing to my position here on your vision counseling and that is really excited citing. I think that my growth has honestly just shut up since I left the church. I think this might be because that was my place of comfort. I feel very comfortable and I wasn’t pushing myself or have anybody else either. Hey how many words we have on here. I’m going to go to my Google drive and pull up this document so I can Count how many words we have. I think Charlotte‘s client has just left.

I pulled out the wrong document so let’s see if it’ll pull up blogs text for today. OK here it is for today. It is loading at the moment. Earlier today my browser just shut completely off and that was really frustrating. However once I restarted my computer it started up just fine. It looks like we are a little over halfway so I’m going to keep going until they reach their goal. I think it would be interesting to sit in on One of Sean‘s Counseling Zoës sessions. Or honestly it would be interesting to sit on any counseling session for christian counseling edmond. I’m not sure what happened in the session. I would like to see that. I also need to document the hours that I have worked for school. I am going to document hours that I worked Monday. And then I will turn it in to my class. I think I’m going to get ahead on that if I do it now which would be good. Should be nice to get ahead and go ahead and write my paper for the end of the course and get situated for my upcoming courses. I need to check and see which courses I have next. I also need to finish a research paper. My chest gets tight every time I think about that research paper. I need to just do it. My professor has been very lenient with me in order to get that done. And I am very grateful but it has just been tough trying to make it happen. The research paper is about… Well I can’t even remember what it is about. I wonder if I should go to christian counseling edmond if it all put in. That’s interesting it didn’t do it at first but then it changed. I am trying to finish this fog before the hours up. I believe I am going to do it. We have about 18 minutes until noon. At noon if Sean doesn’t need to meet with me then I will go pick up lunch. I’m not sure if I meeting Karyn yet but he should be calling me soon to you to write it. Not sure what can I do tonight. Actually yes I am I’m going to work and my Arbonne stuff and school stuff. I also need to apply to some places. Wow they’re so much that I need to do this Dallas I don’t forget. I will write it down on my task list. I need to class. Here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to get a head in my field experience fast now so I can focus on my other school stuff that I need to get done. I also need to get some Arbonne stuff done by next week. The last day of the month I leave this next Wednesday. Somebody is leaving the office right now from christian counseling edmond and has a middle aged man and I believe he had jewelry on. Baby therapist’s Sessions should be ending soon because it is almost noon.