OK I’m going to keep going until we get this pacific you were done for the day. I have gotten done for so far in 40 minutes. I may be 15 minutes actually. However this is the fastest that I have done so I’m going to try and keep on this track. My feet are getting tired so I’m going to sit down and discuss marriage crisis edmond. I am wearing heels today so that’s probably why my feet are getting tired. Right now I’m sitting on the edge of the sofa that is in this office. The sofa is for if anyone moves into this office for therapy. It is facing the window and the tripod. The tripod is in front of us so far for Facebook lives. FACEBOOK lives have been every Tuesday around 1230. These consist Of therapists her to prepare a different blogs and talk about them with Sean and the team. Let’s go back to the notes that we are reading before and to get this blog again about marriage crisis edmond. The next session notes that I have for by Sarah. This is the same Sarah that we read out of before. This title is righteous wealth. She used the book the legacy journey as a resource. Her points were three spirit of wealth. Number one is pride. And example of this would be this is my money and I did it. The husband just called and spoke with him.

I am going to continue on with his notes. Before I do that he was calling to see what time I was getting off tonight. I was also calling to see what I could do tonight. However I have some work that I need to do tonight. And cannot go to the grocery store. I need to pull up this now and see how much I have already done. I think I just hit the microphone when I was trying to get my necklace. I’m going to pull up the note on my laptop. Let’s see where it is in marriage crisis edmond. It would be fired their address. OK let’s do this so where were we looked like we were at the reference of the farmer in the rain so that references that the farmer plants the seed that God God provides the rain. Number two is poverty. Probably believes that everybody should have equal portion. However this is not biblical beliefs. The Bible says that there are always going to be those who are poor and those who are rich. Number three is gratitude. Gratitude says that Walker is from God and that belongs to God anyway. We are the muscles that God uses. Then there is a reference of the scripture that talks about he owns the cattle in the Hills and marriage crisis edmond. He owns it all. Wealth comes from work there is a reference of cautions 323 to 24. We use it how we view it. So what spare are you viewing whelping? With wealth requires maturity. First Timothy six 9010 moving on to the back of the page we have a wealth is uncertain. 

Guess who is answering though? God. We don’t put our trust in the wealth, we put our trust in the God who gave us the wealth. Just to reassure me of that statement is we were sure the provider and not the provision and marriage crisis edmond. A reference here is first Timothy 617. We need to be ready to give and willing to serve. We need to give until it hurts. Luke 20 1134 as a reference here. Can we do good with our wealth without our name attached to it? Enjoy your wealth. A reference here is Proverbs 1322. Let’s see where we are at now. Looks like we still have about half way to go for a little under. The next session was done by Rachele and it was titled all in marriage crisis edmond. What are your true motives? I don’t want the title become your eye out. Proverbs 2918 says the vision is critical. Actually that’s not what Dover says but that is the verse that is referenced. Division is The point. All and requires a vision that drives your discipline to do the work every day. Stop comparing your vision with someone else’s. Is your vision worth fighting for?

Say no to marriage crisis edmond and the things that don’t align with the vision that God has for you in the season. Is what you’re doing moving closer or further away from the original? If you say no to your daily discipline who does that affect? What does it cost you? They could cost me health, culture and community, financial freedom, and time freedom, they could be causing other people this as well. These would be the people that I would reach out and give the opportunity and products too. Discipline issues in between what you want now and what you want most. In my notes I accidentally wrote Noel instead of now but it is actually an . now. The next page starts the notes and it says it’s the biggest division big enough that the daily discipline is worth it? Own being you! Walk authentically and who you are. The people that you were on your team need to be led by your leadership. Work in your strengths in marriage crisis edmond. You cannot fail at being yourself. Find out what your team strengths are. Let them lead out with their passions. Be all in with your expectations. If you go all in either way it’s a win-win. Accomplishing them possible is all about believing in the invisible. Being all in with people. And a value to people without expecting anything in return pick. Don’t hold back from being all in with people. Allow those on your team to shine other peoples callings could be born from you pursuing years. Proverbs 423 is referenced here. Allow yourself to go all in and get to work. Luke 145 as a reference to your. Believe trust surrender and act. That is what you have to do to be all Lynn. Let’s check and see where we are at.