All right. Talk to OKC Marriage Counselor Edmond OK. We are going to get started with today. It is Thursday, July 25, 2019. It’s sunny outside and cold in the office. Today I am going to continue to write these flags that I have been writing. I’m also going to do some other tasks that need to be done. However right now we are going to try and knock out as many bags as we can. The goal will be to do 6 x 11:30. And then from there. So different things that I have done today our emails updated therapist preferences document Brad from Hubby will be in email we are going to work Bunce. I’m going to pop some notes from yesterday and see if they can help us reach our goal I found some really good ones from yesterday that were from different sermons and see what I can find now. OK this one is called identity theft by Pastor Kurt. The first reference is first Peter 210 from the new living translation the first now is God has an identity and life journey for us. Then the story of Esau was referenced hear his nickname was the deceiver. They need to see Vera. He saw it did not value what he was in line to receive. He despised what he was meant to be. The word despised in this context means to hold and content or belittle your marriage counselor edmond. The next reference here is Genesis 2532. Then it says blessings without responsibility results in compromise. Jesus did not die on the cross to live a partial Christian life. Another reference is second Corinthians verse five chapter 5 verse 15. The enemy wants to keep us from experiencing the freedom from and blessing of our identity in Christ. We are not a puppet to our flash. What you despise you reject. If we just buy as part of the ways of God we will end up projecting them all. Then the next one is Jacob. Oh I see here OK he saw his name was the despiser Jacob‘s name is the deceiver. So Genesis chapter 27 verse 12 out of the new King James version of it as a reference here. Take them to see marriage counselor edmond and would mislead or pretended to be what he wanted. James one and chapter 22. That reference is actually James chapter 1 verses 22 through 25. Deception is used to get something we do not deserve. We don’t deserve anything from Christ. We rely on grace and mercy. Grace is receiving what we do not deserve. Marsea is receiving the thing thanks see you dude mercy is not receiving the thing we do deserve. Wow. That is really good. Number three is the new identity. Jenna says 3228 as a reference here. Romans chapter 8 verse seven is also reference here. Our flash will race against what God says. We have to stand strong and Russell for the ways of God. New identity in the Spirit of God and or that all the ways of living?

Romans 93 is a reference here God loved both Jacob and Esau just as much. The story explains the radical difference in families of Esau and Jacob. Jacob chose to except God in a savage acted. God rejects no one. Jesus has done his part. We have to choose to want what he wants for us in marriage counselor edmond.  OK these next notes are from November 9 and I’m guessing that they are also my Pastor Kirk because I don’t have that listed here so they say identity in Christ is the condition and character of who we are supposed to be. Matthew chapter 16 verse 15 new King James version as a reference here the number will. Number one is signs of identity crisis are no longer sure about the life we are living. Anxiety and depression or assigned to the marriage counselor edmond. Unhealthy relationships are assigned. We are contrary to the identity of Christ in us when I forget who Jesus is and what he’s doing and us. Number two is threats to your identity.  Luke chapter 4 verses one through four I have a reference here. Anytime you are pursuing a God directed purpose then we will attack your weakness your flesh. Luke 22 verses 31 to 34 is a reference here for marriage counselor edmond. He may have moments when you feel bad that does not mean your life is a failure. That is not angry with our weakness he is there to catch us. He will not give up on us. Number three is concealed and reveals in Christ. A couple references here are Colossians chapter 3 verse one and Hebrews chapter 10 versus 11 to 414. After Christ died we were made right with God. Colossians chapter 20 verses 20 through 23 is a reference here about marriage counselor edmond. Actually that is wrong I meant Cole Colossians chapter 2 verses 20 through 23. Don’t get caught up in trying to do the right thing. Our identity is not found in what we can do but what Christ has done for us. Focus your mind and heart on Jesus. We do for others because of what Jesus has done for us. A reference here is Colossians three verses three through four and Psalms 27 verse five. What we hide in Christ will be revealed it more glorious. What we had the Christ will be revealed more pain. Wow those were some great notes. I am going to pull in the pier on my computer to see how many words we have gotten two so far but I really like being able to read these. OK I am pulling it up now. My hands still smell like the garlic that I cut last night. I made something new for dinner for Cameron and I. Oh my goodness it looks like my browser just shut down so I’m going to have to re-open it. It says that Sophia is being updated and cannot be opened while it is being updated so we will just continue to write these blogs.